What will be in fashion in 2021

All our readers are probably interested in the question, what will be in fashion in 2021? Being the first to know about current trends, you can arm yourself with stylish novelties for the coming season in advance and plan fashion looks before anyone else!

Key trends

Mix styles

One of the leading trends of the 2021 season can rightfully be considered a combination of different styles within one look. For example, to look relevant, a fashionista can dilute feminine things with rough details, mix classics with sports, and transform business style with casual clothes.


One of the most important currents of modern fashion is the style of minimalism, in which the laconic design and understandable cut rule the ball. A minimum of decor, a maximum of pure aesthetic color – this is the motto of the current minimalist ensembles in the 2020 season. A little hint: it is most important to maintain such images in stylish monochrome.

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The pursuit of comfort

Watching the triumph of free and comfortable things, we can confidently say that in the 2021 season, fashionable clothes must certainly be comfortable. That is, when choosing a new stylish dress for yourself, you can rely on a relaxed loose fit, and when choosing the perfect suit, it is now important to turn to cozy knitwear. In a word, stylish clothes should in no case hamper the movements of a fashionista and cause her discomfort.

Leather things

Having studied the top looks from fashion weeks, we can confidently say that the leather texture will always be in trend in 2021. Designers do not get tired of experimenting with the colors of the material and the style of leather items, offering fashionistas more and more interesting novelties. So, an unequivocal hit in the trends promises to be an elongated jacket, a-line skirt, high-rise trousers, a dress and a sundress made of bold leather.

Specifically for the warm season, you can adopt a leather texture in non-standard bright colors. For example, how do you like pink monochrome in an original tandem with orange accessories?


Speaking about what will be in fashion in 2021 in the summer, it is worth mentioning transparent textures first of all. It is noteworthy that many designers have chosen to use such an elegant material with embroidery or in multi-layered ensembles.

Transparent textures also appeared in the latest evening fashion. For example, a sophisticated veil or organza can be the main texture for a dress and combined with sparkling decor. A similar design technique made fashionable outfits for a solemn occasion especially airy and feminine.

Technics crochet

In the 2021 season, the crochet technique, which is famous for its feminine and delicate design, will also develop its history. So, among the key novelties are warm cardigans and light romantic dresses, assembled especially for your summer promenade. It is also worth noting that in such products only the handmade effect is welcomed.

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Supporting the theme of hand-made clothing, it is also worth mentioning the relevance of knitted crop tops – such novelties are seriously planning to take their rightful place in the wardrobe of many girls in spring-summer 2021.

Country style dresses

Dresses with a hint of rustic style are another key trend that will be in fashion in the spring of 2021. Such novelties are distinguished by lace inserts, a light palette, free style, accent sleeves, floral and ethnic motifs. Such a dress will not only be a winning idea for a photo shoot in the field – it will also come in handy in urban looks in combination with rough boots or rubber boots.

Sports dresses

In addition to feminine and romantic dresses, the range of new 2021 season also includes models in a sporty style. So, a straight dress in a laconic design with a stand-up collar promises to be a win-win choice. This cut looks great both in mini length and below the knee with vertical slits.


If you have not yet had time to get bored with the leadership of the checkered motif, you can enjoy its triumph in the 2021 season. Frankly, we find it hard to imagine how such a pattern can get bored, because it is incredibly versatile and practical. In addition, the cell hides a huge stylistic potential. If you are already an expert in combining such a print with plain things, you can move on to the highest fashion aerobatics of the 2021 season – namely, a combination of a check with other prints.

According to fashion trends, the plaid motif can be placed on a stylish jacket, skirt, trousers, outerwear, shoes, bags, hats and scarves. Among the current varieties of print, houndstooth, tartan, vichy, chess and glencheck stand out. But the original gradient cell deservedly becomes the main hit of 2021.

Bright prints

In the 2021 season, a real boom in juicy and colorful prints in clothes is expected. As you may have guessed, such motifs will be most in demand in spring and summer. It is during the warm season that you can try on clothes, the design of which will feature banana leaves, palm trees, juicy tropics or abstraction in a bright colorful palette.

Invigorating colors have shown themselves in all their glory in floral prints, which will also remain at the peak of popularity throughout the 2021 season!

In addition to the above prints vertical stripes, animal themes, lettering and polka dots will also be in demand in the 2021 season.

Various colors

In the 2021 season, fashionistas will also see a rich palette of various shades. It also featured nude tones paired with powdery tones, and juicy red, green, blue and yellow colors.

The fashion trends of the 2021 season also favor the combination of several contrasting colors in the image according to the color blocking principle. To make such a bow harmonious, designers advise using plain things in it without active decor.

In the new season, the extravaganza of pastel colors will continue. The main hit is a combination of several delicate colors at once in one look.


An indispensable attribute of a fashionista’s wardrobe is often a trouser suit. If you choose the actual cut, it will be not only practical, but also an extremely stylish acquisition. For example, in the 2021 season, the oversized cut will retain its position of relevance, and as an interesting novelty, a pair of deep-colored velvet will be presented.

voluminous sleeves

A wide range of stylish looks are voluminous sleeves – a trend that plans to only strengthen its position for the 2021 season. This feature of the cut has already managed to appeal to fashionistas with different preferences. Among the fans of the trend were lovers of extraordinary bows, as well as adherents of romantic style. The trend for accent sleeves was also appreciated by girls with narrow shoulders and voluminous hips, because the current style…

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