What will be in fashion in 2022

We are all looking forward to what will be in fashion in 2022. Of course, with 100% certainty, we will be able to find out the latest in the fashion industry only after famous designers present their masterpieces on world catwalks. But already now you can follow the trends and guess the main trends that you should prepare for in the coming season.

Seasonal fashion: what awaits us in the next 2022

Even now, attentive connoisseurs of beauty see that a revolution is approaching in the world of high fashion. Classical styles take on new forms, updated with bright details, non-standard cuts, original combinations of materials and textures.

The easiest way to predict what will be in fashion in the spring of 2022. After all, the trends of the spring season have something in common with the autumn. So, next spring, the stars will definitely be put on:

oversize. Volumetric hoodies, dresses, wide trousers and jackets will surely remain the favorites of fashionistas for more than one year.

Eco-leather. In connection with the worldwide struggle for the ecology of the Earth, leather substitutes will soon completely replace the natural one. Modern products made of this material are pleasant to the touch and show themselves no worse in wear than natural leather ones.

“Logomania”. Although this trend is very specific, it will definitely last until the spring season. Clothes with inscriptions of famous brands will speak of your good taste. Moreover, logos can be varied: large and small, bright and discreet.

After analyzing the fashion trends presented at Fashion Week, we can present you with a few trends that will definitely be in fashion in 2022 in the summer.

Floral print. No summer show is complete without floral dresses and sundresses. Yes, styles and materials can be very different. But it’s hard to imagine something more delicate and feminine for the summer than a floral print.

Geometry. Another win-win option is clear lines and geometric shapes. Properly selected models with large squares and triangles will help hide figure flaws and stand out in the crowd.

bright shades. There is no such thing as too much color in summer! And there is absolutely no need to be afraid to look like a “black sheep”. Feel free to buy colorful outfits. “Poisonous” colors will be in fashion: fuchsia, orange, light green. Pay special attention to models with a silver and gold tint.

The main novelties in the fashion world for 2022

A lot of original novelties have appeared this year, which will obviously be at the peak of popularity in 2022. So you still have time to update your wardrobe to look stylish for several seasons!

Avid fashionistas must have in their closets:

  • Wide leg culottes. A high waist and a vertical stripe along the outer seam will be an advantage. This style is visually very slim. And don’t be afraid to pair classic cuts with sporty details – it’s the kind of vibrant variations and mix of styles that inspire fashion geniuses!

  • Body-hugging overalls. Not necessarily leather, but always giving the impression of a “second skin”. In this case, it is worth abandoning the deep neckline and bright details: it is quite enough that the cut itself emphasizes all the advantages of the figure. And if you need to hide flaws – use corrective underwear;

  • Denim suits. Pants optional. Along with the usual jeans for us, models on the catwalks show stunning denim skirts, shirts and denim jackets;

  • Vests. Perhaps it is difficult to call it a novelty, rather, a well-forgotten old one. It is these models that can be found in knitting magazines of the 70-80s of the last century. Knitted, warm, perhaps slightly stretched: it was hard to guess that they would be back in fashion again, but the designers prove the opposite!

  • Lace, frills and ruffles. This season they are suitable not only for young ladies. Ladies aged 45+ can safely afford them. Moreover, in completely unexpected combinations with a sporty style, or, for example, jeans.

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Fashion shoes: main trends 2022

The fashion industry is not rich in clothes alone. Updating your wardrobe, you should definitely get acquainted with the fashion trends of 2022 in the world of shoes.

Perhaps the most unexpected and risky stylish decision of the spring season will be transparent shoes. These can be classic pumps, models with a pointed toe, shoes with glass heels or dizzying stilettos. The main thing is that they are made of a completely transparent material, allowing you to demonstrate an excellent manicure without exposing your feet.

Another super trendy option that will be in trend in 2022 is the Snickers sneakers with a massive platform. Those who want to make such a sporty look more feminine can look at wedge models. In any case, it is worth giving up sneakers with flat soles. It’s time to be on top!

For now, we can only speculate about what will be in fashion in 2022; but photos of stars and fashionistas on Instagram prove that it is consumers who direct the fashion industry in a certain direction! So, it is likely that, having bought new clothes now, we will see similar models at shows next year.

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