Многослойность в одежде

What will warm you on rainy summer days: layering rules 2020

Layering in clothes is one of the fashion trends that allows you to create intriguing looks, sometimes combining several styles in a harmonious and comfortable set of clothes that emphasize the individuality and taste of its owner.

Layering in clothes

Not only fashionable but also comfortable

The direction is relevant both on the catwalks and in street fashion for a number of understandable reasons:

  • gives scope for imagination for designers and people with a creative approach to their appearance;
  • makes life more comfortable, allowing you to warm up when it’s cool;
  • brings an element of ease into the clothes of a classic style;
  • creates an opportunity, by combining accessories and wardrobe items, to “assemble” a few more sets in addition to the basic ones.


From hippie and grunge to sporty chic and classic

There is an opinion that layering originates from the hippie clothing style or even from the avant-garde rebellious grunge, but this is not entirely true.

layered clothing

layering trend

layering option

After all, the layering of several wardrobe items one on top of the other can be found in the folk costume, which has been developed in the ethnic direction, and in the classics, suggesting only a more restrained approach to the combination of colors.

diversity in ethnicity

layering in menswear

As for sporty chic, there are sets in this style, including from 2 to 4 layers, especially for the cold season.

sporty chic

layering for cold weather

Creating layered sets that include, for example, trousers, a dress and a vest combined with a scarf and accessories, or a combination of a dress and a jumper tied over the top and a jacket, requires a sense of balance. Some basic rules help to find harmony in such images.

multilayer kit

layered clothing set

combination of colors in clothes

Playing by the rules and without

Firstly, you need a skillful combination of colors, which does not at all imply plain clothes. Bright ornaments or prints are allowed, but on condition that they look harmoniously together, and do not “shout” each other. It is better if the emphasis is on 1-2 elements. At the same time, the number of colors used varies between 3-4, sometimes even contrasting.

color combination

floral print and layering

Secondly, the number of layers should not exceed 4. Further “development” gives the effect of increasing volumes and causes discomfort. Sets in the summer are completely limited to two things dressed on top of each other (dress + jacket or T-shirt + light jacket, shirt or vest over a T-shirt). The illusion of an additional layer can be created by accessories: a shoulder bag, a belt, a thin scarf.

summer set

layered set with raincoat

Thirdly, the combination of textures and materials gives additional freedom for variations: knitwear + denim + cotton, wool + silk + leather, faux fur + chiffon (!) can coexist in one set.

texture combination

light set

dark set

Also, the combination of simply voluminous (or even oversized) and tight-fitting wardrobe items will help emphasize the advantages and hide the flaws of the figure.

oversize kit

autumn set

oversized model

Fourthly, the image looks interesting if there is no congestion with details: only one item of the set should be replete with decorative elements or have an unusual cut.

unusual cut jacket

denim layered set

But the main condition for using the layering trend can be considered a sense of the line between originality and excess.

layered set for autumn

In general, a light and creative mood when choosing basic items and accessories will turn the creation of images into an exciting game in which the rules can sometimes be broken for the sake of a creative and unusual result!

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