What women’s backpacks are in fashion in 2022

In 2022, well-known brands offer a large selection of beautiful and fashionable women’s backpacks that will perfectly complement any stylish outfit. Modern models are not only easy to use, but also serve as an excellent alternative to evening bags and exquisite clutches.

Fashionable women’s backpacks 2022

Stylish women’s backpacks have long ceased to belong to the category of exclusively sports accessories. Following the recommendations of stylists, modern women of fashion boldly include them in completely different looks, consisting of casual, business and evening wear.

In 2022, every girl can easily choose the option she likes for herself. Backpacks of square, round, rectangular and trapezoidal shapes will be in fashion. This season, the fair sex should pay attention to the following models:

  • Backpack bag. This form will take a leading position in 2022. In fashion will be not only bags, but also backpacks in the form of a bag. In their collections, designers presented interesting models made of suede, eco-leather, denim and polyester.

  • Business. The fashion trend of 2022 will be a laconic backpack, designed in calm colors and without bright decor. This model is perfect for residents of metropolitan areas, students, schoolgirls and business ladies. This backpack has a lot of room. It perfectly fits a laptop, books, a folder with business papers.

  • Mini. Spectacular and beautiful small backpacks will become one of the most favorite models for women of different ages in 2022. They will add a touch of femininity, charm and romance to a fashionable look.

  • In the style of minimalism. Despite the restrained appearance, such models look stylish in their simplicity. Due to the lack of bright decor, minimalist backpacks can be combined with any clothing.

  • With prints. A spectacular and original drawing helps to emphasize the individuality and character of a fashionista. The unequivocal favorites of the season will be models in geometric (checkered, striped, rhombuses) and animal prints (python, zebra, leopard). The highlight of the outfit will be added by backpacks with an unusual pattern – bright colors, space planets, world continents, cute hearts.

  • Maxi. Large backpacks are a win-win option for women who like to have everything they need close at hand and carry a bunch of useful little things in their bag. The three-dimensional view does not spoil these stylish models at all, but makes them more original.

  • With decor. In the photo of the collections of leading brands, you can see fashionable backpacks with original decorative elements. The trend will be models with fringe, patch pockets, rivets, bright appliqués, lace inserts and embroideries. The new season will be women’s backpacks, decorated with bright applied flowers, shiny sequins, metallic coating and spikes (in biker style).

  • Quilted. New for 2022 will be backpacks stylized as outerwear. Quilted models look beautiful and stylish, and also go well with casual and sporty clothes.

This season, backpacks in black, white, red, brown, burgundy, purple, green, yellow, blue and pink will be fashionable.

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What is fashionable to wear a backpack in 2022

Consider the options with which stylists advise fashionistas to wear a backpack to look beautiful and stylish this season:

Idea #1

You can create a spectacular fashionable look if you add an outfit consisting of popular bike shorts and a knitted T-shirt with a backpack. This outfit is perfect not only for sports, but also for solving everyday affairs, walking around the city. In the cold season, it can be leggings, a T-shirt, a stylish trench coat and a baseball cap.

Idea #2

A great option for a hot summer is a combination of a light top, denim shorts and a bright backpack. In such a fashionable outfit, any woman will feel confident and beautiful. Comfortable flat sandals will be the perfect complement to the look.

Idea #3

A plain backpack will harmoniously fit into a stylish office bow. Such an accessory will perfectly complete a fashionable look, consisting of a blouse and skirt or a business jacket and trousers. A laconic backpack mixes perfectly with classic outfits and high heels.

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Idea #4

A backpack will look good along with a beautiful and stylish dress. The result is a very feminine and delicate outfit. Stylists are advised to include accessories that match in color to a fashionable look. A good choice is a backpack and a hat of the same shade.

Idea #5

Casual style fans can safely take a backpack with them when they put on trendy jeans, a T-shirt and a jacket. The result is not only stylish, but also very comfortable outfit.

Idea #6

The backpack will perfectly fit into the winter bow. It harmoniously looks with different outerwear. The most successful option is a shortened down jacket, worn with knitted trousers, a knitted sweater, a beanie hat and warm berets.

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Following the fashion trends of 2022, a women’s backpack can be worn with completely different clothes and look beautiful and stylish at the same time.

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