What women’s clothing is in fashion 2019

Now many women are asking questions: “What clothes are in fashion in 2019? Should I buy this or that thing? In the article we will try to understand the main fashion trends of this year.


Main trends of 2019

Modern fashion has headed for comfort, and women are less likely to have to make sacrifices for the sake of fashion. It is almost impossible to find nylon tights with a mini in sub-zero temperatures or a velor dress in forty-degree heat. Fashion house designers are trying to find compromises with changeable weather.

Deep shades are relevant. The main trends of fashion houses are presented in dark saturated colors: dark blue, dark green, black, burgundy, amber.

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If you like calmer shades, take a closer look at ash, beige, peach, malachite, pale pink and ivory. Floral and floral motifs, ornamentalism and geometry remain at the peak of popularity.

The most popular styles are:

  • Military, which is found in both outerwear and underwear, in jackets and trousers, shirts and skirts. You can often see modified military, where the base color is replaced by purple, blue or even pink. Recall at least the May collection of Black Star Wear.

  • Casualfocused on the comfort and practicality of clothing. Due to the widespread use of casual, sub-styles have appeared, for example, Smart Casual (smart), Business Casual (business) and Friday Casual (Friday or informal).

  • Sports style today has spread to dresses, and skirts, and sweaters. Tight-fitting sports news appeared, successfully emphasizing the figure. Of course, for women over 50, it is better to choose less bright options so that the opposite effect does not turn out, but young girls dressed in sports often look very feminine.

  • Business style will never go out of style. The classic looks spectacular, creates the effect of status and wins over the people around you.

Thanks to the democratic nature of the trends, even ordinary casual clothes in 2019 look fashionable. A lot of women’s clothing for the full ones has come into fashion in 2019.

Ashley Graham Fashion Look

New collections are increasingly featuring Ashley Graham, Tess Holliday, Bree Kish and other plus-size models.

Tess Holliday in a stylish striped dress

Bree Kish showcases 2019 plaid print trend

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In the West, eco-friendly brands have gained confidence. Burberry, Levi`s, Benetton, Valentino and other companies have long been cooperating with Greenpeace and are heading towards the creation of environmentally friendly production.


On the eve of the autumn-winter season, it’s time to talk about current warm models. In the fashion of 2019, such women’s outerwear as:

  • elongated cardigan. There are models with both large and small viscous. Matte colors or smooth color transitions are especially relevant.

[stextbox id=’info’]Tip: Since the cardigan is a basic piece of women’s wardrobe, try to choose practical models that can be worn every day.[/stextbox]

  • Poncho, which are well suited for both young girls and women over 40. Poncho is quite slim, as they hide excess weight. Fleece, mohair and drape options look beautiful. You can emphasize the waist with a beautiful strap or a balloon scarf.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Please note: do not wear a poncho with a voluminous bottom. So the image will be overloaded.[/stextbox]

  • Long jacket Perfectly complements both business style and casual. The stores offer a large selection of jackets made of drape, suede, leather, jacquard and even denim.

  • Vest to the knee Can be worn with a light T-shirt or warm sweater. It goes well with both ankle boots and pumps.

We offer you to see photos of fashionable outerwear in 2019.


This year, models decorated with large pockets and voluminous inserts are especially relevant. The trend is layered models of skirts and trousers. However, layering can weigh down the look, so we advise you to strike a balance by reducing the volume of the top.

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  • Trousers. Cropped culottes and sail pants are back in fashion. Bananas and flakes reappeared on store shelves. Particularly relevant are loose models with a high waist lengthening the legs.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Please note: pants that are too wide will visually reduce height and add extra pounds.[/stextbox]

Advice: when choosing an outfit, focus on either the bottom or the top. The exception is loose-fitting trousers with an oversize shirt.

  • Skirts. In fashion, midi length and below. The choice of styles is very democratic: from the feminine A-silhouette to the extravagant 30 cm asymmetry. There are many models: if you wish, you can even find a feminine military-colored sun skirt or a multi-layered pencil skirt.

[stextbox id=’warning’]It is important to remember: an overly flashy option will not rejuvenate an elderly woman, but will look funny.[/stextbox]


Modern dresses have become more functional and are not limited to feminine models. Asymmetric street style, strict military, bright casual, practical sports style dictate new laws of tailoring dresses.

In warm weather, we advise you to give preference to natural materials such as cotton, linen and silk. Tweed, jacquard and gabardine dresses look good in autumn. In winter, you can switch to wool and warm knitwear.

[stextbox id=’info’]Advice: discard coarse-grained materials, otherwise the dress will prick.[/stextbox]

Fashion styles of dresses:

  • Shift;
  • A-silhouette;

  • Dress shirt;
  • Sheath dress;

  • “Baby dollar”;
  • Sweater dress;

  • layered dress;
  • Wrap dress.

Models with bright floral prints, geometric patterns and abstract patterns are relevant. Leather and fabric inserts look advantageous.

What is the fashion trend of 2019 that you have identified for yourself?

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We hope that now you have figured out what women’s clothing is in fashion in 2019 and you can easily pick up some new beautiful looks!


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