What women’s jackets will be in fashion in spring 2021

It’s already spring outside, which means it’s time to update your wardrobe: today we’ll look at photos of the most fashionable and versatile models of women’s jackets that are popular in 2021.

What women’s jackets will be in fashion in spring 2021

A jacket is one of the important elements of a stylish look. Designers suggest not to dwell on the usual models and give free rein to imagination, especially since in the new season there is no one “right direction:

  • Hypersize;
  • metallic;
  • Unusual floral motifs;
  • Lots of glitter
  • Colored vinyl;
  • Military;
  • Trinity;
  • Western;
  • Neon and more.

Now let’s take a look at a few shows of the spring 2021 collections and see photos of the trendy women’s jackets that the models wore at Milan Fashion Week:


The constant favorite of many shows is leather. Products made from this material are durable and practical. As for the color, it is better to give your preference to calm tones. They will perfectly fit into any chosen image and only decorate it. Here is one of the options for a fashionable leather spring jacket 2021 in black, but with a rather unusual design:

If you are tired of black, be sure to look at the models in champagne, burgundy, peach and add a stylish bright bag to your look.

Down jacket

The beginning of spring is known for its changeable temperatures. Therefore, there is no need to hide the down jacket yet. The winter version, of course, is no longer suitable, so it’s time to choose something new. A light puffy jacket can be found, for example, at ZARA, but if you want something voluminous – hypersize – focus on the following models:

Also at the peak of popularity is a cropped puffy jacket:

  • Visually increases growth;
  • Emphasizes the waist.


Choose an aviator jacket for trendy spring looks. So you get a light, tender onion. It perfectly complements jeans, wide trousers and a tapered pencil skirt. Of the colors, the most versatile will be:

  • Black;
  • Gray;
  • Brown;
  • Blue.


Among the fashionable women’s oversized jackets in the spring of 2021, denim occupies a special place, so let’s now pay attention to the following photos of stylish looks:

A denim jacket can be fitted or straight cut, in a minimalist style with only a couple of buttons and pockets, or with a set of decorative elements, such as:

  • Celebrity portraits;
  • Brooches;
  • Embroidery;
  • In combination with other fabrics;
  • With fur;
  • With a wide massive belt.

plush jackets

Natural fur is increasingly fading into the background. Its full-fledged, warm and very cozy replacement was artificial and recycled fur. So now it will not be difficult to find a soft plush jacket.

Such models will not only become a stylish addition to the image, but will also warm you if the sun disappears sharply behind the clouds. Which one to choose?

  • Cheburashka coat;
  • Bomber.

These are the 2 most stylish options for plush jackets that literally filled the Instagram of all real fashionistas.

Short models

Spring is the perfect time to wear short jackets. Firstly, it will not harm your health in any way, and secondly, you can choose bright neon colors.

  • Leather jackets;
  • Leather;
  • Windbreakers;
  • bomber;
  • Down jacket;
  • Blouson and other models.

Long jackets

Long jackets can be used for a variety of looks. They play a special role in cool or rainy weather, when it is very important to come in a light spring dress, and it is wet and uncomfortable outside. What models to choose? Now let’s show some options:

Trendy colors

The most versatile colors are still black, gray, white. They blend perfectly with different styles of clothing and suit any complexion.

But besides this, you can give your preference to the following fashionable colors of jackets:

  • Bright orange;
  • The color of the sun;
  • Relaxed blue notes;
  • Juicy and fresh greens;
  • Soft and airy buttercream;
  • Refined blue;
  • Light powdery.


At 50+, women also want to look stylish and fashionable. What jackets to choose? Let’s see a few photo options for fashionable women’s spring jackets 2021 for women 50+:

  • Shortened version;
  • elongated models;
  • With fur;
  • raincoats;
  • From suede;
  • Cape;
  • Leather;
  • Poncho and other options.

fashion prints

And finally, I would like to pay special attention to the questions of what fashionable prints should decorate a trendy jacket and, of course, your image.

The first place is occupied by a floral pattern. And it seems clear why: tulips, snowdrops, crocuses and other bright flowers adorn almost every yard. No wonder they make a great addition to spring jackets.

Another traditional color of spring is stylish and extraordinary geometry. Curved lines, tartan check, stripes along and across – all this adorns fashionable spring jackets.

The print “abstraction” will be truly appreciated by creative individuals. This is a huge field for fantasy, but it takes some experience to correctly combine a jacket with clothes and not overload the finished look.

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This concludes our photo guide for women’s jackets for spring 2021. We are sure you have found some new interesting looks and models for yourself!

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