What women’s pants are worth buying in 2021

In the new season, well-known stylists have offered a wide variety of solutions for female looks. In 2021, fashionable women’s trousers received special attention. These are elegant, stylish palazzos, solemn, made of shiny fabrics, as well as trendy slouchy. But these are not all types of trousers that are recommended for women this season.

Women’s pants: fashion trends 2021

The entire selection is based on the latest shows that took place on the catwalks of the world. As already noted, special emphasis was placed on slouchy. The brand is little known, but promising to take the advanced rating steps. According to experts, this season will be fashionable:

  • high waist trousers;
  • models with additional volume in the hips;
  • low, almost tight-fitting bottom of the trousers;
  • bananas – interesting women’s trousers that can be studied from the presented photos;
  • leather trousers generally topped all ratings.

Moreover, women’s leather trousers in 2021 were presented in a wide variety of interpretations. A variety of shades, imitation of crocodile skin and, most often, a high waist. A low rise is not excluded, so you should not hide such pants deep in the closet.

At the last shows, bananas have received special attention. Such fashionable trousers in 2021 flooded all titled publications. In addition to classic black, they offer other colors:

  • Boss suggested bright red trousers;
  • terracotta pants were showcased by Salvatore Ferragamo;
  • Ulla Johnson presented trousers for fat women in green colors, which the experts considered quite a bold decision;
  • Ferragamo also showed a stylish high-waisted model in brown.

Despite the extravagance of the presented models, the show was not without trousers designed for every day. Most of the samples were made from plain, flowing fabrics. Trousers made of light wool deserve special attention. These are models that Marlene Dietrich popularized back in the 30s of the last century. Similar models were seen in the collections of Valentino, Lanvin, Chloe.

No classics

Despite the variety of models, many designers have preferred the enduring classics. This is the perfect solution for the office, party or business meeting. Classic versions were presented in different colors. But Celine and Bottega Veneta demonstrated classic suits in black, which made a splash.

Did not disregard the brands of summer pants. These are stylish black models, as well as elegant palazzos. For their manufacture, genuine leather was used, as well as fabrics with a shiny effect. This is for the summer, well, let’s not argue.

The couturier drew attention to the shades. So in 2021, you can select the most fashionable color of trousers:

  • black classic;
  • juicy green;
  • lemon with electro effect;
  • gray with print or check

Designers of the Boss brand focused on bright red leather trousers. They were suggested to be worn with sweaters in pastel colors and stylish white high boots.

Well, the unsurpassed style of Dietrich. These are wide trousers of various shades. They are able to emphasize the ideal figure and hide some flaws, if any.

Can be combined with an elongated jacket. This image is slimming. A girl, a woman at a business meeting and a party will look perfect in an outfit, adding an appropriate decoration to the outfit. It was Boss who introduced a similar style in women’s clothing. Classics in the female image remains unchanged from year to year.

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Velvet out of competition

So, it became clear that all designers lean towards the classics in relation to women’s trousers. It’s about the fabrics. And here the usual wool was pushed aside a little, giving the right to primacy to velvet. Wide-legged banana trousers from Chanel aroused genuine interest. Tapered to the bottom and with some decorative elements in the form of buttons. As the authors positioned, trousers can quickly be turned into skirts.

The flare, which was popular in the 70s of the last century, aroused no less interest. Interesting models are presented by the Elisabetta Franchi brand. Soft lines, a slightly high waist and a constant flare that makes you look slimmer and even hides your belly a little. This trend was joined by Chloe and Versace, who showed slightly cropped flared options. Textile? Again, velvet and wool with lavsan. But definitely bright colors.

Some experts noted that the forced lockdown left a mark. Therefore, preference is given to black, gray. But it is not so. Models shone on the catwalks, dressed in trousers of bright, juicy tones. They have already been mentioned. These are lemon, electric blue and red. Bright decor in the form of a shiny stripe (Salvatore Ferragamo) and no less bright gray trousers from Brandon Maxwell.

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The stylists did not forget about their favorite cage, which was vividly demonstrated by the designers from Burberry and Givenchy. Women’s pants will never go out of style. They appear annually in the collections of the most famous designers. Olivier Rousteing advises all women, regardless of age, to have 2-3 pairs of trousers in their wardrobe: from classic to bright playful look.

What is convenient and comfortable, this will be fashionable in 2021. Wool in winter, velvet also in the cold season, refreshing silk in the heat of summer.

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