What women’s shoes do men like

We found out which women’s shoes men like and have a stunning effect on them. Take note and include such models in your shoe wardrobe!


Of all the variety of women’s sandals, there are pairs that have the strongest effect on the opposite sex. We are talking about a model with an abundance of thin straps and high heels. Such a couple, according to men, is the standard of seductiveness, femininity and elegance.

But for sandals to really make a lasting impression, the guys have several important criteria for their design. Men are not able to appreciate the complex design, the abundance of contrasting colors and artsy decor. The main secret of success is the ever-fashionable minimalism and conciseness. If you want to be as attractive as possible, bet on plain sandals in a simple and understandable design. Men claim that a girl in such shoes looks especially defenseless and fragile, which makes her want to perform chivalrous feats for her sake!


To be honest, men don’t care much about keeping shoes in line with fashion trends. For them, the most important thing is the attractive design and seductive look of the couple. So, the opposite sex has no competition with legendary pumps – a classic pair, which, fortunately for women, never goes out of fashion. Accordingly, in such shoes the requirements of both sexes are organically combined.

Why are boats so popular? If you have ever tried on such a model, then you probably already know the answer to this question. The special fit of the shoes makes the women’s walk especially attractive, and the silhouette as a whole is more attractive and slender. Pump stilettos deserve special attention – men are simply thrilled by such a design element!

If you want to get the maximum effect from the legendary pumps, express your preference for a pair of nude or nude colors – such models visually slim and lengthen the silhouette, and also fit organically into any image.


Mules, a stylish novelty of spring-summer fashion, also ensured a 100% hit in a man’s heart. Such a pair conquers with its elegance and sophistication. At the same time, the opposite sex is not at all embarrassed by the low heel – it turned out that their attention can be riveted not only to the stiletto heel, but also to comfortable and at the same time aesthetic shoes.

Accordingly, if you are looking for the most comfortable shoes that men like, you can safely bring mules into your shoe wardrobe. With the compatibility of such a novelty, there should be no difficulties, because it harmoniously looks in a duet not only with dresses and skirts, but also with jeans, trousers and shorts. Mules give the green light to experimentation and a stylish, attractive look, and they say a resolute “No!” to discomfort.

Red shoes

If we talk about the most attractive color of women’s shoes, according to men, then the red palette rules the ball. It doesn’t matter if you prefer a bright or muted shade – the desired effect will be achieved in any case. The texture of shoes is also a matter of taste – some men are true to classic matte leather, while others are not at all against a spectacular lacquer texture.

In order for a man to dream of red shoes after meeting you, they must have a sufficiently high stiletto heel. It is curious that such a pair is appropriate not only in combination with an exquisite evening dress. Stylists assure that fashionable red shoes can be made friends with your favorite jeans to look amazing every day.


Among the models for the cold season, there are also eye-catching women’s shoes that men like. So, according to polls, the main favorite of the opposite sex are (drum roll!) Over the knee boots. Such a model appeared on the list of trends not so long ago, but has already managed to win a resounding success. It is extremely simple to explain such popularity, because over the knee boots look seductive, feminine and attractive. Stylists also note that high boots visually stretch the silhouette and slim.

The practical mission of over the knee boots also does not go unnoticed by fashionistas. Over-the-knee over-the-knee boots fit snugly on the leg and reliably protect from the cold.

Another bonus is the compilation of images with over the knee boots that seem most attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex. For example, you can create a stunning effect on a man by pairing high boots with a short dress, a high-waisted miniskirt, skinny jeans, or an elongated cozy sweater.

No matter how attractive the boots are, they are not suitable for all women. For example, stylists recommend that women of fashion of short stature refuse such a pair so as not to shorten and weight the silhouette. Girls with the indicated proportions can pay attention to high-top boots – such a pair also seems attractive to most of the men surveyed.

Ankle boots

A shoe wardrobe for the cold season is unlikely to be limited to boots alone. Men insist that ankle boots must be included in the list of indispensable models. But not simple, but with a sharp nose and a hairpin. Such a pair always guarantees the absolute success of any image!

You have the right to adjust the heel height of ankle boots yourself – it is important to choose a mark that will allow you to maintain balance and ensure a beautiful walk.

Such ankle boots are a real find for fashionistas who love shoes not only for beauty, but also for practicality. Stylists claim that other models of demi-season shoes can envy the versatility of such a pair. Ankle boots with heels fit equally well with jeans, elegant dresses, flying skirts and various styles of trousers. The direction of the outfit is also not strictly regulated – ankle boots are good both on weekdays and on special occasions.


According to surveys of the male population, the opposite sex also likes it when a woman wears high boots with stable heels. The optimal height is to the knee or slightly higher. This mark visually lengthens any leg. But the boots to the middle of the calf, beloved by many ladies, cannot boast of such a property – on the contrary, they visually “cut” the silhouette.

Choosing high boots with a steady instep as a base shoe for the cold season, you will definitely not be disappointed in its versatility. If you rely on laconic colors, such a model can be successfully combined with literally the entire wardrobe.


According to surveys, men also say their approval “Yes” to laconic plain sneakers. A girl in such shoes gives the impression of an active, energetic and attractive person. But sneakers should be considered as the best option for everyday tasks – for example, for a march through the stores with seasonal discounts.

For special occasions, according to the guys, heels are still out of competition. No wonder…

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