What women’s sneakers are in fashion in 2023

Sneakers have long been indispensable in the collection of any self-respecting fashionista. This is not surprising, because they significantly benefit in comfort and practicality from elegant heels or other feminine shoes. And given the special growth in the popularity of sports and casual styles, absolutely everyone began to put on sneakers, regardless of age and social status. In the current season of 2023, the trends of fashionable women’s sneakers are especially diverse. Let’s see what designers offer girls and women this year.


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Current models of women’s sneakers 2023

Fashion sports brands every season release new trendy sneaker models that the vast majority of the fair sex are happy to fit into their looks. We list the top models and new items.


  • Basketball. High-top sneakers, known to most as basketball shoes, are already becoming a hit in 2023. Air Jordan models are of exceptional interest to fashionistas around the world. They are combined with dresses, and with sweatpants, and with leggings, and with skirts. An important plus of this sports model is practicality, convenience and a variety of colors to choose from. Every lady will find a match for herself!


  • White. This color is a timeless 2023 classic in the women’s sneaker segment. White models are suitable for any occasion and will guarantee a perfect look. Of course, in bad weather, they will not be very appropriate, but for the summer, late spring and early autumn, white sneakers are ideal! Moreover, they can also be made part of romantic images.


  • With short back. Of course, these are far from the most comfortable sneakers, but at least they look unusual on the foot, which can already be considered an advantage. Such models appeared in the collections of several brands at once.: Acne Studios, Golden Goose, Maison Margiela. Remotely, they are somewhat reminiscent of sports slippers, so walking long distances in them will not work. But you can dress without a spoon!

  • Velcro. These models, thanks to the laconic design, are close to the classics, but Velcro adds some originality to them. Very often, these sneakers are found in children’s images, because they are very comfortable. Therefore, it is not surprising that in the 2023 season, many designers used them in their collections. Most often, these sneakers either fully fasten with Velcro, or have ties and a miniature Velcro on top.


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  • Color block style. Fashionable 2023 sneakers with multi-colored bright inserts will complement both basic and sports outfits. Original models in color-block colors have already appeared at Adidas, New Balance, Jimmy Choo, as well as other major representatives of the world of sports fashion. Particularly popular are options with massive soles, which look especially stylish on a fragile female leg.


  • Bold print. This year, bright prints will “dazzle” on the legs of all fashionistas. Animalism deservedly remains the leader among the drawings on sports shoes. Leopard, brindle, zebra colors on clothes have been considered a hit for several years. Now this trend has reached the shoe segment. In addition to the animal print, floral colors and colorful tie-dye will be relevant. Shoes with such patterns look bright and attractive!


  • Sneakers with thin soles. The bulky oversized sole, known to everyone from past seasons, is gradually fading into the background. Designers offer girls to have sneakers close to classic silhouettes with thin soles in their wardrobe. They will easily fit into almost any, even a very feminine look. In addition, a pair on a thin base base, for example, white, will become indispensable in everyday outfits.


  • Models from the 90s. Perhaps one of the most controversial trends in the world of women’s sneakers-2023. After all, not every girl is loyal to the return of the fashion of the crazy 90s. Meanwhile, this is the most squeak. Top models that were popular 20 years ago are again at the top of the fashion Olympus. Only now they are considered the novelty of fashion-2023. And if you still decide to purchase such a pair, be sure that it will remain relevant for a long time.

  • Unusual details. In the design of modern sneakers, it is already difficult to surprise the most notorious fashionistas with something. Spikes, satin ribbons, mesh inserts and lace on sports shoes have become a very real phenomenon. This year, sneakers of bright colors with original lacing and voluminous curly soles are considered the most trendy. Of course, not everyone will decide on such a model. But, if you like attention and experiments, this option is definitely for you!


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Also since last season, translucent sneakers from the collections of Alexander McQueen and Nike have retained their popularity. Laconic ergonomic models conquered with their convenience and versatility.

Author: Mizyukalina Olga

We have listed the main trends of fashionable women’s sneakers in 2023, many of which can be seen in the photos presented in the review. Some of the models can already be called an indispensable base, and some are a real splash of boldness and color. The choice is yours! But whatever it is, each of the above trends will complement the outfit.

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