What you can not meet the New 2022 year of the tiger

Before choosing an outfit for the New Year 2022, you should definitely read about what you can’t celebrate the Year of the Tiger in. Here we have collected a lot of useful information for you on this topic so that you can meet the coming year in a good mood!

What clothes you can not celebrate the New Year 2022

The festive mood of any person directly depends on how he looks and what surrounds him. That is why it is important to think over your appearance on New Year’s Eve. On December 31, we will all try to please the Blue (Black) Water Tiger so that the whole year goes as well as possible for all of us. Let’s figure out what outfits can piss off a predator and find a good alternative to them.

First, we want to emphasize that you cannot celebrate 2022 in the outfit that you wore a year ago on the same holiday. Even if this is your favorite dress, and it has the right style and color, it’s still better not to wear it a second time. The Tiger may not like this, because this outfit was originally chosen to celebrate the Year of the Ox.

When choosing a festive outfit, stop at natural materials – silk, leather or suede. The tiger will definitely not approve of synthetics. Only in clothes made from high-quality and natural fabrics will you look luxurious this evening.

The owner of 2022 – the Black or Blue Water Tiger – cannot stand pretentious and frilly outfits. Royal dresses with a train, a lot of rhinestones and sequins or with an abundance of layers of a skirt will definitely not be appreciated by a predator. But at the same time, we also do not recommend celebrating the New Year in pajamas, a dressing gown or jeans and a T-shirt.

For the Tiger to appreciate your efforts, pick up an elegant and sophisticated outfit. Whether it’s a dress or a suit, they should have a fairly simple style and a few original accents. For example, cuts, asymmetry, open shoulders or interesting sleeves that you see in the photo can decorate a New Year’s dress.

What colors of clothes are not suitable for New Year’s Eve

When looking for clothes in which you will meet the year of the Black Water Tiger, you need to carefully choose its color. Some colors are categorically not recommended for use in an outfit, and some, on the contrary, will bring you good luck next year. First of all, give up aggressive red clothes – this color scares the Tiger, because it reminds him of fire. He also does not like too bright, acidic shades of yellow, pink, green and other colors.

Avoid animal prints like leopard, snake or zebra. You also need to be careful with the tiger print. Just because the coming year is the Year of the Tiger doesn’t mean you need to wear tiger-print clothing.

It is better to celebrate the New Year of the Tiger 2022 in outfits of the following colors:

  • blue and cyan;
  • pale pink;
  • beige and cream;
  • black and brown;
  • green and olive.

These luxurious and expressive colors will definitely appeal to the powerful symbol of the coming year.

What should be avoided by different signs of the zodiac

To exactly please the patron of the New Year 2022, you also need to take into account your zodiac sign. Each sign has its own prohibitions and recommendations, which we will now describe:

  • Aries. We know that Aries are very fond of bright and saturated colors, like red. But these preferences should be abandoned in favor of orange or yellow.

  • Calf. For Taurus, red and other bright shades can be replaced with white, milky, green or brown colors that are ideal for them.

  • Twins. Gemini should not meet the new year 2022 in too revealing outfits that attract attention. Choose something concise and sophisticated.

  • Cancer. Cancers need to abandon the green and black shades, because they do not suit them at all. An alternative would be a blue, gray or silver outfit.

  • a lion. Representatives of this zodiac sign can wear an orange dress or suit, as well as complement it with metal jewelry.

  • Virgo. Zodiac sign tips advise Virgos not to hide their natural elegance. They will look great in discreet outfits, complemented by jewelry.
  • Scales. Red and any of its shades are contraindicated for Libra. White, soft pink or blue clothes will look great on them.

  • Scorpion. A woman born under the sign of Scorpio needs to forget about her favorite black and red dresses. You can stand out with the help of an outfit of an original cut.

  • Sagittarius. Sagittarians can’t afford to wear boring holiday attire. Their clothes should be comfortable and original.

  • Capricorn. Neither a red nor a black outfit will suit Capricorn. They are better off with blue, brown or silver suits.

  • Aquarius. The clothing colors that will bring good luck to Aquarius are light blue, white and blue. Purple and red should be avoided.

  • Fish. Under the ban for fish clothes of dark shades. But pale pink and light green shades will bring them good luck.

Approach with full responsibility the issue of choosing an outfit for New Year’s Eve, and do not buy something in which you cannot celebrate the New Year of the Tiger 2022. And then the Tiger will thank you only with positive events, vivid emotions and prosperity throughout 2022!

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