What you can not meet the New Year of the Ox 2021

To catch luck by the tail and enlist the support of an oriental symbol, you need to ask in advance what you can and what you can not meet the new 2021 year of the Ox. This pet is distinguished by strong energy, conservative character with notes of perseverance, stubbornness and determination. It is these properties that you want to bring into your life with the advent of the new year. And also to provide him with stability and prosperity, which are also valued by the Ox. And here the main thing is not only to please, but also not to offend the symbol of the year. After all, as you know, the Bull is terrible in a rage. So let’s responsibly approach the issue of coaxing an animal, not allowing the slightest opportunity to provoke it into conflict and ferocity.

What images can anger the Bull on New Year’s Eve

The entire festive bow should look harmonious, flawless, sophisticated and aristocratic. At the same time, you can not look too outrageous or elegant. The bull, first of all, appreciates naturalness and natural beauty. So this is exactly what you need to conquer it.

It is better to give preference not to expensive models, but to clothes of a simple cut, which will make you feel comfortable and convenient during the holiday.

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It is also worth abandoning the catchy decor in the form of massive ruffles or flounces. More interesting for the Bull will be different original solutions:

  • asymmetry;
  • open shoulder;
  • cuts;
  • flowing fabrics that outline the silhouette, etc.

If we talk about the material, then it should also conquer with its naturalness. Satin and silk, cotton and linen will be in favor. At the same time, even the simplest models will be able to look advantageous due to the decor with sequins or sequins, which will also correspond to the metal Ox in texture.

In jewelry, you also need to have a measure. No need to choose everything at once and necessarily expensive. You can limit yourself to products made of silver and white gold, or give preference to extraordinary jewelry.

[tds_warning]IMPORTANT! Again – you should forget about the red color both in the selection of gold (not red!), And in the choice of stones (ban on sapphires, garnets, etc.).[/tds_warning]

Do your best to maximize your natural beauty. Make soft accents in the image on your merits – the Ox will definitely notice them and give you his favor.

What clothes are taboo on a festive night

Firstly, you can attract the attention of the owner of the year by putting on a new outfit on New Year’s Eve. An alternative would be to decorate the old image with new accessories and details (clutch for womenbelt, shoes – for men and women).

[tds_note]IMPORTANT! AT new year 2021 it is better for men to refuse a tie, without reminding the Bull of captivity and a yoke.[/tds_note]

Secondly, when choosing any clothes – a dress, suit, overalls, you need to look for elegant models that look stylish and expensive. At the same time, the Ox does not like pathos and does not tolerate unnecessary expenses. Therefore, on New Year’s Eve 2021, it is better not to tease him with frilly royal outfits. Any hint of exclusivity and chic (in the form of dresses in the style of a wedding attire) will find rejection in the heart of the Ox and can close the road to good luck for you for the whole coming year.

Thirdly, your outfit should still remain festive. The symbol of the year loves holidays and loves to prepare for them, choosing an image according to the advice of stylists.

Can’t celebrate new year 2021 in this dress:

  • home suits;
  • dressing gowns;
  • pullovers and sweaters;
  • T-shirts.

[tds_info]IMPORTANT! By the way, the ban does not apply to jeans. Moreover, complemented by an elegant top, they will become one of the trendy sets to welcome the new year and bring success to fate. After all, it is the year of the Ox that is considered the year of the appearance of jeans on the world market, and their comfort and convenience fully correspond to the principles and characters of the patron of the year.[/tds_info]

At the same time, there remains a large selection of clothing items that can be used as a New Year’s outfit to attract good luck:

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  • dresses (evening and cocktail);
  • skirts to the floor (two-layer models look beautiful – from a transparent top and a short petticoat);
  • tops and blouses;
  • trouser suits or overalls.

How not to miscalculate with the color for the New Year’s bow

To begin with, you need to remember that 2021 year is year of metal or White Bulla. Hence the love for rhinestones, sequins, sparkles, and color priorities:

  • white;
  • silver;
  • Gray;
  • cream.

You can expand this list with darker shades that are in harmony with nature – green, brown, blue.

At the same time, it is important to know which clothing colors were banned from the holiday party.

The following shades are capable of angering the Bull:

  • red (especially its aggressive tones);
  • bright neon shades that are not at all associated with the natural palette;
  • orange, reminiscent of flames;
  • various animalistic prints that frighten the Bull.

How to choose the color of the dress according to the sign of the zodiac

The color of clothes for the festive night can be chosen according to the above favorites of the Ox. True, there are some nuances in the preferences and prohibitions for each zodiac sign:

  • rams, as pets of the patron of the year, can afford any color. Naturally, it is still better to refuse bright red to please the Bull;
  • Taurus should also exclude rich red and purple tones from the New Year’s wardrobe. Green and yellow palettes will help to emphasize their natural qualities of reliability and spiritual maturity;
  • for Gemini, choosing black or dark purple can bring bad luck. But light purple tones and a noble gray shade, on the contrary, will become a guarantee of future success;

  • crayfish better not to wear and forget about green and black, as the most dissonant with their elements. At the same time, blue, white and trendy silver, native to this sign, will save you from nerves and unnecessary stress;
  • it is better for lions to emphasize their strength with yellow and golden bows, predicting wealth, rather than teasing the Bull with a predatory red color;
  • Virgo should abandon black or white monochromes and their contrasting combinations in order to avoid boredom and uncertainty in the coming year. The key to creative development and financial success can be green and purple shades, in which it is better to meet the new 2021 year of the Ox;

  • for scales, it is better to change the aggression of blue, burgundy and red to the calmness and reliability of a green-blue natural palette;
  • romantic and passionate scorpions, red can promise disappointment in love and quarrels. But the role of cupid can be played by all shades of light red and purple;
  • archers need to declare themselves with images in purple, abandoning red and black shades;

  • Capricorn will bring bad luck and a period of stagnation of dresses in white or black. Much more promising in terms of fulfilling desires will be outfits in fashionable gray and rich lemon shades;
  • Aquarius will spoil the karma of red, purple and orange tones. And the best…

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