What you need to know about the hair dryer-brush?

Hair dryer in all its glory

The market for hair care products is quite diverse. But at the same time, the choice hair dryer brushes not so simple. The fact is that not all manufacturers can boast of a wide range of this particular device. The reason is simple – such a device is not a classic for drying hair, and today most girls do not know how to use it correctly. You can read more about hair dryers and their prices here:

There is a demand for hair dryers. But at the same time, there are many negative reviews. They are all typical and come down, first of all, to errors in operation. To avoid negative experience, you should carefully consider the simple rules and take into account the features of this device. Let’s consider them in more detail.

What is a hair dryer and what is its main difference from standard hair dryer? The main distinguishing feature is that this device consists of an electric drive, on which a rotating nozzle is attached. You have the opportunity to dry, comb and lift the strands from the root at the same time. As a result, you get a voluminous hairstyle, as if after visiting the salon.

This is where the biggest difficulty lies. It is necessary to hold the brush correctly, while simultaneously holding down the key that provides movement nozzles. Therefore, it is worth learning two simple things. The first is to understand the direction of rotation of the nozzle. A seemingly simple rule often turns into unforeseen difficulties. The brush begins to dry the hair in the wrong direction, thereby the styling is broken. Practice before use, turn on the rotation near the hair, in order to make sure the direction is correct. This will help protect your hair from the negative effects. Another feature is the rotation speed. You should not immediately set the maximum power, so that later, having lost control, you do not disentangle your hair from an insidious brush.

When using a hair dryer-brush, there is a physical difficulty. It lies in the fact that most women find it difficult to hold the device over their heads for a long time with the button turned on. But think, if such a button was fixed, then there would really be a danger of losing half of the hairstyle if the hair was wound incorrectly. Therefore, you have the opportunity to remove your finger from the button in time, stopping the rotation.

Also, the nozzles used in such devices tend to heat up. Therefore, if creating a hairstyle requires the use of several nozzles that will need to be replaced during the operation of the device, do not forget to use a pot holder, otherwise burns cannot be avoided.

Hair dryers-brushes, like classic hair dryers, have additional functions in the form of hair ionization (when the flow of negatively charged particles allows you to remove electrostatic stress), which will allow you to achieve maximum smoothness of the strands.

Knowing the rules for using the device, adding to this a little experience, you can easily use such devices to create hairstyles of any complexity, as well as for everyday styling.

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