Which cycling shorts will be an amazing element of your look in the summer of 2020

Today, at the top of the popularity of cycling is the fashion trend of 2020. Such an item of women’s wardrobe originally belonged to the sports category, but now it is an everyday and fashionable thing.

cycling shorts

Diversity in the fashion market by fabric basis


There are a variety of combinations for both sports and everyday wear. They stretch well and completely fit the figure.

Sports cycling shorts

Under the suit (bermuda shorts)

They represent a more restrained and strict style in universal compositions and in combination with classic things.

bermuda shorts


They are a more practical and free option, the combination with the top can be the most diverse, and the colors, like jeans, vary from the lightest to the darkest shade. There are multi-colored and with a pattern, as well as decorated with additional details in the form of accessories.

Denim bike shorts

Leather (or under the skin)

These cycling shorts are multifunctional and can be combined with almost everything. Suitable for formal occasions as well as everyday wear. As a rule, these are things of discreet shades, not too bright, as well as in matte and glossy versions.

leather bike shorts

When choosing bike shorts, you should take into account the style that you need (sporty, business, casual, etc.), decide on the color and length that will not only be comfortable, but also emphasize the graceful lines of the figure.

General and universal recommendations of fashion experts

So, according to the trends of 2020, every girl should have the following types of bicycles in her wardrobe:

  • sports bright colors (neon, acid);
  • for every day – black or white;
  • denim – light or dark;
  • option with a suit (classic).

You should also pay attention to the original inserts and colors, think about combinations and holistic images. For example, cycling shorts in bright acid colors are combined with white tops. Or, conversely, black models with a neon top. In addition, it is recommended not to forget about accents in the form of bracelets, hairpins, belts, bags to match any item.

bike color

Who are bikes for?

  • Undoubtedly, for girls with slender legs, cycling shorts are not only suitable, but also all the advantages and curves of the body will be presented in a favorable light.

cycling shorts for slim

  • If the girl is the owner of magnificent forms, then the bike shorts should be elongated, made of a fairly dense material. So it will be possible to correct the shortcomings and emphasize the right.

cycling shorts for plus size girls

  • If there are visible problems with the figure, bicycle shorts are not recommended for wearing.

cycling shorts on a problematic figure

Cycling shorts are a real trend in 2020. A versatile, and most importantly, comfortable wardrobe item will dilute boring looks and bring you closer to the fashion trends of our time.

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