Which eyeglass frames are in fashion in 2022

In 2022, fashion eyeglass frames will amaze with a variety of shapes, colors and materials from which they are made. A well-chosen stylish accessory will help fashionistas to radically change their image and look more impressive.

Eyeglass frames 2022: fashion trends and novelties

For modern fashionistas, glasses are not only an opportunity to see well, but also a spectacular accessory that emphasizes the individuality of its mistress. Leading brands offer a huge selection of original models that will suit both young girls and ladies of respectable age. Glasses with a beautiful frame will perfectly fit into any fashionable look, help to correct visual impairments and reliably protect from ultraviolet rays.

Few people know, but when choosing glasses, one should focus not only on the shape of the face, but also on vision problems. People with myopia should give preference to models of large sizes. In the case of farsightedness, the best solution would be to purchase glasses in an elegant and thin frame.

Let’s explore what types of frames will be fashionable in 2022:

  • Oversize. Massive frames, beloved by many fashionistas, will still be in trend this season. Such glasses on a woman’s face look very impressive, adding a stylish image of mystery. And models from the sun also perfectly protect the eyes from ultraviolet radiation and help to hide the absence of makeup. Fashionable in 2022, oversized eyeglass frames are best suited for a full, round and oval face.

  • “Cat’s eye”. Cat-eye-framed glasses have been trending over the past few seasons. They are distinguished by their versatility and are well suited for women of any age. Such glasses will emphasize the femininity and elegance of a fashionista, and also add a touch of playfulness to a stylish look.

  • Rimless. The novelty of 2022 will be fashionable glasses that do not have the lower part of the frame. This is the best choice for girls who do not want to draw attention to the glasses on their faces. Despite its laconic appearance, this frame looks very stylish and makes the look more expressive.

  • Round shape. Retro models are back in trend and the best example of this is the original and catchy glasses in a round frame. Such a model will appeal to girls who love to look bright and non-standard. Round sunglasses with mirrored or colored lenses will be in special demand.

  • Translucent. The favorites of this season will be attractive frames made of transparent plastic. On fashionistas, they look very elegant and elegant, not drawing attention to themselves, but emphasizing the beauty and tenderness of a woman’s face.

  • Bright. Unusual multi-colored frames will not only fit perfectly into everyday, youth, sports and evening looks, but will also cheer up the hostess. The fashion trend of the season will be pink, red, blue, yellow, green and lilac frames. An interesting option is glasses with an animalistic and floral print on the temples.

  • Non-standard form. Leading brands offer in their collections models with original frames in the form of polygons, hearts, stars, butterfly wings. These glasses will add an intriguing touch to a fashionable look and will definitely attract the attention of others.

In 2022, frames made of wood, metal, African buffalo horns, and plastic will be in fashion.

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How to choose glasses according to the shape of your face

To choose the right glasses, you need to take into account, first of all, the shape of the face, and only then focus on fashion trends. The perception of a particular model also depends on the size, color and material from which the frame is made. The following stylist tips will help you make the right choice:

  • A great option for chubby women are models that visually stretch and lengthen features. In this case, glasses with an elongated and pointed frame are best suited. Girls with a round face should pay attention to rectangular and square models (“cat’s eye”, “butterfly”, classic wayfarers and oversized glasses of the specified shape). They should also avoid overly large and voluminous models.

  • The oval face allows you to choose the most diverse range of glasses. Wide, rectangular, oval and round models will help to correct the flaws in appearance, and effectively emphasize the dignity. Girls with this type of face should give up miniature glasses and frameless models that are popular this season.

  • The task of optics is to make a rectangular face softer and smooth out the existing corners. Definitely in this case, small and round glasses will not work. A good option is models with square and rectangular frames, “butterflies”, as well as classic aviators.

  • For women with a triangular face shape, stylists advise choosing models that will help balance a wide forehead and a narrow chin. It will be a good decision to purchase glasses in a round or slightly elongated frame (aviators or wayfarers). It is equally important that they have thin and graceful temples.

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Focusing on the photos posted on our website, choosing eyeglass frames that are fashionable in 2022 will not be difficult.

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