Which eyeglass frames are in fashion in 2023

Many people wear glasses, and often not because they have vision problems, but because it is fashionable. Today, glasses are a significant detail of the image, which gives elegance, charm and a little mystery. Even unremarkable everyday bows become much more interesting with this accessory. Including unusual spectacle frames contribute to this. What are the most fashionable ones in the 2023 season? We’ll tell you in the review.


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Current colors for frames in 2023

Black. An undeniable stylish classic. A single-color black frame is appropriate in any look, it looks presentable, even if it is the most ordinary plastic. Equally suitable for blondes and brunettes.


Purple. This beautiful and feminine shade has long won the love of fashionistas. Stylish purple frames can be worn in summer and winter. If desired, they are also easy to include in elegant business outfits.


White. Another color that never goes out of style. The white frame helps to emphasize the sophistication and femininity of the lady. Looks great on the face of fair-haired girls, perfectly complements snow-white total bows.


Blue. Not too catchy shade, but looks much more interesting than brown or gray. A blue frame will harmonize well with a matching outfit, as well as a blue blouse, turtleneck or shirt in a business look.


Red. An excellent choice for the spring-summer 2023 season. Suitable for girls who want to win someone’s attention. Like white, the frame, made in red, will be a good addition to red, orange and burgundy total bows.


Fuchsia or hot pink. The barbicore style is gradually losing its relevance, but bright pink colors are still in demand in many segments of women’s fashion, including as the color of eyeglass frames.


Brown. Versatile option for different occasions. Trendy eyeglass frames-2023 in brown are suitable for sports, casual, office, preppy, and romantic bows.


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For beachy or bold urban summer looks, you can pick up a catchy light green frame. It is especially suitable for girls with red and red-blond hair.

What eyeglass frames are in fashion: we list the current forms

A wide variety awaits fashionistas when choosing suitable forms. There are elegant, a little avant-garde, stylish, and sometimes intricate. Next, we offer you to get acquainted with the novelties and trends of the season.

  • Round. A form that is considered to be perhaps the most popular in 2023, not only in the segment of eyeglasses, but also in sunglasses. The width of a round frame can vary from the thinnest and barely noticeable to massive. As for the size, it matters. Too small diameter – anti-trend. Such glasses can break the proportions of the face, making it visually larger. It is better to choose models as in the photo.


  • cat eye. In 2021-2022, this trend has subsided a bit. But in 2023 we can again see his return to the fashion pedestal. Fashionistas have not completely abandoned this playful, charming form. This season, stylists advise choosing laconic, slightly elongated monochrome models, devoid of any decor. They will look no less interesting, but at the same time elegant.


  • oversize. Another unconditional and long-playing trend. It allows you to add a little naivety to the image. Oversized eyeglasses with a half-face frame will make a girl look like a crammed student looking at the world around her with a clear look. Choose a round or square shape, but not massive. Include this model in romantic images to emphasize your spontaneity.


  • Wooden. Fashionable women’s eyeglass frames-2023 can be not only plastic or metal. Gaining popularity and wooden. Be sure to take a closer look at this model, as it has a special aesthetic appeal. The wooden frame is the novelty of the season. It is as light as plastic and as stylish as metal. Interesting options for such glasses can be seen in the collections of some brands.


  • Lectures. It is difficult to come up with something more elegant and sophisticated than lecturer glasses. A small narrow frame of a rectangular shape does not interfere with daily activities, is securely fixed on the face, adds rigor to the image. This model is best suited for women in leadership positions, business women and teachers. The trend is models with wide darlings, which can be decorated with a print or have a contrasting color.


  • Wayfarers. Fashion 2023 gravitates toward soft, streamlined shapes. That is why square glasses should be put aside, replacing them with more feminine wayfarers. They are best suited for round and oval faces. The frame can be solid color, but you can also choose models, for example, with animal print, two-tone or design homies.


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Translucent frames of various shapes remain in demand, as well as unusual youth frames in the form of a polygon.

We told you which fashionable women’s frames for glasses, sunglasses and vision are considered the main trends of 2023. All models listed are shown in the photo to make it easier for you to navigate them.

Author: Mizyukalina Olga

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