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Which hair spray to choose

The final step in washing your hair is a good spray for combing your hair. The choice of spray depends on the type of hair, their condition, season and problems that need to be solved along the way.

Detangling spray

Causes of tangles

Owners of long hair often face the problem of tangling. This problem complicates their combing and styling. In order to fight tangles, girls and women of all ages use special tools to make them easier to comb.

  1. The first reason that the hair becomes very tangled is damage to the hairs. Dry and split ends during movement can roll into knots, or scatter strongly to the sides from magnetic radiation.
  2. Wrongly chosen hair washing products and combs, curling and straightening hair with hot devices without special products that protect against high temperatures, curling hair with “chemistry”, as well as their frequent dyeing and etching have a negative effect on the hair.
  3. In addition, combing raw curls immediately after taking a bath, often wearing hairstyles in which the hairs are tightly collected, damages and confuses the hairline.
  4. Another factor is exposure to frost or ultraviolet solar radiation if you stay in such conditions for a long time with your head uncovered, as well as exposure to water with a high content of salts and chlorine.
  5. It is important to consider that damage and further tangles can be recognized even by the presence of frequent severe stressful situations in your life, insufficient vitamin intake, as well as dryness of the scalp, which eventually leads to dry ends of the hair. Other points can also lead to entanglement of hairs.

If you have naturally curly hair, keep in mind that it will get tangled and tangled more often. In addition, the longer the length of your curls, the more loose hairs will tangle, especially with active movements.

And the last factor that affects tangles is their thickness of each hair. Thin elements are more magnetic and tangle faster.

What is it needed for

When viewed under a microscope, a normal, undamaged hair will be hair covered in microscales that cover each other in the same direction. This appearance of the hair means its smoothness.

If you look at the damaged hair, you will notice that the direction of many of the scales has changed. That is why damaged hairs get tangled, catching on each other, and making the combing process more difficult.

Spray for combing hair is designed to moisturize each hair, align its scales so that the hair does not tangle.

Detangling spray

This tool must be in the home cosmetic bag of every woman. It not only provides proper hydration to the hairs, but also protects them from the effects of high temperatures, which they are exposed to when curling, straightening, blow-drying and other procedures.

The detangling spray envelops each hair with special beneficial substances, usually keratin, moisturizing oils and plant extracts, as well as panthenol and other caring ingredients.

Hair sprays are applied to wet or dry hair, depending on the instructions on the packaging of each particular type. You need to spray it at a distance of at least twenty centimeters from the hair. As a rule, such sprays are used to facilitate combing hair.

There are also special sprays for easy detangling of children’s heads, they are great for children’s hair and are great for detangling them. Such cosmetics are water-based, while they do not weigh down the hairs at all, sprays have a rather pleasant smell, especially for children.

High-quality professional hair sprays not only help to comb tangled hair, but also help to treat split ends, brittle hair structure, moisturize and nourish them along the entire length, and also help to cope with dandruff.

Some hair sprays work to promote hair growth, to restore normal oil levels in the scalp, and to combat dandruff and dry scalp.

Quality cosmetics will make your curls more radiant, smooth with a glossy sheen and luxurious in general. Another purpose of this spray is to keep the scalp in good shape and strengthen the hair roots.

It also has a protective effect against adverse weather conditions in the form of precipitation, frost, and harmful sunlight.

Thanks to its pleasant smell, hair spray can help fight off the smell of hair dye and give it a gentle scent. It will not only facilitate combing, but also make the styling process less complicated and long. Setting sprays can help keep your hair looking beautiful all day long.


The liquid spray is a mixture of the liquid part with beneficial oils, vitamins, minerals and other ingredients. All types of these funds, depending on the composition, can be divided into two large parts: medicinal and decorative.

The first type helps to cure curls and scalp, and also helps to get rid of other problems, the effect of their impact is not immediately noticeable. Cosmetic or decorative products, on the contrary, make the hair immediately visually more beautiful, but do not have the proper therapeutic effect.

It is best to purchase sprays that have a complex therapeutic and visual cosmetic effect.

Detangling spray

Useful and high-quality sprays should contain one or more of the following vitamins. It can be vitamin A, E, which have a beneficial effect on the hair roots, perfectly nourish the scalp, and regulate the release of substances through the pores.

The presence of vitamin B 5 in the spray means that it will help protect hair from high temperatures when blow-drying or using other hot products.

In addition, this component will moisturize and restore curls after harmful effects in the form of sun, wind or precipitation.

It is important to pay attention to the presence of the PP element in the composition of this product, since this vitamin understands the effectiveness of the spray at times due to the fact that it contributes to the rapid absorption and saturation of the skin and hairs with other elements that make up the spray.

Another important component of this tool is keratin, it makes the hairs stronger, shiny and elastic, prevents their fragility and split ends. Due to the presence of this component in the composition of the spray, each curl becomes healthier, livelier and fully restored.

Many manufacturers indicate various oils in the composition of hair sprays: linseed, peach, almond, burdock and others.

Detangling spray

These components moisturize and nourish both the skin with the roots of the hairs, and the hair itself. They also have a beneficial effect on hair growth,…

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