Which shoes shorten the leg and which lengthen it

Have you ever noticed which shoes in your wardrobe shorten your leg and which lengthen it? The right shoes can change the look of your feet and overall look. Let’s figure out what effects this or that pair of shoes can provide.

Shoes that shorten your legs

Shoes can radically change the image and in some cases even spoil it. If you are not responsible enough when choosing shoes, then your legs may visually appear shorter than they really are. The shoes we are about to tell you about are not outdated or unfashionable. It simply has the ability to reduce the length of the legs, and if this effect can scare you, then just try to avoid it.

Main Models:

  • Ballet shoes. Probably, ballet shoes are in the wardrobe of every woman. But we recommend leaving them there only for thin and tall women. For the rest, too flat ballet flats will definitely cut off a few centimeters of height. If you want to buy exactly ballet flats, then choose models with at least a small heel.

  • Ankle boots. You can safely wear ankle boots only if you are not afraid to make your legs shorter. Any model of boots that end below the ankle shortens the leg. And if you already have them, then wear tights of the same color with them.

  • Shoes with ankle straps. The ankle strap has the unfortunate effect of dividing the leg in two, making it appear shorter. Such models will look especially unsuccessful with cropped trousers and midi-length skirts.

  • Heel and platform. Shoes that combine a heel and a voluminous sole can make the legs look more massive than they really are. But, such models have recently lost their relevance, so they are unlikely to be in your closet.

  • Treads. Treads are the perfect shoes for slim and tall women. But for short fashionistas who also have extra centimeters in the hips, such shoes are categorically not suitable.

  • Decorated boots. Do you want to make your silhouette more proportional and correct? Then forget about boots with various decorations like rhinestones, appliqués and buckles. Not only do they shorten the legs, but they also load the image with excess.

  • Contrasting sandals. If shoes that match the skin tone lengthen the legs, then any contrasting models shorten them significantly. And if summer bright, flashy shoes are also complemented by various straps, then you will definitely look much lower than you really are.

  • Ankle boots with a wide top. Half boots end at the widest part of the leg, so they cut it and make it shorter. In addition, the wide shaft looks like you put on someone else’s shoes or have worn them for at least a few years. Ankle socks can replace this model.

  • clogs. Today’s trendy clogs are able to play a cruel joke with the ladies – to make their legs shorter. In such shoes, the instep is too closed, so the legs seem massive and short. Clogs have a great alternative, which we will tell you about a little later.

Short girls should try to avoid the listed shoes so as not to cut their height even more. There is a very good alternative for them, which we will talk about later.

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Lengthen the leg with the right shoes

If there are shoes that shorten the leg, then there must be models with the exact opposite effect. The good news for fashionistas is that such models exist and, most likely, they are in your closet.

Your legs will become slimmer and longer if you put on something from this list:

  • Platform or heel. Everyone knows that a heel or a platform makes us taller and slimmer, and our legs are longer. The main thing is that the heel is comfortable and stable, and you feel confident in this shoe.

  • Boots with a zipper or lacing at the front. A large number of models of boots have a zipper or lacing along the entire length on the front. Such a decorative element on shoes can visually lengthen the legs and make them slimmer.

  • Boats to match the shoes. If you wear beige tights, then the shoes should be beige. Accordingly, black tights should be worn with black shoes. Due to the fact that the legs and shoes have the same color, they appear visually longer.

  • Mules. Talking about clogs, we mentioned that they have a wonderful alternative. Another trendy shoe option, mules, can successfully replace clogs. Mules make the leg slimmer and the ankle more elegant, so they are suitable for a wide foot. Mules look perfect with cropped trousers, because in this case the ankles are exposed even more.

  • Pointed toe shoes. Recently, pointed-toe shoes are gaining more and more popularity. And if you also take into account the fact that it is able to visually lengthen your legs, then you definitely need to look at just such models. You can also complement the effect with an elegant heel.

Now that you have figured out which shoes make your feet shorter and which make you look longer, you should have no more questions when shopping. We hope that the tips located here will only benefit you, and you will look as good as possible in your outfits.

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