White and green manicure with design

White-green manicure is pleasing to the eye, looks fresh on the nails, and is absolutely universal. It can be successfully entered into both a festive and everyday look, and it is also perfect for wearing at any time of the year. In a word, this is a real find for ladies. And if you, our dear readers, are also partial to nail art in green and white colors, then be sure to pay attention to our today’s review. After all, here we have prepared a lot of ideas for an interesting design.

Actual shades of green for manicure

Green green strife. We think that every woman who knows a little about shades understands this. In the palette of the Pantone Color Institute alone, there are more than 350 green tones from the palest to the richest and brightest. Like any other color scheme, green can be cold, warm, muted, catchy. But, of course, not all this diversity is in trend at the same time. And now, before delving into design ideas, we invite you to take a closer look at the actual shades of green that are in demand in the nail art segment today.

  • Herbal. In every sense, this is one of the most popular shades of the season. And in clothes, and in manicure. Light green is very refreshing for any look, reminiscent of summer, and goes well with other colors.
  • Olive. This is a calm, muted shade with a brown tint, really reminiscent of the fruits of a southern tree. On the nails, it looks expensive, and is considered especially successful in a matte finish.

  • Mint. Another fashion trend of the 2020 season. The shade is distinguished by tenderness, freshness, and fits equally well into summer and winter manicures. Stylists recommend combining it with dark shades of varnishes.

  • Emerald. Expensive, noble color, which gives any image a bit of luxury. Perfect for older fashionistas who want to emphasize their status. Looks good with glitter.
  • lime green. Bright, acidic, rich and very life-affirming shade that is sure to cheer you up. It is especially popular with young fashionistas who love expressive nail design.
  • Malachite. This is a rich green hue, very pleasing to the eye. Particularly suitable for creating marble designs. Perfectly combined with white, gold and gray. Ideal for everyday nail art.
  • Dark turquoise green. This color is somewhere between blue and green. Beautiful, feminine, suitable for the off-season. With it, you can create a truly luxurious manicure, especially when combined with black.

Many people associate green with nature, naturalness, and also evoke a sense of harmony. And white is considered to be a symbol of purity, wisdom, freshness. Both of these shades carry a positive message. Perhaps that is why women are so willing to combine them in a single nail art.

Green and White Manicure Design Ideas

A green and white manicure is suitable for women of absolutely any age category. It does not look too bright on the nails, but at the same time it will perfectly complement any image and will surely attract the deserved attention to you. And you can peep suitable options for creating an interesting design in our selection below.

  • With clover. A four-leaf clover symbolizes good luck, and we all know this common truth from childhood. But, if in real life it is not so easy to find the treasured leaf, then no one bothers you to draw it on your nails. Moreover, the bright green clover on a white background looks very attractive. This design has not yet had time to set the teeth on edge, so be sure to take note of it. Clover can be either single, located on a specific finger, or scattered all over the hand. We are confident that such a design will definitely lead you to success.

  • with leaves. White and green leaf manicure is one of the most popular designs in this nail art segment. After all, girls like how diverse leaves look on their nails. Most often, the choice of fashionistas falls on palm and coniferous branches, vines, ferns or more intricate plants. But anyway, no matter what leaves you choose, the design will turn out to be juicy, “live”, attractive, refreshing. The best time for it is spring and summer. However, no one bothers you to please yourself with greenery on your nails and a cool winter.

  • With rhinestones and pearls. Decorating any nail art with rhinestones is the right decision. After all, if you approach brilliant stones wisely and do not abuse them, they will perfectly complement your nail design. If we talk specifically about the white-green manicure, then the rhinestones will organically fit into it. And the easiest option is to stick large emerald crystals on white nails. It will turn out expensive and tasteful. Or, if you want something more vibrant, you can do the opposite and layer white matte pearls on top of the green. They will add sophistication to your image.

  • with cactus. If you are rather bored with the design of a white manicure with green leaves, but you still want to see something from floristry on your nails, we suggest taking a closer look at an alternative – nail art with a cactus. It’s cute, unusual and very attractive. A cute plant with thorns can be placed on your nails in any form: in a pot, without it, in bloom or evergreen, alone or in the company of other small cacti. Here you can safely give free rein to imagination. And, importantly, the cactus on the nails is very unusual. Such a picture is sure to draw attention to your person.

  • With fruits. Another popular idea for a manicure in white and green. Moreover, for this nail art, it is recommended to choose several bright shades of green at once in order to convey the juiciness of the depicted fruits. What do girls most often paint on their nails? Of course, these are kiwi, grapes, lime, apples, avocados on a white background. The result is really very “delicious” nail art, which is sure to cheer you up and those around you, although, of course, it will turn out to be too playful for an office dress code. And as additional shades that will add realism to the painted fruits, choose black, beige or yellow.

  • For the new year. White and green New Year’s manicure is the same classic as the design in white and red, gold or blue. It also looks fun, bright, attractive, and helps create a festive mood. And here you can come up with a lot of ideas for an unusual decor. For example, draw spruce branches on your nails that will be powdered with white snow, holly leaves, or large patterned snowflakes on a dark green background. By the way, since nail art is meant to be festive, don’t forget the sparkles. Moreover, there are not many of them in New Year’s design. And for convenience, take a green varnish, which already has glitter.

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