White manicure: original design

If you follow fashion trends, you probably already know that white manicure is incredibly popular in 2019. In this article, we understand which of its options turned out to be the most trendy and how to make the most beautiful nail design using white. It will be interesting!

Fashionable white manicure design on transparent nails

Why white

The secret of the popularity of white manicure lies in its significant advantages. Read on why stars and ordinary girls choose it.

White and pink in the original manicure with color transition and ornament

  • With such a manicure, you do not need to puzzle over the rest of the image, because the light nail design is ideal for clothes of any color and your bow will never be overloaded with an abundance of shades.
  • The white top is the perfect base for various nail designs.
  • Such a manicure has no age restrictions.
  • Almond-shaped, oval and square nails look chic with this design.
  • White nail art is an unshakable classic that has no competitors among the trends.
  • This design is associated with neatness and good taste.

White manicure, silver stripes, glitter and rhinestones

Trend combinations

White nail design is beautiful not only in splendid isolation, but also in combination with other colors. And here are the couples that have become the most fashionable:

  • red with white is the best basis for extravagant nail art;
  • contrast with black always looks stylish;
  • union with a prosaic cover – the embodiment of the fashionable technique of “negative space”;
  • combination with pink guarantees the most delicate design;
  • a tandem with gold is a trend that has become relevant not only in autumn;
  • combination with blue creates a fresh and original manicure;
  • a universal option for nude nails – a tandem of white and beige.

The combination of beige, blue and white in one design

Secrets of white manicure

If you want the light design of nails to make a proper impression on everyone, look stylish and neat, you definitely need to consider these simple rules.

The white color of the manicure sets off the skin and easily emphasizes the flaws of the hands.

  • White manicure does not forgive cheap varnish. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule if the coating lays down really evenly and beautifully. In all other cases, nail art looks like the girl just painted her nails with a stationery corrector.
  • White color, although it is considered a neutral shade, in a manicure it looks quite catchy and bright. This means that all the irregularities and defects of the nails will be necessarily emphasized. If you can’t boast of their perfect condition at the moment, opt for a darker shade.
  • White varnish is a wonderful base for any color coating. So the color becomes more interesting and bright. The circuit is very simple. You must first apply a white top, wait for it to dry, and then create a layer of colored varnish after it.

Openwork drawings in white and rhinestones

[stextbox id=’info’]Note! Such experiments will not work with black.[/stextbox]

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For a perfect manicure in white tones, the nail plate must be even.

  • Light manicure obliges to a smooth surface of nails. There is one little trick that will allow you to achieve perfect results at home. Apply a little whitening toothpaste to each nail and brush for a couple of minutes. Voila! Are you ready for a chic white nail art!
  • The key to a beautiful manicure is the right choice of white. In this matter, it is better to be based on the color type. So, a shade of an eggshell is suitable for a spring girl, cream tones can be preferred to autumn beauties, a summer color type suggests using the color of wool, and only “winter” is allowed a total white color.

Afraid of a sparkling white manicure? Opt for different shades

How to apply white polish

Yes, yes, and the application of white varnish has its own important features. He is quite capricious to manicure, but he guarantees that all your work will be justified by amazing nail art.

Combination of black and beige lacquer + contrasting white stripes

  • The first step is to carefully sand the nails, give them the desired shape and remove the cuticle.
  • Then a colorless base is used, which can be used as a transparent varnish. This step ensures that the subsequent coat will lie flat.
  • After that, apply white varnish. If necessary, make 3 layers for color saturation. Just remember to wait for each step to dry. Also, be extremely careful not to make the wrong move towards the cuticle.


  • If after a couple of days you notice that the varnish has crumbled in some places, you should not try to tint it. With white color, such tricks will not work and the result will look sloppy. The best solution to the problem would be a total repainting of the nail.

The combination of white and nude in one design

We have collected for you the latest white manicure ideas. Get inspired!

Matte manicure

A matte top combined with a light polish looks amazing on medium and long nails.

Matte white manicure with an inscription in the style of minimalism

[stextbox id=’info’]But pay attention! It has one insidious property – it ages the skin of the hands. Therefore, with this design, you need to be extremely careful for girls over 30 years old.[/stextbox]

Spectacular matte with transparent stripes


A light shade combined with other colors creates a soft and beautiful border of tones that looks elegant and beautiful.

Gentle gradient of gray with white

When combined with white and pastel shades, the manicure is gentle and elegant. A combination with brighter colors will create a contrasting expressive design.

Bright transitions on the nails from white to red

Among all the novelties of ombre manicure, the most interesting is the gradient of colors from the little finger to the thumb. Such an original design is created when the first nail is covered with white, the last with a contrast, and all the nails in between with intermediate tones to create a gradient.

Creating a gradient with glitter polish

French and moon manicure

These classic techniques are ideal for creating modest and elegant designs. Their traditional versions cannot be imagined without white – it is used as a background or to decorate a hole or a smile.

Delicate jacket with openwork patterns

Even if you connect bright saturated shades to such a design, it will still look concise and minimalist, and the fashion trends of 2019 approve of this.

Unusual jacket

Knitted motifs

We offer a stylish knitted manicure for those women of fashion who lack warmth and comfort in the cold season. In white, it looks best, because the most faithful association with winter is created.

The brightest knitted manicure looks with white gel polish

A embossed knitted pattern can be made using acrylic powder. It’s not easy for her…

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