White manicure with design 2020

Fashion trends for white manicure in 2020 are gaining momentum. And absolutely not in vain. After all, white is the hit of this year. White is a universal shade that suits both business and romantic style. It is an excellent base for any shade and type of decor.

What to wear on nails?

It is a mistake to think that white nail design is boring and not interesting. With proper design of nails, hands will look noble, well-groomed and stylish.

milk rivers

Milky shades of varnish look amazingly gentle, interesting and soft on the nails. This is not flashy white, which clearly outlines the border of the nail and visually highlights it on the hand. The milky shade makes the nail plate visually more well-groomed. Such colors are closer to nude, look as natural as possible on the hands.

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Milky white shades look especially beautiful on tanned hands and long fingers on the sea or just in summer. The length of the nail doesn’t matter.

Floral graphic design

If you want a trendy white manicure 2020 for oval, square or rectangular nails, then don’t limit yourself to just a shade. Ask the craftsman to use an interesting floral or graphic design. In this case, the basis is a white or milky shade of varnish. From above it is interesting to impose:

  • image in the form of lines, stripes, geometric shapes;
  • tropical elements;
  • fragments of flowers, berries and fruits;
  • veil;
  • silhouettes of animals, insects, people.

The decor can be on one nail of the hand or on all at once, creating an interesting single fragment on two nails of one hand.

[tds_warning]Please note that for summer, it is advisable to use green, blue, orange and yellow, scarlet, red, purple, peach and other dynamic shades as auxiliary shades. Don’t be afraid to experiment.[/tds_warning]

Glitter stones

If you want to have a white manicure with a 2020 chic design, give preference to rhinestones and sparkles. Do not think that stones are the prerogative of only brides. An incredibly gentle, neat, stylish and white manicure with a small combination of shiny elements will suit a young bride, a young business lady, and an older woman equally beautifully. The main thing is to correctly place accents on the nails and choose a good, moderately concise design. Glitter stones, as well as floral prints, are recommended to be placed on one of the five nails of the hand or on all fingers at once, but in moderation.

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Complement the radiance of decorative elements with beautiful jewelry on the fingers. Use the “color to color” technique – the shade of rhinestones and jewelry should overlap.


This is a timeless classic. Fashion trends for the summer of 2020 suggest that a white manicure is primarily a French manicure. Its graceful lines, soft shades, calm transitions make hands well-groomed, beautiful and tender. French manicure is suitable for any length of nails – short, medium, ultra long, with different shapes – they all benefit from such a calm nail design.

An interesting feature of modern masters is the “vice versa” technique. In this case, a white base is used for the entire nail and a thin contrasting colorless or colored strip along the edge of the nail. As additional shades when creating a French white manicure, you can use silver, copper, gold.

Lunar design

This is the name of the technique of visual design of the hole of the nail bed. Lunar manicure has firmly entered the top of modern nail designs. Suitable for both long and short nails. If you combine white and any other contrasting shade, your nails will turn out incredibly beautiful. Be sure to ask the master to cover the finished design with a protective glossy or matte top.

To create a moon manicure, you can use a variety of contrasting shades on the nail hole. An interesting solution is to combine the shade in this area with the color of your outfit if you are doing a manicure for a specific occasion. Another option is to match the color of the nail hole with the color of your swimsuit. On the beach you will be the most stylish.


Most often, fine pearl powder or metal pollen is used for the rubbing technique. Finished nails look elegant, mysterious and unique. Such a nail design can be done on each finger of both hands or you can alternate the usual white varnish with the rubbing adjacent to the nail. Let the master show his imagination, get creative with him. Perhaps in a pair you will find the most ideal solution for your white manicure.

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Complement your stylish bow when designing nails with a rub with beautiful metallic or pearl accessories. So the bow will turn out to be as interesting as possible.

Matte nails

Fashion trends for white manicure 2020 allow you to create a beautiful nail design in a matte finish. As they say, everything ingenious is simple. Finish off your beautiful white manicure with a matte top coat. This will benefit from stamping, and a veil, and various graphic images on the nails. Even a moon manicure and a jacket under a matte top will look unusual and stylish.

Technics negative space

When creating it, it is understood that some part of the nail plate will remain unpainted, transparent, natural. In this case, the masters use the technique of geometric shapes, moon manicure, vertical, diagonal or horizontal stripes in combination with a white tint. To dilute and beautifully complement the negative space, the masters apply rhinestones, metallized elements, foil, silver paint or varnish to the nails.


Boldly, dynamically, white manicure looks in combination with other contrasting shades. The red and white manicure of 2020 is interesting, the fashionable design of which was developed by more than one master. Techniques for using contrasting shades are very different – jacket, moon manicure, stamping, veil, geometric design, floral prints.

With the same success, you can combine black, gray, blue, orange, purple, emerald and other juicy shades with a white tint. If you want something concise or even aggressive, wear a black and white manicure. It can be stripes, all kinds of graphic images in black. Go ahead.

Marble nails

This design also hit the top fashion designs when creating a manicure. You can make one or two marble nails on your hand or cover all your nails with this varnish. In any case, a white manicure will sparkle with new shades, it will be interesting and non-trivial to look from the outside. Marble nails are elegant and unusual in combination with all types of jewelry on the fingers and on the wrist.

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