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White t-shirt – must have summer 2020

A classic white T-shirt is a versatile element of the basic wardrobe. It is combined with all colors and fits into any style. In summer, such a thing is especially relevant – both in the heat and in cool weather.

White T-shirt

How to choose a white T-shirt

Not every white T-shirt looks beautiful and modern. When buying, you should pay attention to the style, tailoring and quality of the material.

T-shirt in 2020 should not be too short (unless it’s a crop top) and tight. Models with mini-sleeves, completely adjacent to the body, are a thing of the past. They also leave clothes decorated with rhinestones, ruffles, lace inserts. It is better to exclude these T-shirts from the wardrobe and not buy today.

White mid-length t-shirt

The basic thing emphasizes the figure, but does not fit or hang. Maybe oversized, but not like a shapeless bag. The classic white T-shirt is longer than the waist so that it can be tucked into trousers or a skirt, sleeves to the middle of the shoulder. It is better to try on options with different shapes and depths of the neckline, sleeve length, choose the one that will decorate the figure.

White T-shirt and black pants

A long t-shirt is worn as a dress at home or on the beach, and a cropped one, to the waist (crop top) will go for hot weather and a free style, combined with an oversized fit at the bottom of the set.

For summer, choose clothes made of cotton or linen. The quality of the fabric is important, as a good basic t-shirt can last for many years, fitting into ensembles in all seasons. This is the case when it is better not to save. For a change, you can add satin or high-quality lace T-shirts to your wardrobe.

Combinations in the wardrobe

White suits all color types, a girl should try on milky, ivory or boiled white shades and choose her own. It is combined with pastel and rich colors. A monochrome ensemble in white or contrasting black looks stylish. A trendy white t-shirt balances the prints on other wardrobe items.

all in white

Jeans, trousers and shorts

White top and denim are a classic combination. Bright lipstick, shoes or a handbag will complete the look. The basic T-shirt is tucked into trousers or shorts in whole or in part.


A straight-cut T-shirt will balance romantic pleated skirts with flounces. Goes well with denim skirts and office pencil skirts instead of a shirt.

White T-shirt with skirt


The white jersey is worn all year round as the bottom layer of clothing. On cool days or summer evenings, you can throw a shirt, jacket or cardigan on top. A T-shirt is worn under a sundress made of thick fabric or leather.

fashion ensemble

A white t-shirt is a simple piece that can be a daunting task to choose. Properly selected clothes are worth the money and time spent, as they will become a versatile and fashionable solution for any wardrobe.

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