White total bow – trend 2019

White total bow is a hot trend of the 2019 season and we offer to understand all its secrets and nuances!


There are several reasons to try this look.

  • The 2019 fashion season has declared the white total look its favorite. The reason for this was the sophistication, graphics and self-sufficiency of this palette.

  • Modern fashionistas are delighted with the refreshing and rejuvenating properties of such a bow. Surprisingly, white things really hide age-related changes and transform appearance.

White color has always given freshness and thus made it possible to look younger.

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  • The psychology of the light palette is clearly positive. The white palette is associated with purity, evenness, innocence and freedom. Probably, the symbolism of this color is transferred to the girl, improving her mood and giving a feeling of freedom and lightness.

  • Everyone is accustomed to the combination of a white top and a black bottom, but an image completely designed in bright colors is definitely something new! If you like to attract attention and look perfect, this idea will surely come to your taste.

  • White onion pleases with its versatility. It is perfect for formal events, fashion meetings and casual ensembles. This combination is especially beautiful on summer days, because it ideally saves from the heat.

  • The practicality of such an outfit is at its best – with the help of well-chosen accessories, an everyday combination can easily turn into an evening one.

  • You can endlessly juggle the style and mood of the image in a light palette.

  • White will never go out of style, which means that by buying it, you are making a long-term investment in a stylish wardrobe.
  • No, light things do not make you fat. On the contrary, the vertical created by a single color visually slims and stretches the silhouette. Another secret of a harmonious image lies in the right styles.

A well-composed bow will help hide your small imperfections.

  • Makeup in such a bow always stands out favorably, which means long live experiments! Start with bright lipstick and unusual arrows, and finish your eyebrows with gel. A natural make-up with such a fashionable look looks no less advantageous.

Main Rules

  • It is not at all necessary to complement the white image with the same accessories. It will be interesting if the details are bright diluting accents. Red, neon, yellow or blue details look great. It is important not to abuse accessories, but to make a choice in favor of conciseness and a sense of proportion.

  • Atufit in one palette accepts the use of several shades with a difference in tone. For example, pure white will make a stylish company for beige or light shades. The main thing is that neighboring colors do not give white a grayish or yellowish tint.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Note! The combination of several snow-white shades at once is not such an easy task. Warm tones are not friends with cold ones, but boiling-bright with muted ones. In the photo you can see an example of a successful combination.[/stextbox]

  • Such an image should be carefully prepared. Clothes should be perfectly ironed and look neat, shoes should also match, hair and makeup should also be ideal. And the most important thing without which the bow will be incomplete is confidence in its irresistibility.

  • Techniques for combining textures will definitely come in handy when thinking through an outfit. Cardinally different textures look interesting – denim and lace, coarse knitting and chiffon or silk. The greater the contrast, the more interesting the set in the end.

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  • Playing with volumes will also benefit the final result. In practice, it works very simply – a tight skirt looks beautiful with a top with puffy sleeves, or a tight top goes well with wide flared trousers.

  • One of the most current trends in creating a white total bow in the 2019 season is a mixture of styles as in the photo.

  • As for the manicure, it can be anything – bright, nude or white in support of the whole image. The latter option is amazingly combined with tanned skin, and also emphasizes the shape and well-groomed nails.

Fashionable summer looks

Summer is the perfect time for whites and stylish combinations, and now we will prove it!

Fashion trends on the total look have found a new display – in plain overalls. This summer, it will be difficult to do without such a thing, because almost all designers paid attention to it.

Models are presented in all their variety: natural textures, wooden buttons, zippers, military-style decor, patch pockets and minimalism are in trend. More romantic models are characterized by flounces, banana trousers and bare shoulders.

A game of textures is always a great idea for a total look. In the summer, this idea is easier to implement – you can only use lace motifs along with the usual fabrics. Usually women of fashion choose a top with lace decor – a very delicate and sophisticated solution. You can also wear light-colored jeans and complement them with a top made of another fabric, such as satin.

Modern fashionistas especially liked the images with a snow-white dress. Since fashion today allows you to mix styles and wear feminine outfits with sneakers, this increases the comfort of the look.

A summer look will only benefit from colored and metallic accessories.

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And shades of cream or ivory will look wonderful with brown details.

You will find a few more stylish ideas in the photo selection below.

Perfect summer look for the office

White top, white bottom – this is the perfect formula for a stylish and trendy bow for the office. There is no mistake here – the bottom must certainly be white, not black, in order to turn out to be trendy. Bet on strict concise styles. For example, straight or flared trousers with arrows are ideal for the role of the bottom, and it is better to wear a classic shirt or a current wrap model on top.

On your feet, you can choose beige shoes depending on the season, and a bag can serve as a bright accessory that dilutes this crystal-fresh ensemble.

If you want to be successful in your career, dress like you’re already at the top of that ladder. In our opinion, a modern business woman looks exactly like this – stylish, interesting and relevant.

In a business environment, a white pantsuit also looks amazing. Such a bow turns out to be expensive and noble, subject to the excellent quality of the outfit.

When such a bow is inappropriate

There are only a few situations when you should give preference to a different image.

  • If you have an active day with a lot of meetings in your plans, it is better to opt for a more practical and non-marking look.
  • Sports or travel also involve the use of darker tones.

  • A bow in light colors always requires a special approach. Any speck, a trace of deodorant or a drop of rain will inevitably spoil the impression….

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