White winter manicure

White manicure in winter – what could be simpler and more natural? In addition, it is so easy to fit it into any environment that many girls deliberately give it their preference already in the first days of December. From white nail art it is very easy to create both everyday discreet and bright holiday looks. Such a coating looks quite self-sufficient both in monochrome and in combination with the design. And there really is plenty to choose from. Let’s talk about this now.


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Important! In fact, white manicure is relevant at any time of the year. And there are countless decor options for it, but in our today’s review we will give preference to winter and holiday themes, since for many fashionistas this is now the most important thing.


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Features of white manicure

As we said above, white nail art is a win-win option, but it also has a number of important features that every girl should know about.

  • Before you apply white polish to your nails, be sure to put them in order. Gently remove all cuticles, align the plate and make its shape perfect. This is necessary in order for the manicure to look perfect, because, as you know, white emphasizes any, even the most insignificant flaw.

Flawless white manicure

  • Wear white manicure neatly. Protect your hands at all times: when cleaning, cooking, washing dishes, playing with animals, etc. This is necessary to preserve the aesthetics and beauty of nail art. And remember, absolutely all microcracks are visible on white varnish. Moreover, dirt will definitely begin to accumulate in them and, as a result, the appearance of your nails will become sloppy.

  • Covering your nails with white varnish, do not spare it. Paint over everything carefully and thoroughly, even if for this you have to apply several layers.

Stylish white nails design

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! White manicure looks good on both long and short nails. Therefore, this is an ideal option for absolutely all fashionistas.[/stextbox]

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Ideas for a white winter manicure

So we got to the most interesting and now we will consider the most original options for winter nail design, coupled with a white manicure.

White manicure with drawings

  • Lace. Beautiful and delicate everyday nail art that will appeal to every woman. Lace patterns are incredibly fashionable today. Beautiful and snow-white, they will refresh any image and give it romance.

  • Knitted pattern on a white background. Do you want to please yourself with something really tender? Then be sure to pay attention to this variant of nail design.

And here’s why: firstly, it’s the most wintery, as the flock pattern resembles your favorite cozy knitted sweater, and secondly, white acrylic sand against the same background is just fantastic. With such an amazing manicure, it is not a shame to meet the New Year 2019.

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  • Snowflakes. Snowflake manicure is a real winter classic. With the onset of cold weather and to create a festive mood, lovers of intricate drawings on nails resort, first of all, to this decor.

It looks very gentle and unusual, and choose the options for the image of snowflakes, their number, shape and placement on the nails at your discretion. There are no clear rules here.

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  • snowmen. A very cute and pleasant winter design, which is performed exclusively on a white background. Moreover, in order to portray them, it is not at all necessary to be an artist. It is enough just to give the nails an oval or square shape (preferably without sharp corners) and draw a snowman on them. Do it the way your abilities and imagination allow.

A snowman can be placed on one finger, or decorate everything at once. This manicure definitely cannot be called catchy and defiant, so you can please yourself with a large number of snowmen.

  • Christmas tree. It’s time to come up with a suitable New Year’s manicure. And here’s our advice: if you gravitate toward something classic, then just draw a green Christmas tree on a white background. Such nail-art will look very festive and interesting. And in general, the combination of white and green is fresh and very cute. Remember, green is the color of hope, which means it is as relevant as ever for the New Year.

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Important! Shellac will help make a white manicure more “viable”. It stays on nails longer than regular polish and is less prone to damage. Therefore, for the holidays, this is exactly what you need.


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Matte white manicure

Winter manicure in white is a current fashion trend in itself. And if you make it also matte, then you definitely won’t lose. Matte nail-art looks restrained and luxurious at the same time, especially in light and dark colors.

Therefore, if you decide to combine white and other soft nude colors within the same design, you will end up with a very interesting and non-trivial option.

French manicure

Of course, it is simply impossible not to include French in our today’s selection. After all, it is most popular in white. The main surface of the nail should be covered with natural skin tones, but the tips should be covered with snow-white varnish. This is a classic.

Another huge advantage of a French manicure is that it goes well with decor. So, if you want to bring some zest to your image, draw a light winter pattern on one or two nails.

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Important! The same can be said about the reverse French jacket – moon manicure. It is very quick and easy to create it by covering the hole with snow-white varnish. By the way, this is a great option for winter.


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This is a novelty in our review, which will be very popular in 2018-2019. For those who do not know: the craquelure technique came to Nail Art from painting. The old canvases in small cracks led the designers to the idea of ​​creating such an unusual kind of decor. In fact, craquelure can be done in any color. But in winter, it will look best in white tones.

White marble

Marble manicure, created on a white base, looks very stylish and unusual. This design is new this season and immediately fell in love with millions of fashionistas. Performing a marble manicure is very simple and at home. And if you don’t know how, then on the Internet you can find a photo with step-by-step instructions.

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