Any woman, regardless of age, nationality, social status and living conditions, wants to be irresistible. After all, it is not in vain that men so often complain that their loved ones spend most of their time at the mirror, even on an ordinary weekday. Well, if any celebration or meeting is expected!

Surely every second woman faced such troubles as a pimple that jumped up at the most inopportune time, on the eve of any event, when you want to shine in all its glory. Such a defect as whiteheads also cause women a lot of trouble. Let’s figure out the same reasons for their appearance, methods of their struggle and prevention.

And so: for the most part, whiteheads are localized on the cheekbones, eyelids and temples. They can be both single and group. Whiteheads, and in simple folk language “millet”, is a nodule, hard to the touch, often growing to the size of a match head.

The cause of such nodules is a violation of the sebaceous glands, that is, blockage of the excretory channels. As a result, the following happens: fat accumulates, gland cells grow, overlap each other, forming solid contents in the form of eel.

In order to extract it, it is necessary to disinfect the skin, pierce it with a sterile needle and squeeze out the contents. Then treat the alcohol with the contained solution. But it must be taken into account that the procedure is best done not at home, but in beauty parlors. Since there is a possibility of infection.

Today, many beauty parlors use the method of electrocoagulation, as well as electric needles for hair removal.

There are also folk ways to deal with whiteheads. For example, wipe your face with a fresh tomato for ten days or make a mask from fresh tomatoes. A good way against prosyanka saline solutions. If a woman has an oily skin type, peeling can be safely carried out.

For preventive purposes, it must be remembered that the main thing is to prevent blockage of the sebaceous glands. To do this, you need to be selective in food. Limit consumption of fatty, sweet, starchy foods. Introduce more fruits, vegetables, dairy products, lean meat, vitamins of groups B and A into the diet.

We must always remember that a specialist will help us with any ailment. In our case, how to choose the right cosmetics, and skillfully use them, how to properly care for your face so that your skin shines with health, an experienced cosmetologist will advise.

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