Whitening pencil for teeth: truth or myth?

The whitening pencil for teeth was initially positioned as a unique product using highly innovative technologies, available for use both at home and in the office, and even in a minibus (imagine a viral advertisement for a unique gadget!). The cost, which is typical, is about 2 thousand rubles, depending on more or less advanced options.

Manufacturers can produce it in the form of lipsticks, mascara, pens, while the applicator for application can imitate a brush, a sponge, and a brush.

The principle of operation of this product is not much different from other whitening systems: hydrogen peroxide decomposes and atomic oxygen penetrates into micropores on the enamel surface, and then into deeper structures of the tooth, thereby causing tissue lightening.

But now, after a while, even a cursory review of comprehensive opinions on the Internet gives two completely opposite trends. And this can be understood – on the one hand, the lobby of dental salons, on the other, manufacturers and sellers of the same pencils, well, and to top it off, there are whitening plates? So who do you trust, who do you trust with your wallet? And okay, articles are one thing, but no one reads the reviews under them at all, defining them in advance as paid. And how to understand that lonely video, looming from one site to another, where all the shortcomings of this seemingly outstanding method are clearly shown. This is a convincing “debunking of the myth.” Or maybe our smart doctors, as always, read the instructions after they spoke in detail?

At first glance, a teeth whitening pencil is good in almost everything, until its chemical composition emerges – and it is elegant, fits in a manicure bag and a man’s trouser pocket, has an extremely stylish design – you just want to give it to your boss and lose your workplace to the applause of employees.

The action isn’t all that amazing.

Let’s start with the specifics of the action. Even the most zealous marketers of this whitening product no longer claim that it works the first time and is suitable for exceptional cases – on the contrary, it should be spread steadily for a whole week only on the teeth (in no case touching the gums) and only then you notice a visible lightening by several tones. And then wait every time for a whole minute, or even 10. Well, nothing, it’s really easier than going to the salon and leaving a fabulous amount there.


This is partly true, it really whitens, clogging harmful pores. Brightens enamel. The question is, at what cost, and are you ready to sacrifice the health of your teeth? But after all, homeopathy in high doses is also a poison, and many have heard about the concept of “pharmakon”.

Doctors’ warnings

The basic principle of teeth whitening is achieved through the action of oxygen and carbamide peroxide (in the worst case, hydrogen). Now imagine that marketing gimmick that said how such a machine could easily replace a toothbrush on a daily basis. In this case, the young man would have cracked all his teeth, his gums would bleed, and in a fit of shame he would have to run to the nearest dental salon, answering the obvious, it would seem, question: “packaged wine?”. – Well, of course not – a whitening pencil for two thousand rubles. The cost, you see, is approaching each other.

But this is just a warning, albeit an ominous one, and not a cross on a product that can be used to your advantage. When choosing this device for yourself, be sure to look at the chemical composition – carbamide peroxide should be from 5 to 10%. (Do not forget also about urea in the composition).

The less, the safer – the more, the more harmful.

Advantages and disadvantages

Let’s talk about the pros first:

  • They are indeed remarkably easy to use;
  • Always infused with additional flavors of your own choice
  • Can act as an excellent support for professional in-salon teeth whitening, reducing visits to the doctor’s office.
  • It’s just a stylish gadget that you can show to your girlfriends.
  • You can give it to a child, be sure to familiarize yourself with all the contraindications, it would seem. But we do not recommend you do this.


Dotting all i’s, of course, it should be said that this is in no way a replacement for a toothbrush, not a replacement for a dental salon, but in combination with them it can play a pretty good role. The main thing is to familiarize yourself with the contraindications, and even if you did not find them in yourself, anyway, be careful:

  • Not for pregnant women
  • You should not have piercings or other oral decorations
  • The teeth must be strong, or at least, and according to the manufacturers, not have excessive sensitivity
  • You should not have braces and mouthguards
  • Yellow plaque on the teeth, if you do not want to give up bad habits, is also included in the list of contraindications, surprisingly
  • Neither before nor after major oral surgery
  • Persons under 18 with immature enamel.

Well, strictly follow the instructions for use. Then the risk of side effects becomes minimal. In other words, if you do harm, then it can be corrected.

  • Thoroughly rinse your teeth and gums, then wipe them with a napkin
  • Very carefully, using the built-in dispenser, we squeeze the consistency onto the teeth.
  • We open our mouth, and wait for the mixture to work, entering into a connection with tooth enamel. As a rule, this procedure stretches from 1 to 10 minutes.
  • We close our mouths and shine with a happy smile for the time being.

Using the device, insure

In any case, visit the dentist later. Only a doctor can reasonably tell you about the state of health of your teeth. You can use this gadget at your own risk, but at least control it. Insurance has never been redundant. On the other hand, all this panic may be the result of nosophobia. Ordinary bleaching in the dental salon also harms the teeth.

Watch your feelings and be vigilant.


Visual mythology

Is this a myth? Given the entry into everyday life – no longer, the properties also no longer tend to exaggerate after several obvious miscalculations.

This device is a little less known in popularity than electronic cigarettes (the harm of which has been covered in detail, it seems, already everywhere and everywhere), but using it wisely, you can also achieve results.

It is the doctors job to warn you of the possible consequences. In this case, they managed to debunk the main dangerous myth, but nothing prevents you from using the device correctly. Do not abuse it – a beautiful gadget makes you want to use it more often, not only whitening your teeth, but also refreshing…

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