Why do clothing stores put mannequins and torsos?

Today it is simply impossible to imagine any clothing store that would not have mannequins, because they allow you to absolutely without words in full glory present certain commodity items, express the general concept of the store, as well as show the best ideas from new collections.

However, you should not think that they are standard humanoid statues, because they are very diverse, and today it is customary for experts to distinguish three main classes:

  • Demo;
  • tailor;
  • Anthropoid.

What are these products and where are they used?

Mannequins are the most accurate copy of the human body in ideal proportions (humanoids, dolls, headless mannequins). Manufacturers give such products the most attractive and similar to real shapes, and their color often approaches body color. However, it should be noted that today there is a fairly large variety of such products, and in particular this applies to stylized ones, which are also made in this form, but can be produced in a wide variety of colors, including transparent. For the most part, such equipment is common in various youth or avant-garde stores.

Recently, sculptural figures have also become quite widespread, which earned their name due to their appearance, namely their white color, as well as the complete absence of any paint, wigs and other additions.

What is the advantage of such equipment?

Headless mannequins, like many others, are constantly near a person and, not noticing this, people simply do not attach any importance to them. But at the same time, in reality, they see them everywhere where clothes can be sold and created, including not only shops, but also ateliers in which special tailor’s figures are used.

Surprisingly, mannequins attract the attention of the buyer, and it is for this reason that their function is indispensable, because most stores will simply lose their relevance if they are not available.

After literally a single glance at it, a person understands what kind of clothes are sold in this institution, and whether it is worth his attention, and thanks to the ideal human forms, you can always understand exactly how it sits on a real person.

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