Why do hair roots hurt?

Healthy and beautiful hair has always been the hallmark of any woman. But in modern life, they very often suffer for one reason or another. Probably, most of the female representatives experienced a rather unpleasant painful sensation, especially in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe hair roots.

Most often this happens when loosening hair from a tight hairstyle. Such discomfort can be felt when wearing a headdress or after you wake up from a dream. But if the roots ached for no apparent reason, then this may be a sign of the beginning of the problem. The first question that comes to our mind is why is this happening? Why do hair roots bother us? Let’s look at the possible causes of this disease.

We are well aware that the roots of the hair will not get sick for no reason, so you need to find the root cause. Often this is due to the scalp. Let’s see what factors can negatively affect the hair roots.

  1. Tight hairstyle. The so-called ponytail or braided braids may well be the cause of damage to the scalp, because for a long time the skin is in a tight state, and cracks form. To prevent this from happening again, you need to give up this type of hairstyle for a while. Well, somewhere in a month, you can try again, but not more often than a couple of times in 10 days, so that the scalp has time to rest.
  2. Wrong care. If it is wrong to follow the hair, then it is quite possible that this kind of pain will accompany you with a certain frequency. Wrongly selected care products are to blame for everything: relatively cheap shampoos, balms, masks, foams, varnishes. Or the styling agent acts as a weight. If after the usual care procedure you feel pain, then it is better to change the product to another one. Before buying, be sure to read the composition of the product. Make sure that it does not contain too many harmful components. A plastic comb can also be the cause of pain in the roots. During its use, the hair is electrified, which negatively affects the hair as a whole.
  3. Dry scalp. The type of hair also matters. Mixed and dry hair is more vulnerable. Owners of such hair often have problems with the roots. Many cosmetic “drugs” have the properties of “drying”, as a result of which the skin tightens and causes pain. Use scrubs with an exfoliating effect (you can use ordinary table salt during washing). This will help get rid of dead cells. Include products in your care that will provide additional intensive nutrition. The appearance of dandruff can also be considered a call to see a specialist.
  4. Hairstyle modification. If you walked with the same hairstyle for a long time, and then decided to radically change the image (changed the parting or stabbed the bangs back, for example), then be prepared for the fact that your hair may not like it. They are used to being in the same position and at the same slope. But don’t despair. This pain will go away on its own as soon as the hair gets used to its new location.
  5. Nerves. In this situation, too tense environment can cause “discomfort” in the hair roots. Here, a light head massage will come to your rescue (movements should be light and smooth so as not to harm the scalp), rest, healthy, good sleep. Try to avoid nervous tensions.
  6. Violation of blood circulation in the scalp. This may be due to the fact that you neglect hats in winter. Low temperature will lead to vasoconstriction. As a result, blood circulation in the hair follicles fails. Therefore, to protect your curls, you need to wear a hat or any other headgear that can protect you from the cold. Before sending such a feeling, there is also some disease of the vascular system, which will require urgent treatment. Often these are symptoms of dystonia.

How to deal with this ailment?

Pain in the roots of the hair can overtake you unexpectedly, which is why you can stumble upon a wall of misunderstanding from others. According to statistics, every fifth woman suffers from this “ailment”. The reason for this can be both a lack of vitamins in the body, and our useless ecology. Either way, help is needed.

  1. Buy a massage comb made of natural bristles (preferably wooden). It will not only improve blood circulation, but also serve as a means of prevention for you.
  2. Use hair care products that suit your hair type.
  3. Relaxation. Rest more often, this is also a cure.
  4. Sleep is also of great importance. Sleep at least 7 hours. Don’t deprive yourself of this pleasure.
  5. Take vitamins.
  6. Walk more with loose hair. Before going to bed, also dissolve them and carefully comb them.
  7. Do not use hair accessories that are too tight or uncomfortable.
  8. Treat yourself to a relaxing massage before bed.
  9. If the pain is also accompanied by hair loss, then you need to contact a specialist. He will surely help you find an effective method of dealing with the disease.
  10. You can resort to folk remedies and strengthen the hair roots. Here are a couple of recipes:
  • Dissolve 100 grams of salt in a decoction of burdock roots, add a couple of drops of orange and lavender. Moisten hair with this product and keep for about 30 minutes. Then wash off with a decoction of chamomile
  • Mix royal jelly (50 ml) with sea buckthorn oil and vitamin E (2 ml each). All this is applied to damp hair. Gently rub into the scalp and leave until absorbed. After that, wash off with a decoction of herbs.

These recipes will definitely positively affect not only the condition of the scalp, but also the hair in general.

Well, perhaps that’s all. By adhering to these elementary tips and methods, your hair will live a full life, and you will forget about the possible troubles associated with them. As a result, you are the owner of beautiful, healthy and strong curls. Good luck!

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