Why do women have mustaches on their faces?

Many people meet women who grow mustaches. Scientists have established the reasons for which excessive growth has been established in the beautiful half.

American scientists conducted various surveys on such a topical women’s problem. Based on the results of the survey, an analysis was made that showed that hair in the form of a mustache grows on the face of women in about 10%.

We found out that many women like to eat flour products and sweets. Excessive intake of glucose in the human body leads to a loss of insulin effectiveness. Then the ovaries begin to produce a larger amount of a hormonal substance called testosterone.

Another reason for the appearance of mustaches on the face of women is also possible. Such an appearance can be provoked by female diseases. Thus, women with polycystic ovaries make up 20-23%, eczema and psoriasis, stimulating blood flow to the skin – 18%, anorexia with menopause and steroid use – about 8%. The ovaries in women play an important role. They try, as much as possible, to produce testosterone, which belongs to the male hormone. It is precisely such a hormone that influences the formation of hair in the form of a mustache in women with a “sweet tooth”.

This appearance of unwanted facial hair in women may be associated with hormonal disorders. You need to check your health with your doctor, take tests. There may be a deviation in the work of the endocrine system, so the adrenal glands should be checked. Also, this problem is affected by the onset of menopause in women.

Products consisting of sweet components or having a certain proportion of such sweets in their composition, in a certain way affect the appearance of hair above the upper lip on the face, on the chin and on the cheeks in women. Such products are sweets, cookies, cakes, rolls, marshmallows and many other sweets. Such products include sugar and refined carbohydrates in large quantities, which contribute to the formation of facial hair in women. Such hair is a stiff bristle on the face of women.

Many varieties of confectionery products have a high level of glycemic index, which directly affects the “sugar” in the blood.

To further eliminate this negative effect, women need to limit their glucose intake. Sugar should be replaced with natural honey and dried fruits.

Outwardly, the mustache of women looks ugly. Therefore, many women solve this problem in different ways.

You need to make sure that the appearance of hair in the form of a mustache is a cosmetic flaw.

The easiest way to remove facial hair is with tweezers. Such plucking causes not only irritation on sensitive skin, but also the appearance of pimples. However, this method is short-lived.

You can try sugar or wax hair removal at home. This type of procedure is done once a month or one and a half months.

Also now, many women are trying to remove hair above the lip with the help of laser therapy and photoepilation. And such women can be understood, they want to be beautiful, charming, charming and attract the attention of men.

But there is another category of women and girls who do not really care about their appearance, they do not have enough time “for themselves.” Such women and girls who have not found a way to get rid of their “mustache” for themselves may develop an inferiority complex and feel less confident in the future.

Therefore, nevertheless, such a problem must be solved together with doctors, cosmetologists, traditional medicine.

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