Why does the belly grow in women

Belly – what is it? It’s not just beauty if he’s pulled up. This is not just a place that our men admire when we expose it. This is something that should always be normal. But the question? Why isn’t everything okay? And why hangs somewhere? Why is he like a “bologne”? Let’s figure it out together.

Initially, the stomach is the organ where food enters (well, of course, if you do not consider the human anatomy, and do not understand the correct terms). And if the food gets in very large quantities, especially there are people who eat a lot, then the stomach grows accordingly. And how it grows. The skin begins to stretch, stretch marks appear. The belly is getting bigger and bigger, and finally, it “falls out of the pants.”

We are horrified by this, we catch ourselves thinking that it’s time to run to the gym, but we don’t do it. And all that laziness. And in the end result, the stomach hangs down, and the fat quietly accumulates, and we become even bigger. Terrible, isn’t it? And the answer is: proper nutrition. This is a guarantee of beauty and, first of all, health.

And what to do with those who passionately love beer? Beer is not only a delicious drink, but also 2 or 5 kg. excess weight, or rather accumulations on the stomach. The so-called “beer belly”. And this is five to the fact that it may not be worth drinking so much.

Here’s another non-issue. The most beautiful time is the time when we are expecting a baby. We constantly take care of him, despite the fact that he is still inside us. We go to doctors who prescribe diets for us, we try to drink less (so that there is no swelling). Our little miracle grows inside us, and when the time comes when our baby asks for freedom, we “release” him and looking at the place where the child used to lie, we are horrified, but what is it there?

Remains of the past. We see a piece is not clear what. After discharge from the hospital, we run home and the so-called hell begins. We put on various tights. We smear creams. We rub lotions. And often everything turns out to be in vain. The belly hangs again. The surest remedy is physical activity. And most importantly, no “laziness”.

Dear ladies, what about our precious dream? After all, it has been proven that those who sleep less than five hours, or who generally “sleep” sleep for half a day, also suffer from a stomach problem. After all, if we do not get enough sleep, then we try to wake up our body with all sorts of sweet teas or coffee with a bun. And, accordingly, when we sleep a lot, we wake up right terribly hungry, and attack everything that is poorly hidden in the refrigerator. Solution: regulate sleep, so that later you don’t grab your head, or rather your “wonderful bag”.

Even worse is the fact that with all the observances (proper nutrition, self-care, and the like), the stomach is still growing. You should go to the doctor. After all, it may turn out not just stress or depression, but quite a significant sore. Hormonal imbalance, metabolic disorder or even diabetes. Then dear ladies, you need the help of specialists. Therapist, endocrinologist, but also a gynecologist. And be sure to get tested. After all, our health is in our hands.

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