Why hair grows on the chest in women and how to get rid of them

It’s worth starting with the terrible word “hirsutism”. What is it and how to treat it?

Hirsutism is the appearance of hard (rod, terminal) hair in androgen-dependent areas, namely:

  • on the sternum, between the mammary glands,
  • on the upper lip
  • on the chin
  • in the upper abdomen or back,
  • on the neck.

And here is the first note. Most girls are concerned about the long dark hairs on the halo (not on the sternum). A number of experts consider this phenomenon to be a norm that does not require treatment or a visit to a doctor. However, there is also an opinion that it would not be superfluous to turn to an endocrinologist, even rare coarse hair on the halo, upper lip and chin can be a sign of minor hormonal problems.

So why does hirsutism appear?

All reasons can be divided into two groups:

  1. increase in the level of testosterone (“male hormone”) in the body,
  2. increased sensitivity of hair follicles to testosterone.

Hirsutism is rarely an independent disease. Strictly speaking, it is difficult to attribute it to diseases; rather, it is a harmless anomaly.

However, male-pattern hair growth cannot be ignored. Severe hirsutism is a symptom of serious diseases of the ovaries and adrenal glands. It is these organs that are responsible for the production of the main amount of testosterone in the female body.


Diseases associated with hirsutism:

  • polycystic ovary syndrome,
  • congenital dysfunction of the adrenal cortex,
  • tumors of the ovaries or adrenal glands,
  • obesity,
  • diabetes,
  • various diseases in which cortisol levels rise.

However, there is also hereditary hirsutism and idiopathic, when there is no pathology in the body, increased hair growth is the norm for it.

When should you worry?

As soon as you notice the coarsened hair on the upper lip or chin, you should not run to the endocrinologist.

First of all, you need to remember:

  1. Do coarse hair grow in close relatives. Perhaps this is a hereditary trait, nothing more. “Fluff on the lip” is often found in girls and women of Caucasian nationalities.
  2. Whether drugs were taken: anabolics, cyclosporine, interferon, glucocordicoids. They can cause temporary hormonal imbalance, especially when taken for a long time. If this is the reason, you need to abandon the drug or take a break.
  3. How often, at the place where coarse hair appeared, depilation was done with a razor. The more often the hair is shaved, the harder and coarser it becomes, hypertrichosis appears (there is more hair). Inaccurate plucking can lead to the same consequences. Therefore, it is not recommended to shave the hairs on the halo, lip or chin – as a result, you can get a negative effect.
  4. If it was not, it was not, it was not, you need to take the Ferriman-Gallway scale. It presents 7 areas of the body where there may be hirsutism, and four gradations of hair growth in these areas, each gradation is assigned a score (from 1 to 4).

Hirsutism is determined by the Ferriman-Gallway scale. It is necessary to calculate the sum of points for all seven zones. The norm is up to 8 points. 9 and above – we can talk about hirsutism.


Treatment of hirsutism

In the case when increased hairiness is a symptom of the disease, it is necessary to deal with the cause, and not with an external sign. It is necessary to address to the endocrinologist. After recovery, most likely, the problem with the hairline will also disappear.

Ways to get rid of excess hair on the chest

As mentioned above, plucking is not the best way, as it can increase hair growth, scars and pustules can also remain. However, cosmetics are the only main method of dealing with hirsutism, especially hereditary or idiopathic.


It is considered the most effective method, but such a procedure is not cheap, especially with severe hirsutism.

The essence of the method: an electric current is directed to the bulb and destroys it, the activity of hair formation is reduced. After several procedures, it is possible to completely stop hair growth in a particular area.

It is worth remembering that electrolysis has its own contraindications. In addition, this procedure is quite painful.

Laser epilation.

Opinions are divided on her account. Some consider it more effective than electrolysis, others – on the contrary.

The essence of the method is burning the follicles. The laser heats the hair, and its root burns out. Since the hair has a greater thermal conductivity than the skin, the latter, as a rule, is not damaged. However, minor burns are possible.

To achieve the maximum effect, several procedures are needed, the result lasts for several years (about five).

Here we insert the second digression. During electrolysis, a contact (needle) is inserted into the follicle. On the one hand, this makes the impact more precise and reduces the risk of skin damage. On the other hand, a needle is a needle, not every girl wants to be poked with pieces of iron.


Relatively young method. The follicle is destroyed by light. The fact is that the hair contains a lot of melanin, which is sensitive to the light of certain waves. Thus, the hair burns.

In principle, the procedure is painless, but not always. The most powerful devices still cause pain, and if the client has tanned skin (respectively, with a high content of melanin), she can get a rather severe burn.

All of these means are a bit like torture and playing Russian roulette. Their main advantage is the duration of the effect.

Hormonal preparations.

In rare cases, when chest hair begins to grow due to an accidental imbalance in hormonal balance, drugs that increase female hormones and limit testosterone can help.

Of course, you need to purchase such drugs only after consultation and on the recommendation of a doctor. In no case should you use hormonal drugs as cosmetics – you can cause irreparable harm to your health. In addition, hormonal drugs are often addictive and their effect weakens over time.


Folk remedies.

  • rub the problem area with the juice of an unripe walnut; we will immediately clarify that the substance has a strong and persistent coloring effect, the skin becomes blue-violet, like a bruise, and is not washed off very soon; 4-5 procedures are needed for the effect;
  • treat the skin and measles of unwanted hairs with a decoction of dope ordinary; this plant is poisonous, so you need to be careful with its decoction, in no case should you treat the halo if you are a nursing mother;
  • some folk compositions for chemical depilation (we will not give them, since it is better to entrust chemistry to specialists).

Well, the last digression, it …

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