Why lips dry and crack strongly and constantly

Probably every woman at least once faced with such an unpleasant problem as cracked lips. Why do lips dry and crack, someone even strongly and constantly? The skin of the lips is quite delicate and thin, so they are very susceptible to the influence of environmental factors, bad habits, microbes. Cracks can be temporary, they are easy to treat, and over time, everything disappears without a trace. But in some cases it is a difficult and protracted process.

It all starts small – the feeling of dryness. At the same time, it becomes almost impossible to kiss, smile, sometimes even speak, since one or more cracks in the skin of the lips immediately appear. There is a category of people for whom this problem becomes, perhaps, the most important for many years of life. In addition, this is a very painful condition, a person is worried about excruciating itching and burning, the lips can also bleed and peel off. And for a woman, this is also an aesthetic problem, because not a single beauty wants to have a defect in the most visible place.

Normally, the skin of the lips is pink, smooth and even, it does not have sebaceous glands, and there are more nerve endings in it than in the fingertips, therefore it has a very high sensitivity. A big load is placed on the lips, they take part in eating, articulation and facial expressions. Well, for women it is also a tool of seduction. So what prevents them from being bright and beautiful?


In order to maintain the water balance in the body, a person needs approximately 2-2.5 liters of fluid per day. That is, you need to drink about 8 glasses of water during the day, between meals. It is better that it is just ordinary drinking water, and not sweet carbonated drinks, juices, and not even tea or coffee. If the liquid enters the body in a normal volume, then the lips will receive the necessary amount of moisture.

A large number of heating devices in the winter season also negatively affects the beauty of a woman. Heaters dry out the surrounding air very much, so the air in the room needs to be humidified. Currently, there is a large selection of humidifiers – simple devices that do not require special installation, can work around the clock, it is only necessary to maintain a sufficient level of water in the tank. Everything ingenious is simple! The device converts water into steam, which, getting into the surrounding air, maintains the required level of humidity. If for some reason it is not possible to purchase a special device, you can install several containers of water throughout the apartment, which also contributes to saturating the air with moisture.

Hot and spicy food

If you often eat hot and spicy food, then micro burns form on the skin of the lips. The burnt layer dies off, as a result of which the lips crack, peel off. While eating, you should not rush too much, it is better to wait until the temperature of the food you eat is comfortable. And a large number of various kinds of seasonings and spices also negatively affects the mucosa of the entire digestive tract. So – everything in moderation!

Bad habits

Another serious point in the appearance of dryness and cracking are bad habits such as licking, biting and smoking. Lips react especially quickly to licking outdoors in cold and windy weather, as well as with increased dryness of the air.

Those who like to constantly bite their own lips against the background of neurosis, their teeth injure the upper layer, and it does not have time to recover. The composition of saliva, among other things, contains various enzymes and acids necessary for the breakdown of food, so saliva is also an additional irritant for the damaged surface of the lips.

Well, everyone is well aware of the dangers of smoking, almost from the cradle. Nicotine, to top it all, getting on the injured areas, can provoke a transition to a malignant course of the process. Makes me think!

Frost and sun

Frost and sun also have a negative effect on the skin of the face and body.

In the winter season, before going out, it is imperative to use a protective lip balm. The composition of such a balm must necessarily contain wax (beeswax, grape seed) and vegetable oils (shea, jojoba), as they are able to create a protective film on the surface of the lips, and for restoration and healing – various herbal extracts, for example, rhodiola rose or ginseng.

In hot and sunny times, the composition of the caring balm should contain SPF (Sun Protection Factor) – a sun protection factor of at least 10 units, and the lips will be reliably protected from ultraviolet rays.

Three A: Anemia, Allergy, Avitaminosis – problems in the body

Anemia or anemia – a lack of hemoglobin in the blood, can cause not only dry skin, but also lips. Therefore, a periodic examination of the blood of people suffering from dryness and cracks for a long time will help to identify such a cause of their problem. Additional symptoms include palpitations, weakness, fatigue. To reduce the manifestations of iron deficiency anemia, it is necessary to introduce foods with a high content of iron and protein into the diet:

  1. Meat and offal – beef and liver;
  2. Fish and seafood – tuna and oysters;
  3. Eggs and dairy products;
  4. Dried fruits – dried apricots and prunes;
  5. Fruits – pomegranate and apples.

Allergy in the form of drying out of the lips appears, first of all, to the components that make up decorative cosmetics, such as lipstick, various creams, lotions, tonics. In this case, you just need to abandon the unsuitable remedy, and the problem will be eliminated, but if the symptoms persist, consult an allergist about treatment with antihistamines. Allergies can be the result of side effects of certain ointments and medications.

Hypovitaminosis – a lack of vitamins in food or their poor digestibility, and in severe cases – beriberi, also affects the appearance of a woman. Firstly, microcirculation in the blood vessels worsens, and secondly, tissue regeneration slows down. To replenish the balance, it is necessary to adjust the diet, take drugs containing B vitamins (B1, B6, B12), vitamins A and E, and minerals.

Bacterial or viral infection

Infection in the form of stomatitis (inflammation of the oral mucosa), gingivitis (inflammation of the gums), herpes, as well as fungal infection, may be the root cause of cracks, but may be secondary, that is, join microcracks that have already arisen due to the factors described above . In such cases, it is recommended…

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