Why Nonna Grishaeva takes her 14-year-old son to psychotherapy

Last Sunday, the NTV channel aired the next issue of the TV show “The Stars Came Together”, dedicated to the “golden” children. As part of the show, actress Nonna Grishaeva frankly spoke about the problems with her son.

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Publication from Nonna Grishaeva OFFICIAL (@grishaevanonna)

The fact is that the son of the actress will turn 15 this year and he is just in a transitional age. Hormonal changes in children during this period often cause aggression, nervousness or resentment.

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Publication from Nonna Grishaeva OFFICIAL (@grishaevanonna)

Nonna said that Ilya also at some point became too irritable and intolerant of his parents. Although the actress understood that hormones were to blame, she was very offended by such behavior and disrespect.

The doctor who used the P-DTR method in his work helped the boy cope with the problems of adolescence. At a session of family psychotherapy, the guy speaks out all his problems and anxieties, and the specialist directs him to their further solution.

The actress says that after the first session with a specialist, Ilya became less irritable.

And even during the program, to the presenter’s question: “Why is your mother “cutting” you?”, The guy replied that she no longer “cuts” him.

Grishaeva believes that such a calm reaction from Ilya is precisely due to the work of the doctor.

By the way, the actress admitted that one visit to Ilya psychologist costs her more than 10 thousand rubles.

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