Wide buggies: how and with what to wear trendy jeans in spring 2021

Buggy jeans have long ceased to be an attribute of rappers and appeared in women’s wardrobes. Women have fallen in love with these baggy low-rise jeans so much that with each season they are gaining more and more popularity. Spring 2021 is no exception, this season buggies are also relevant.

Both casual and romantic style

Of course, the style of buggy trousers resembles a relaxed sporty or casual style. Wide-waisted, long-leg jeans pair perfectly with sweatshirts, jersey logo tees, oversized tees and biker jackets.

Sports shoes are presented in all its diversity: sneakers, sneakers or sneakers, suitable for buggies narrowed down, regardless of color and finish.

For a casual look, buggy jeans are a basic element, as a leather jacket, a jacket, and a polo shirt will be a great addition to trousers. With such jeans it is simple and easy to experiment, they do not require special privileges to “allies”.

As for shoes for a casual look, buggies are universal here too. And high-heeled shoes, and shiny ballet flats, and loafers, and sandals are combined with fashionable jeans.

To create a romantic look, buggies are also suitable, if you combine them with a translucent chiffon or satin blouse, then there will be no trace of the “rapper” style. Stiletto heels and a small belt bag or clutch will complement the outfit.

Which color to choose

The classic color of “boiled jeans” will be in fashion for more than a decade, so this color of the buggy is the most profitable.

Firstly, it can be supplemented with any shade, without looking back at the combination of colors. Secondly, next season you will not have to change jeans because of the outdated colors.

White buggies are a great option for a contrasting look. For example, complete with a black or red sweatshirt, pink or yellow T-shirt. In this image, not a single fashionista will go unnoticed.

Colored buggies are also relevant this season. But when choosing clothes for them, you should be careful and not overdo it with paints.

Image examples

Light blue buggy, black top and khaki denim jacket complement each other perfectly. Square heeled shoes and a small handbag complete the look.

Pants rolled up at the bottom accentuate graceful sandals. A light luminous blouse makes the image light and romantic.

A white tight-fitting T-shirt tucked into jeans emphasizes the beautiful figure of a fashionista and softens the excessive volume of trousers. A light brown jacket and bag combine the top and bottom of the outfit into a single idea.

In this outfit, loose trousers and a T-shirt are balanced by a classic elongated white jacket. And the hat makes the image unique.

Many ladies are afraid of the buggy style, considering it too youthful and sloppy. In fact, these trousers well emphasize the waist and hide the fullness of the hips. Therefore, before giving up fashionable jeans, it is worth trying them on and combining them correctly.

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