Wide range of massage chairs

At the present time, characterized by an accelerated rhythm of life, people are increasingly forgetting about themselves. Lack of free time leads to inadequate rest, resulting in insomnia, back pain and nervousness.

The device of the massage chair is based on the principle of the well-known – manual massage. Naturally, the chair is equipped with many different functions, with the help of which a wide variety of procedures are carried out, and it is precisely in the number of such options that it differs from the hands of massage therapists. The massage device is designed for kneading and stretching human muscles.

Thanks to the huge number of rollers, it is possible to massage various parts of the body – arms, back, neck, shoulder, as well as feet and legs. And with the help of the control panel, you can independently adjust the power of massage procedures, as well as choose the desired tilt of the chair.

Diverse massage chairs at massagery.ru presented in a wide range. For example, some models of massage equipment are able to measure the temperature of the client’s body, measure the tension of his muscles, pulse and perspiration. In such chairs, massage is adjusted individually for each patient, which is very convenient in some cases, for example, if the patient has pain in a certain area of ​​his body, he can set up massage functions in the chair that will affect exactly the specified place.

But this is not all the advantages of massage chairs. Unlike manual massage, you can get vibration massage, air and vacuum massage and so on in the chair. Some models have a built-in player and even a monitor, which will allow the patient not only to enjoy a quality massage, but also to listen to the desired music or watch clips.

So, the main operations that the massage chair performs are:

  • Rubbing massage – involves the impact of chair rollers on acupuncture points, which allows you to restore the tone of the human body and improve the general well-being of the patient.
  • Knocking massage – performs minor tapping, as a result of which the muscles of a person come to relaxation and stress is relieved.
  • Stretching massage – involves the accumulation of a large number of rollers in the central part of the back, which perform wave-like actions, which acts to strengthen the muscles.

Summing up, I would like to say that thanks to such massage chairs, a person is given the opportunity not only to get rid of or prevent the occurrence of various diseases, but also to relieve fatigue and stress.

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