Willow mistletoe (white) for weight loss: properties and uses

White mistletoe is an evergreen, spherical perennial plant. It parasitizes on the branches of plants, attaching to the branches with its roots. The plant itself resembles a bird’s nest, its length can be more than a meter. Flowering takes place in March – April, white berries with sticky pulp inside, appear in September – October. Mistletoe mainly “clings” to deciduous trees, the one that grows on willow is called willow. Berries can be harvested from October. This plant can be found in the west and south of Europe, in the Caucasus and in the Crimea.

Useful and harmful substances, their effect on the body

What is attractive about this parasitic plant?

  • Flowers and branches contain many amino acids, sugar, vitamin C, resin;
  • The shoots contain ursolic acid, due to which collagen is produced, which promotes cell rejuvenation. Oleic acid helps to restore cells and improves protein metabolism in the human body;
  • The bark of the plant contains a glycoside – this is a substance that is involved in the oxidative process and cell regeneration;
  • The pulp of the berries contains unsaturated fatty acids, rubber and carotene.

Mistletoe is considered a poisonous plant, as some of the substances in it, when interacting, make the mistletoe dangerous. But, if you correctly and correctly use the properties of the plant, then it can be used for medicinal purposes, as an anti-inflammatory, hemostatic, astringent, diuretic and analgesic. White willow mistletoe is especially valuable, and plants that grow on pear and apple trees are the least useful.

Willow mistletoe has another popular name – “witch’s broom”, due to the ability to free the body from harmful substances. Thanks to its useful components, mistletoe is used to treat:

  • Varicose veins;
  • hypertension;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • Some failures of the nervous system.

The effectiveness of treatment for these ailments was established as a result of clinical studies conducted in the middle of the last century.

Collection, preparation and storage

The stems and leaves of the plant are harvested for storage starting in September. Dry in a warm, well-ventilated dark room. Spread the plant on a cloth or paper with a layer of 3 – 4 cm, periodically it is necessary to stir. It is advisable to remove the dried plant in a container or bag that allows air to pass through, store in a dark place. You can dry the plant in a special dryer. Under all conditions, the medicinal properties of mistletoe will remain for 1.5 – 2 years.

Several ways to prepare a decoction for weight loss

Most of the mistletoe is of interest as a means to lose extra pounds. For these purposes, a decoction of their dried plant is prepared, which can also be bought at a pharmacy. The main principle of action is to reduce appetite, remove toxins, excess fluid from the body, lower cholesterol, increase tone.

When using a decoction of mistletoe, there is a feeling of fullness in the stomach, and the bitter taste also reduces appetite. There are several ways to make and take mistletoe decoction.

Recipe one.

Recipe for weight loss with a decoction of mistletoe and linden blossom is designed for five days.

  • On the first day: pour four tablespoons of dried lime flowers into a thermos, pour one liter of boiling water, leave for two hours. Strain the solution and drink throughout the day.
  • The next day, prepare the same decoction as on the first, brewing mistletoe and drink it in a day.
  • On the third day, take two tablespoons of both plants, pour boiling water in a thermos, wait two hours and drink in a day.
  • On the fourth day, prepare a decoction of the previous day, add honey. The decoction is designed to be consumed per day.
  • On the last day, replace the honey with the juice of one lemon.

During these five days, you should stick to the diet. Food should be taken five times a day, include raw vegetables in the diet, fruits should not be sweet. These days you need to eat 150 – 200g of lean meat or fish, dairy products. If at this time you engage in active sports, then the effectiveness of the process of losing weight increases much.

According to reviews, some women did not observe weight loss after two days of taking the decoction, but there was a feeling of lightness, kilograms began to go away from the third day. If after taking the decoction there is dizziness, it is necessary to reduce the dose of the decoction.

Second recipe.

One tablespoon of dry mistletoe is poured with one glass of boiling water and kept on low heat for about ten minutes. You can pour a handful of mistletoe into a thermos, pour a liter of boiling water and insist. Take a decoction during the day before meals, 100 ml of decoction for five days. At this time, you should limit your sugar intake.

Third recipe.

Another recipe, for its preparation, take 100 g of Japanese Sophora, pour 0.5 liters of vodka, put in a dark place for a month. Pour 250 g of mistletoe with the same amount of vodka and also leave to infuse. Shake the compositions several times during the month. After insisting, combine both compositions and leave for another week. Take a teaspoon diluted three times a day before meals.

The dosage can be increased to a dessert spoon if there are no side effects.

During preparation, it is necessary to strictly observe all dosages and not to increase the amount of decoction intake. If all requirements are not met, dizziness and sometimes vomiting may occur. According to reviews, a good effect is possible only with a diet. It must be borne in mind that at least one month should elapse between courses of taking the decoction.

If it is not possible to use a decoction of mistletoe, you can replace it with dietary supplements, which are sold in a pharmacy. Take two tablets half an hour before meals twice a day. The course is designed for 12-18 days. The main function of dietary supplements is to maintain the body during a diet, by strengthening the immune system. The use of tablets is safer, since all dosages are strictly observed, because mistletoe is a poisonous plant and the preparation of decoctions should be done and applied strictly following the recipe. Taking pills helps lower blood pressure.

Contraindications, expert opinion

Official medicine does not consider mistletoe as a means for losing weight, although they do not deny the function of the plant as a removal of toxins and the normalization of the gastrointestinal tract. It is believed that taking a decoction helps to improve the independent activity of the human body.

The use of a decoction helps to get rid of edema, as it helps to remove excess water. The use of mistletoe is contraindicated for pregnant and lactating mothers, because mistletoe contains poison, and even a minimal amount of it, once in the blood, can harm the unborn child and mother. With kidney and liver disease, as well as with …

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