Winter 2019 – choose your stylish bow!

In winter, as in summer, you can also create many fashionable and stylish bows. After all, the current trends of 2018-2019 are quite diverse, which allows fashionistas to look elegant under any circumstances. Therefore, let’s get ready for the upcoming season together and before we go shopping, let’s get acquainted with the latest trends of this winter.

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Fashionable winter clothing trends

The world of fashion today is dominated by femininity and brevity of images. Therefore, to create outfits that are relevant this season, designers recommend using the following clothing trends.

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  • Cowboy style. Ideal for warm winters. Suede jackets or sheepskin coats, fringe and massive belts will successfully dilute the cold grayness, and make the image as a whole unusual and bright.

  • Layering. This trend has smoothly migrated from spring to winter trends. The simultaneous layering of several things at once in the image looks not only stylish, but at the same time it is also a rather comfortable outfit, since it certainly does not freeze in it.

  • Knitted dresses. This season, in addition to the voluminous knitted dresses already familiar to everyone, products made of fine wool and translucent knitting will also be in fashion, which will allow you to create a truly feminine outfit. In addition, it is not necessary to wear such dresses exclusively with high-heeled shoes, as they look harmoniously with boots or low-cut boots.

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  • Animal coloring. Animal print in the form of stripes and spots appeared most often at the latest fashion shows, so it is only natural that it was he who became the hit of this season. Animal print can be present on clothes, both as small decorative inserts, and as a full-fledged coloring, especially if it is a coat or a fur coat.

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Interesting! Some designers have gone even further in their endeavors and combined several different prints in one product at once, for example, the color of a leopard and snakeskin.


  • Floristics. Floral motifs, as well as animalistic motifs, have become the main trend among modern trends, which is also present in winter collections. They can be not only on products in the form of dresses, blouses and sweaters, but also decorate outerwear.

Floral motifs even on winter clothes

  • Pantsuits. These are the fundamental leaders of the coming season, which must be present in the basic wardrobe of a modern fashionista. At the same time, their cut and style is absolutely not important.

Bright pantsuits

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The main thing is the color. Costumes should be as bright and catchy as possible. Therefore, stylists recommend abandoning the standard gray in favor of red, pink, light green and blue products. An exception in this case can only be a black trouser suit, which is an eternal classic.

Trouser suits for the winter

  • Quilted jackets. The basic representative of outerwear, which will not only protect against the cold, but also create a trendy look.

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Particular attention should be paid to oversized models that are several sizes larger than your own.


  • parka jacket. Despite its seeming brutality at first, such a jacket can be worn not only with sneakers and rough boots, but also with exquisite over the knee boots, as well as pumps, thereby creating a feminine and elegant bow.

Stylish parks

  • Artificial fur. This material has become one of the most popular today. Therefore, designers decorate with it not only bags, but also clothes, as well as shoes. The length of the pile here does not matter at all. But the color must be bright, such as pink, green or blue. Another option is colored fur products, decorated with various prints or patterns.

Fashion faux fur

  • pajama style. A bow created from thin flowing fabrics can be quite harmoniously combined with voluminous outerwear.

Therefore, this winter you can take out your summer wide satin trousers, as well as colorful jackets and boldly put them on to meet friends, and even to work.

Pajama style for winter

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  • Velvet. An expensive and refined material that quickly broke into modern fashion and became one of the most sought after. Today, velvet is used not only to create the usual evening dresses, but also for everyday wear, such as trousers, skirts and of course dresses. But for more daring personalities, designers offered quilted velvet jackets, thanks to which even the simplest bow will look impressive.

  • Colored cage. A novelty of this season is a multi-colored cage, which against the backdrop of winter everyday life will look very bright and catchy. The coming winter should not be limited solely to skirts, dresses and trousers, but also pay attention to coats and jackets decorated with this print.

  • shreds. The use of patchwork technique in outfits was the “fashion breakthrough” of 2019. Designers from colored scraps create not only ornaments and drawings, but also lay them out on clothes in a chaotic manner. At the same time, the most incompatible compositions in terms of colors and patterns are considered the most fashionable.


Fashionable winter shoes

Creating a stylish bow is by no means complete without the final element – shoes. She, like clothes, must meet the fashion trends of the autumn-winter season 2018-2019, which, together with photo examples, we have given below.

  • metallic gloss. In addition to the classic black, brown and gray shoes, metallic gloss products are also in fashion this season. Gold, silver and bronze shoes will not only look perfect with all types of outerwear, but also emphasize the individuality of the image.

  • pointed nose. The square and round version has been replaced by an elongated pointed toe, which makes the female leg visually more elegant.

  • stocking boots. They are also called “fashion provocation” and are considered the main hit of this season’s shoe trends. Stylists recommend paying attention mainly to suede products with a massive square or thin and elegant heel.

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  • With lacing. High or low lacing in shoes is considered not only practical, but also a very relevant element of decor. At the same time, the presence of a heel and coloring does not matter here. The whole emphasis in this case is concentrated directly on the lacing.

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Idea! To make your boots or shoes even more original you can change the laces…

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