Winter clothes 2020-2021: season trends

Stylish winter clothing for women 2020-2021 promises to be interesting. Couturiers casually hinted at this in their shows. Outerwear collections are full of not only styles and models, but also colors. Therefore, in the current autumn-winter season, you will definitely pick up a couple of nice things for yourself.


Leather is the hit of the season

Leather outerwear remains the height of popularity for the autumn-winter season. Not just standard raincoats and jackets are in fashion, but interesting elongated coats under the belt. A special feature of leather clothing is the high-quality fabrication of the material, softness and elasticity. In this case, your bow will be especially luxurious.

Please note that boring black and brown leather is no longer in trend. It is fashionable to wear coats, raincoats and jackets in bright colors. Designers presented outerwear in blue, turquoise, emerald, scarlet, purple, yellow and other colors at their shows.

An image in which leather outerwear is combined with a leather skirt or trousers is considered stylish. It remains to complement the bow with theatrical high gloves – and you are at the pinnacle of success.

Another interesting novelty of the winter season in leather clothes is a combination of contrasting shades in one piece of clothing. It can be an elongated knee-length coat in yellow with patch pockets made in green or any other contrasting shade. Such details are considered unforgettable and put a powerful accent in the image.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Tip from fashion stylists: combine a long leather coat with an interesting leather dress. Total look is considered a hit of the winter season 2021.[/stextbox]

Sheepskin coats

Stylish outerwear for the winter of 2020-2021 includes sheepskin coats of all stripes and styles. The following models are especially popular:

  • Aviator jacket. Cropped style, double-breasted sheepskin collar, patch pockets and sheepskin cuffs are its main details. The aviator jacket is a great option for a walking look. It is easy to wear boots with rough soles or low ankle boots with it. Combine the aviator coat with a maxi skirt, knitted midi dresses or jeans.

  • Elongated models of sheepskin coats to the knee. A straight cut, a wraparound or button-down option, patch or slash pockets, the presence of a cuff are the distinctive details of this model. A knee-length sheepskin coat is a good opportunity to organically complement a classic, romantic or business look. This is the optimal length for going to the theater or for a friendly meeting in the city. An elongated sheepskin coat looks beautiful on girls and women of any age and weight. Therefore, it is also suitable for women over 50.

  • Sheepskin coat maxi length. In this case, the main distinguishing detail is the flared bottom. The main requirement for such a model is the thinnest and most well-dressed tanned material. As a result, outerwear will look especially luxurious. Combine this model only with shoes with heels. It is allowed to wear a stylish and high boot with a wide top.

  • oversized models. This option is perfect for a street style look. A sheepskin coat casually thrown over a thick knitted sweater creates an interesting image, gives it lightness, enthusiasm, recklessness. Combine oversized sheepskin coats with interesting caps with a wide visor, with a knitted scarf, with boots.

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down jackets

Among the fashion trends of winter clothing for women 2020-2021, down jackets also stand out. Moreover, both standard Oversight models and more interesting solutions made in the style of a long evening dress with flared bottoms. Pay attention to such a model under the belt if you want to attract attention in winter. A stylish and warm down jacket that imitates a floor-length dress is especially suitable for tall and slender girls and women. Such outerwear can be safely combined with both classic heeled shoes and coarser boots. Wear it with jeans, dresses, skirts. Complete your look with stylish accessories.

All the same among down jackets, “blanket”, oversized, shortened models remain fashionable.

checkered coat

If you gravitate towards a coat, then be sure to choose a model in a cage. But remember that such a print visually adds a little in volume. If you are not distinguished by a slender figure, then give preference to models with a medium-sized cage and muted colors.

[stextbox id=’warning’]The only plaid option that slims is the goose foot. This is a win-win option for any figure, height and age.[/stextbox]

Fashionable winter clothes for obese women 2020-2021 are any houndstooth models. It is only desirable to adjust its length depending on growth. Short women of fashion are recommended to wear coats, raincoats, knee-length. Girls and women of higher stature are allowed to choose any length of the product. But the best will be – to the middle of the thigh or maxi length.

A checkered coat may have a slightly larger silhouette at the shoulders. By the way, the courageous shoulder in the image is in fashion this autumn-winter season. Fashion designers have presented many models with an increased shoulder line in their collections.

Long coat – a special trend 2020-2021

A floor-length coat model is a must-have item for the fall-winter 2020-2021 season. It is definitely warm, cozy, but most importantly – elegant. A floor-length coat allows you to organically complement a romantic, classic or business bow. It is equally fashionable to wear with shoes with heels or with rough boots. It all depends on the original model of outerwear.

Dilute the image with large accessories to get a whole and interesting bow.

Cape or poncho

A relative novelty in the autumn-winter fashion – capes, ponchos and capes made of wool, knitwear, cashmere. A distinctive feature of such outerwear is the obvious absence of sleeves. A poncho or cape covers your entire body while still allowing your arms to move freely. Fashion designers decorate such clothes with patch or set-in pockets, collars, buttons. It is believed that this is the most comfortable and convenient outerwear for the winter.

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Fur coat is ideal

Fashion for the winter is fur in all its forms, shades and manifestations. Fur coats made of natural and artificial fur are considered stylish and in demand. Cheburashka fur coat is especially popular. It looks like a favorite children’s plush toy. Fur coat Cheburashka has a straight cut, turn-down collar, patch pockets. This is a great option for a city or business bow. The Cheburashka fur coat is ideally combined with any footwear from a heel to a rough boot.

From natural fur, the fox, scribe, silver fox, mink, muskrat, beaver, wolf are in demand. It looks beautiful both short sheared fur and long.

A special feature of the new season is graduated fur coats. They used from two or more fashionable shades. A smooth transition of color makes such a fur coat elegant. But remember that the gradient always visually corrects the shape. Light shades are…

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