Winter drawings on nails

December has come, which means that winter nail art will be more relevant than ever. And what can you not find here! Everything from banal snowflakes to 3D landscapes can show off on your nails this winter. Also, do not forget that there is a series of big and colorful holidays ahead. And for each of them, you definitely need to choose the most interesting and original nail-art that will match the environment that surrounds you. Therefore, use our advice or come up with something of your own – in a word, turn on your imagination, because the time for miracles has come. And that means it’s time to bring a little fairy tale into your life.

Christmas reindeer on a matte finish

Fashion trends for winter manicure

Winter nail art doesn’t have to be boring. There must be something unusual, bewitching, magical in it. This is what all masters strive for when they come up with another design masterpiece. But, no one canceled the usual classics either. Over the past few years, some clichés that are characteristic of winter manicure have become so firmly established in our lives that it will not be possible to change them so easily. This can be said about the predominance of deep dark red shades, green, golden and silver colors, sparkles, rhinestones and the simplest patterns, such as snowmen, snowflakes, etc.

Deer – another New Year’s symbol

New Year’s chimes on nails

Interesting: Simple drawings on the nails

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! On the eve of the New 2019, the image of a pig on the nails, as a symbol of the coming year, will be very popular.[/stextbox]

Christmas ornament

Actual ideas for winter manicure

So we got to the most interesting thing – winter drawings on nails. In addition to the description, in our review you will also find photos that will clearly demonstrate to you the beauty of this or that design.

Snowflakes and Teddy bears on nails

  • frosty glass. Perhaps this is the most relevant decor for December. It is based on an imitation of a frosted window. The technique for performing this nail art cannot be called simple and is unlikely to be suitable for beginners. But, a more skilled master will definitely help you make this dream come true. If you want to work on this manicure yourself, then stock up on the following material: blue and white gel polishes, foil to create shimmering overflows, acrylic sand, and a matte top.

Frosty patterns created with a stencil

Delicate winter patterns on nails

  • Scenery. Another great manicure for this winter. Of course, in order to portray a more or less clear picture, short nails will not work. But medium and long will be just right. Landscape can be done both on a matte finish and on the usual glossy gel polish. Everything will look relevant: Christmas trees, snowdrifts, houses, tree branches, snowflakes, cones. Of course, a three-dimensional drawing should be placed only on one of the fingers of each hand. But, in order to make the nail-art look more harmonious, you can also apply less significant and voluminous patterns to the neighboring nails with the same color.

Beautiful winter landscape with textured powder

Winter landscape

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! In the portfolio of advanced masters, you can find whole paintings, fragments of which are placed on each of the nails. This work looks incredibly beautiful. However, this masterpiece must be worn with care. The slightest chip or scratch will cause irreparable harm to the entire manicure at once.[/stextbox]

Spectacular winter-themed manicure

An easy way to draw a snowflake on your nails


Interesting: Beautiful New Year French: photo

  • Mirror rub. Today it is one of the most popular fashion trends, which is also a wonderful winter version of nail art. Creating a bright and unusual design on the nails with the help of rubbing is quite simple and for this it is not at all necessary to go to the salon. And shimmering overflows and glitter will definitely fit into the December surroundings. The mirror rub can last more than three weeks. In addition, it looks great on short nails.

Drawings on the background of the coating with a mirror rub

  • Yuki flakes. Among the winter patterns on the nails, this is a novelty, so carefully consider the photo to appreciate it from all sides. What is Yuki Flakes? Let’s figure it out. First, it should be noted that this name comes from the Japanese word “Yuki”, which translates as snow. And in the nail industry, weightless crystals were called that, which in their shape and structure resemble snowflakes. These particles have a bright printing effect and are able to change color depending on the lighting and the angle of inclination. You can apply Yuki Flakes in different ways: without changing their shape, slightly crushing, or completely grinding them into a fine powder.

Yucca flakes also resemble winter patterns

Interesting winter design using Yucca flakes

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! Thanks to this novelty, you can create stunningly beautiful winter decor on your nails, with which you will immediately feel the approach of the most important holiday of the year.[/stextbox]

Blue manicure with a mirror design in the winter theme

Volumetric snowflake on nails

  • Flock. Winter manicure with flock looks very beautiful and really cozy. With the help of acrylic powder on the nails, you can display all kinds of patterns and patterns. Knitted decor is especially popular. Therefore, in the January and February frosts, this nail-art will be just right.

Very interesting manicure created with acrylic powder

Knitted patterns created with acrylic powder

  • Combination of white and blue. Another true winter fashion trend, with which it is easy to transform your nails. By themselves, these two colors symbolize snow and frost, so what could be nicer, more relevant and easier than drawing white snowflakes on a blue background. Some women of fashion are ready to walk with such a manicure for at least the whole winter.

Beautiful pale blue gradient and New Year’s drawings

Gentle gradient and snowflakes

  • Silver and gold shimmers. Metallic is the trend these days. It is perfect for the winter season as well. And if you are also a happy owner of long nails, then feel free to experiment: combine gold and silver glitter with bright shades of gel polish, or vice versa with a nude palette. The result will pleasantly surprise you.

Silver and snowflakes on nails

Delicate design with silver accents

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Interesting: Beautiful drawings on the nails

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! Winter manicure should be bright, catchy, but not tasteless. That is why when creating decor on nails, try not to overdo it with drawings, rhinestones, glitter and other attributes. Everything is good in moderation.[/stextbox]

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