Winter manicure – 2019

What kind of manicure to put on your nails to meet the new 2019, what winter fashion trends are expected in the coming months – you will find out right now from our review and the best photo selection. Winter is not only a long period of cold weather, when you have to wrap yourself in several layers of clothing. Winter is also the time of holidays, parties, unbridled fun, when every woman needs to look her best. And the transformation should begin with the nails, because they are an integral part of every successful image.


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Choosing a color palette

Before you create another nail masterpiece on your nails, you should think about what color palette it will be in. We have said more than once that the 2019 hostess Earth Pig is quite picky when it comes to choosing shades. And here it does not matter whether we are talking about clothes, accessories or manicure – everything must be approached wisely. So remember! This winter and directly on New Year’s Eve, the following colors will be relevant.

  • All shades of brown, up to the darkest, earthy.

  • Muted yellow tones such as: mustard, ocher, honey, dark orange and others.

  • Nude and powdery. (Especially dairy).

  • Intense berry colors: cherry, plum, gooseberry, etc.

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Metallic gold and silver is a trend that is incredibly popular right now.


  • Naturally, classic winter combinations: white and red, green and red, as well as blue and white.

  • Any color from the blue palette.

  • And, of course, green. After all, we need to draw spruce branches with something.

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Important! If you want really fashionable winter Nail Art, then give preference to cold shades. Firstly, they will correspond to the season as much as possible, and secondly, any “snowy” decor will look good on them.


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Ideas for New Year’s manicure

Winter New Year’s manicure 2019 is practically unlimited. There can be everything from full-fledged landscapes to simple familiar drawings that everyone has long been accustomed to. And yet, we will now voice some interesting ideas.


And first of all – a cute pink pig. In addition, fashionistas are very fond of depicting on their nails: Christmas deer, penguins, bears, including fabulous ones, birds and many others.

Chic manicure with a bird

And do not think that it looks childish. After all, the New Year is a time when we all become a little children, so this decor will be more appropriate than ever.


This is a very cute, bright and often done design that is sure to cheer you up. It is very easy to depict a mitten (or mittens) even on short nails. This does not require any serious skills. It is enough just to draw something similar in shape to a mitten and decorate it the way you want.

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Santa Claus or Santa Claus

These cute old men on the eve of the New Year are also incredibly popular. There is no universal advice on how to draw them. Therefore, it is worth repelling solely from your abilities. But, there are many options for creating this decor. So, for example, the smiling bearded face of Santa will look great on one of the fingers.

Or you can limit yourself to drawing a simple Santa Claus cap. And some virtuosos are able to depict the entire figure as a whole.

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holiday attributes

Girls love to draw on their nails everything related to the New Year.

  • And first of all, of course Christmas trees. They can be anything: in the form of ordinary triangles or with traced needles, entirely or just one branch – it all depends on your imagination and skill.

  • Clock. Such a fashionable trend as chimes on nails is now very popular. Moreover, for the inhabitants of our country, they really mean a lot. Some women of fashion consider them to be the real symbol of the New Year. And there can be many ideas for depicting watches.

  • Christmas balls. They are very easy to draw, and they look incredibly beautiful.

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! Apply New Year’s balls, and any other festive decor, should be a special non-spreading varnish and a thin brush. If you do not have much experience in creating drawings on the nails, then it is better to practice first. [/stextbox]

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  • Glasses of champagne. Incredibly stylish and effective novelty of this year. Therefore, let’s talk about it in more detail. This drawing is voluminous. It looks best on a dark matte base coat, such as black or navy blue. The “glass” itself is drawn with a thin brush with white translucent varnish, and filled with sparkles of any color you like – silver, gold, blue, pink, etc.

The shape can also be different: for champagne, martini or wine. Perfectly this decor is combined with rhinestones and other types of glitter.

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! The only and most important condition for the “champagne glass” design is long or at least medium nails. On short, such beauty simply cannot be depicted.[/stextbox]

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Universal winter decor

Let’s move away from the holiday theme a bit and look at universal ideas with photos for winter manicure 2019. What should you pay attention to here first of all?

Winter cherry

A beautiful, juicy, stylish manicure that will look perfect in the cold season. And this is not just about covering the nail plate with cherry-colored varnish.

Designers suggest that we go further and apply drawings in the form of ripe cherries sprinkled with snow on the nails. For obvious reasons, this nail-art won the hearts of fashionistas very quickly. Women of all ages willingly complement their image with this decor.

Pearl powder

Elegant, feminine and romantic mother-of-pearl shine in 2018 broke all records of popularity. Made in gentle colors, pearl rub will be a wonderful decoration for your image. This nail art is created using gel polish and a completely weightless pearl powder, which somehow reminds us of ashes. At the same time, the process itself is so elementary that even a beginner can cope with it.

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Important! To make a manicure with a pearl rub look perfect, apply it on oval-shaped nails. Moreover, it is desirable that they are not too long.



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