Looking for inspiration for your manicure? Here are the nail design ideas that will be trending this winter 2023. Delicate, beautiful design for short nails, long and medium.

Fashionable winter manicure 2023 — design on a square and almonds.

Fashionable nail color for winter 2023

The classic shades remain in the trend – royal blue, black, emerald green, pearl, brown, nude, purple, gold.

Manicure trends 2023

The main manicure trends for winter 2023 are minimalism,
decor on a transparent basis, French in all their variants, natural manicure in nude tones, rhinestones. Shades are timeless – burgundy, blue, black, white.


This is the strongest trend of the season that you should try. We are talking about pearlescent nails. Pale pink or white color is ideal for winter.

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Green has successfully returned to the 2023 manicure trends. Now this bright color, which we have already seen at fashion shows, is also preparing to win your hearts. It is bright, sophisticated and very original! If you are tired of black and burgundy, bet on this versatile and elegant color.


The classic does not go out of fashion lists and favorably emphasizes the hands. Without a doubt, the ruby ​​color will decorate your hands in the cold season.

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With a metallic effect, almost a mirror finish that creates a hypnotic effect. Without a doubt, this is the perfect cover for a spectacular manicure this season.

Dark blue

Another alternative to black nails is navy blue nail polish. A suitable tone for everyday use, as well as for events or winter holidays.


Brown gamma is in trend, from chocolate, coffee tones to beige. This design is another one of our favourites.

Black color design

If you are looking for simple but very trendy manicure ideas, this design is for you. Pair a sheer base with black details for a flawless manicure.

luxury gold

When it comes to dainty nail trends for 2023, gold nail polish – in all its variations – is the way to go. An extremely versatile shade that manages to adapt well to the most classic or minimalist manicures, as well as the brightest ones. His as his flagship color for any occasion.

The combination of dark tones

If you can’t decide on a color, you might be inspired by this nail design that combines the winter tones we mentioned above. In addition, it adds a metallic hue and an animal print.

Nude manicure

Nude never fails and goes with absolutely everything. This is the color that we love to wear at any time of the year, and, of course, in winter.


Among the most beautiful elegant winter nail designs, we highlight the cat-eye effect, French manicure with metallic details.

with sequins

Winter is the season for glitter nails. They are perfect for wearing during the holidays, they will add sophistication to the image!

Winter motives

The design with snowflakes, stars in white, blue, silver colors is simply designed for the cold season.

Manicure Winter 2023 for short and long nails – photo

Winter 2023 nail design ideas for your inspiration.