Winter shoes 2019-2020: fashion trends of the season

The information provided will help you understand the simple tangles of the fashion industry and reveal the secrets of fashionable winter shoes that will be at the peak of popularity in the 2019-2020 season. In addition, you can get acquainted with new products, carefully study the photos, and also find out which women’s shoes are in trend.


Fashion trends

Stylish and fashionable shoes play an important role in creating an original or casual look. It gives you the opportunity to look elegant and fashionable, regardless of the chosen style and its features.

Fashion trends for winter shoes in the period 2019-2020 are incredibly diverse, rich, and original. The novelties presented by eminent designers will allow you to find an interesting completion of the image for the cold season. The stylish models of this season form the perfect balance between clothes and shoes. They harmoniously fit into the following styles:

  • business;
  • romantic;

  • street style;
  • grunge;
  • sports;
  • casual.

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Actual print

The winter of 2019-2020 will be marked by unusual and incredibly curious prints. The fashion of this period favored the following images:

  • non-standard floral motifs;

  • wide and small strip;

  • varieties of Scottish cells;
  • captivating animalistic drawings.

Actual decor

Winter shoes for the upcoming season will pleasantly surprise and delight fashionistas with the following decor:

  • soft fringe;

  • elegant ties;

  • various lacing;

  • graceful and rough straps;

  • big and small bows.

Color spectrum

Bold and bright colors of women’s shoes diversify the gloomy cold days of the coming winter. The trend is catchy youth shoes that attract the curious glances of others. The color rainbow is represented by the following shades:

  • terracotta with a pink tint;

  • lime with bright yellow tints;

  • jade with herbal reflection;

  • purple with blue tints;

  • Persian blue with a violet tint;

  • canary with sun reflections;

  • the color of hellfire with bright red tints.

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Naturally, shoes of classic colors have not lost their relevance and popularity:

  • snow-white;

  • carbonic;

  • peat;

  • brick.

A winter accessory of this color fits perfectly into any style, including its varieties. Strict shoes of traditional colors will decorate the image of a woman of any age category and satisfy even the most capricious taste.

Winter shoe models

This winter, fashion designers have pleased modern fashionistas with a great variety of variations of women’s shoes. Consider only the most interesting and stylish models.

Square heel

Let’s start with new, stable models that attract attention with the presence of a slightly bulky square heel. Block heeled shoes will be incredibly popular in the coming season, as they are not only beautiful, but also practical. Boots of a similar cut will enrich both a stylish women’s bow and a more daring youth look.

A-line heel

Boots or boots with an original trapezoid heel extended downwards will set the tone for the upcoming winter season. Such shoes will win the hearts of modern fashionistas with their stability, comfort and ability to keep the legs warm.


The high heel “column” still does not go out of fashion. He did not become the key theme of this season, however, he extended his demand and triumphal procession at fashion shows for another year.


The platform gained its popularity due to its stability and comfort. What could be more comfortable than wide-soled shoes? In addition, these shoes are in perfect harmony with any clothing, whether it be:

  • skinny or wide jeans;
  • long or short dresses;
  • sports or business suit;
  • long or short coat;
  • bombers or parkas.


The sensation of the coming winter was plaid shoes – tartan. Designers have thought of many models with different colors, types and sizes of cages. Modern beauties will certainly choose the right option for themselves. Also, stylists offer models with a French design – “Chanel cage”.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Attention! The trend of this season is an amazing bow, which includes a combination of checkered shoes, as well as a coat or an elongated elegant jacket with a similar pattern. Such an outfit in the style of total look will not go unnoticed![/stextbox]

High over the knee boots

High boots take their rightful place in the wardrobe of every beauty. These shoes keep the wearer’s feet warm and at the same time add a stylish touch to any look. The design and cut of the models presented by trendsetters perfectly emphasize the sophistication of the female foot and the beauty of the ankle.

Rough Models

Beauties in brutal, massive boots of “clumsy work” will again appear on the streets. The following models are in fashion:

  • coarse ankle boots with embossed soles and large lacing;
  • brutal shoes, made under the army style.

Extravagant ladies will certainly be pleased with the following models:

  • Jackboots reinforced with a metal lining. Fashion designers effectively played on the aggressive form of shoes and offered several interesting versions.
  • Readings made of soft thick leather. Models of this season are presented with low wide heels and stilettos. Readings pair perfectly with oversized tops and leggings.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Attention! WITHstylists note that rough models of flat shoes look harmonious with knitted short or long dresses, as well as insulated tight trousers or jeans. Regarding outerwear, it all depends solely on your preferences.[/stextbox]

Shoes with fur trim

For winter shoes this season, one of the main elements was fur trim. Fashion trends are full of many models of sheepskin fur. These shoes look fashionable, elegant and warm. The designers added the following details:

  • decorative rivets;
  • refined or coarse lacing;
  • metal or wooden spikes.

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Strappy shoes

Previously, the main task of the belts was to hold the shoes firmly so that they did not slip off the foot. Now they emphasize the graceful ankle and instep. This season, the strap appeared as a unique, fashionable attribute of winter shoes. Particularly interesting are models with a strap that wraps around the ankle and a T-shaped clasp located on the instep.

Shoes with chains

An unexpected hit was winter shoes with chains. Fashion designers are seriously carried away by this decor. In the trend of the winter season, the following models:

  • boots trimmed with thin, shiny chains;
  • shoes decorated with chains of large metal links;
  • high boots, the heel of which is made in the form of a chain link;
  • massive shoes with chains, spikes and pendants.

Which winter shoe model do you like the most?

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