Winter shoes: fashion trends 2021-2022

Beautiful and fashionable shoes attract maximum attention, so in the winter season 2021-2022, every woman simply has to take care of having several pairs of shoes in her wardrobe. Designers have prepared a lot of new and interesting things for you, and we will try to tell you about all this.

What winter shoes are in fashion in autumn-winter 2021-2022

Modern shoes are so diverse that any woman will find her ideal model among them. Additional requirements are also put forward for winter shoes – they must be comfortable, warm and resistant to natural influences. Each of the pairs of shoes described below exactly meets all these requirements:

  • With fur inserts. Winter shoes with fur look very cozy, and they are really warm. Fur also plays the role of an important decorative element, and can be different – short, long, curly, fluffy. Most often, it adorns sports shoes, but sometimes it is also complemented with boots.

  • Army. Shoes reminiscent of men’s have been seen in collections for women before. In the new season, she is back in trend. Large and rough boots emphasize the slimness of the legs of their owner, and you can safely walk through snowdrifts and puddles in them.

  • Chelsea. These fashionable winter shoes, popular in 2021-2022, will look equally good on both girls and women over 50. Boots of this type do not have lacing, but their distinguishing feature is the elastic insert on the side – in some models it has a different color.

  • Wellingtons. Winter boots are the favorite shoes of many girls, because the images with them are very feminine. In the coming winter season, knee-length boots will be in fashion. This is the most optimal length, and these boots look great with skirts and dresses.

  • Pointed toe. An important trend of winter 2021-2022 is a pointed toe in shoes. It is to such a model that you need to take a closer look. A pointed toe can be present on boots, ankle boots, boots, and everywhere it looks very stylish. It can be supplemented with both a hairpin and a coarser heel.

  • square socks. If the pointed toe has been in fashion for a long time, then the square one has gained popularity recently. This is a very bold decision, but it was not made in vain – the square toe looks unusual and original. In the photo you can see one of the varieties of such a model – a narrowed toe with a square tip.

  • Sport shoes. Some girls just love sports style and never cheat on it. Winter sports shoes are represented not only by massive sneakers, but also by boots, which are complemented by rough soles, lacing and various decor.

All winter women’s shoes that you see in the photo will be fashionable in the 2021-2022 season. Therefore, you can look here for interesting ideas for your future images.

Trendy colors for winter shoes

Even in the cold season, fashionistas will not have to give up bright and rich shades of shoes. In the collections of world designers you will find boots, boots, sneakers and other shoes in a variety of colors:

  • burgundy;
  • red;
  • fuchsia;
  • green.

Conservative women may continue to wear black, white, gray and brown shoes. These colors are timeless classics.

Shoes with prints will be very popular in the winter of 2021-2022. This trend is not new, but still relevant. Perhaps you already have shoes with an animal, floral or abstract print. If not, then go ahead and buy it.

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Stylish images with winter shoes for 2021-2022

Want to see trendy winter shoes in ready-made looks? We will provide you with such an opportunity. In the first photo you can see a bright and stylish bow with leather trousers and a jacket. A red hat and bag, as well as a checkered scarf, are the accents of this look. And, of course, shoes – coarse lace-up boots look great here.

The next bow is no less interesting. An oversized sweater dress is its basis. As shoes, knee-high boots with a beautiful heel are presented. Nearby you can see a gray checkered coat, and the highlight of the bow is a red beret and round-framed glasses.

We mentioned the relevance of animal print shoes, so we back up our words with an example of a bow. Wonderful knee-length stiletto boots are combined here with jeans, a sweater and a delicate milk-colored coat. The role of accessories is performed by glasses and a small handbag.

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Take a look at the everyday youth look from the following photo. Here, black high-soled boots are complemented by white lacing. A black quilted jacket and a hat in the same color make the outfit cozy. A wonderful hard-shaped bag deserves special attention.

Prefer flat shoes? Your next outfit. Leather trousers, a sweater and a brown sheepskin coat look good with a square bag and a cap. The shoes here are sports, have fur inserts and lacing. This outfit is ideal for active and busy girls, and is also suitable as an everyday one.

Shoes occupy an important place in women’s looks, so fashion trends 2021-2022 recommend that you carefully choose this wardrobe element for the winter season. Go shopping with a good mood and then you will succeed!

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