Winter things – anti-trends 2020

There are also anti-trends of 2020 in the segment of winter clothes. Therefore, if you do not want to make a mistake when shaping your wardrobe, we recommend that you first study the list of fashionable taboos presented in the article.

Get rid of those clothes

Focusing on the latest fashion trends, we have compiled a list of winter things that have lost their relevance.

Down jackets that emphasize the waist

Everyone’s favorite down jackets with a fitted cut and options with a fluffy skirt are already considered a sign of bad taste. The same can be said about voluminous down jackets and blanket jackets. Pay attention to products with a straight cut. They are as comfortable as in oversized models. But unlike voluminous, straight lines do not distort the figure. The result is a more feminine look.

Coats and parkas with fur

A fur collar on outerwear is not only uncomfortable, but also unfashionable. The same applies to products with fur cuffs and decorative inserts on pockets. It is worth choosing more wearable options with a minimum amount of decor. For example, a classic straight woolen or cashmere coat, a denim parka or an eco-leather down jacket.

ATimportant! Fans of fur products are recommended to give their preference to fur coats made of eco-fur.

Short knitted dresses

If you still have a short knitted or knitted dress hanging in your closet, then it is better to throw it away. Firstly, it is impractical, since you can freeze in it, and secondly, such models look vulgar. Get a straight-cut midi or maxi dress, which, if necessary, can be supplemented with a belt at the waist.

Bulky sweaters

The list of outdated winter 2020 items includes not only shapeless oversized sweaters, but also overly tight models. This winter, your wardrobe should consist of practical pullovers and jumpers with a straight cut. There are no requirements for color and you are free to choose products that are aged in both classic and bright colors.


According to the designers, now you can wear skinny only for home gatherings with friends. For other events, classic flared jeans, wide palazzos, moms and boyfriends are ideal.

Important! Minimalism is in trend these days. Therefore, put aside your favorite jeans with embroidery, rhinestones and other decor for a while.

Sweaters with imitation shirts

The mistake of many in trying to create a trendy layered look is to buy a jumper with an imitation shirt. It is better to purchase separately a basic jumper and a classic white or black shirt, which can be worn together or separately.

Pants with stripes

Pants decorated with stripes were previously a real must-have. Today they are gradually losing their positions. And although these models have not yet become a fashionable taboo, it is still not worth buying them in the future.

Skinny jackets

Short jackets with a fitted cut are no longer in fashion. They were replaced by voluminous straight models, which in length reach the level of the hips. As a decor, such jackets may have spraying or patch pockets.

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Shapeless midi and maxi cardigans, after many years of leadership, began to rapidly lose popularity. But short models, especially those with buttons, on the contrary, are the “hit” of the winter season, which everyone should have in their wardrobe.

fantasy tights

This trend can hardly be attributed to the “long-livers”, as it did not last long. Indeed, under the tights, decorated with intricate ornaments, it is quite difficult to choose an outfit. And their cost is higher than the classic monophonic models that have been relevant for decades.


The anti-trends of 2020 in the segment of women’s winter shoes include the following models:

  • uggs. A rather controversial option, since not everyone is ready to refuse such comfortable shoes as ugg boots. However, the stylists unanimously agreed that ugg boots are a relic of the past, which has nothing to do with femininity;

  • fabric boots. Very impractical models that are not designed for winter weather. What can not be said about boots made of leather or eco-leather. Suede options will also be acceptable. There are also certain requirements for the height of the boots. They must be above the knee;

  • “moon rovers”. Warm puffy boots are not the best option for everyday life. But that doesn’t mean they won’t work for you. Save your moon rovers for a trip to the ski resort. There they will be just right.

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Accessories and hats

This winter, you will need to get rid of such products:

  • rhinestone hats. The anti-trend of 2020 are hats decorated with a scattering of rhinestones or pearls. It is worth forgetting about models with a veil. Instead, you can wear a bandage or a warm scarf. Woolen beanie hats will also look good in winter bows;

  • hairpins with pearls. This accessory did not last long at the top of fashion trends. There were too many such hairpins and they became boring. Now you need to decorate your hair with ribbons or small scarves;

  • belt bags. In this case, oval-shaped bags are considered taboo. They just need to be avoided. But models of rectangular, triangular or other unusual shapes will be relevant.

And what anti-trend are you ready to part with?

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We hope that the list of winter things that are out of fashion in 2020, given in the article, will help you not to make a fatal mistake when choosing clothes.

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