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Women’s denim raincoat for 2019: what to wear and where to wear?

We have already told you about the popularity of denim in the upcoming season, so you should not lose sight of any of its varieties. For the summer, for example, you can buy a light and casual denim raincoat, which can easily replace both an elegant jacket and a light cardigan for an evening walk. The main thing is to know which model to choose and be able to correctly combine with other things. We are going to tell you about all these subtleties of choice in our today’s article.

We offer you to look at the fashionable women’s denim raincoat for 2019 on the numerous photos presented on this page:

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You can also read the tips of stylists who talk about what to wear and where to wear stylish models of various colors in 2019.

The main thing in the upcoming season is that the thing should not emphasize your attachment to a certain style or type of people. At the head of everything, stylists this season put the individuality that flows in every detail, every little thing of your image. Thus, we do not discard all fashionable novelties, but simply choose among this variety what, undoubtedly, can be called “our own thing”. By the way, not everyone is lucky to find one, but looking at it you will immediately understand everything. But that’s not what we’re talking about today.

By the way, you can emphasize your individuality by decorating the raincoat yourself with appliqué, embroidery, knitting or a pattern, which are not so difficult to build yourself. Fortunately, in specialized stores you can find many similar items that will allow you to turn even the simplest little thing into a work of art.

Also, when choosing a women’s denim raincoat in the upcoming season, you should pay attention to bright colors, the presence of inserts from other materials (leather, velveteen and fur, for example) and an unusual cut. Its unusual appearance guarantees you a unique bow and envious glances of others. A shortened denim raincoat looks especially original, outwardly even looking a little like a denim jacket.[affegg id=63]

Look at examples of such models of women’s denim raincoats in the photo:

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Despite the fact that the classic denim raincoat is dark blue, we advise you not to be limited to a single color. Fortunately, progress has stepped quite far, and designers have learned to dye fabrics. So there is an opportunity to get your favorite thing in different colors. We recommend paying special attention to the sunny, rich shade of yellow – tangerine, bright orange, the color of roasted almonds. And inserts from various prints will add playfulness and lightness to the image.

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Women’s denim coat in the photo looks amazing!

Denim is one of the key materials of the upcoming season, so it is not surprising that stylists make combinations exclusively from this material. Therefore, if you still do not know what to wear with a recently purchased raincoat, then we advise you to start with this and a bright T-shirt underneath. From the colors we recommend saturated blue and gray, there are also often models with a transition to white towards the bottom, they seem to fade.

Even in the photo, the women’s denim coat looks simply amazing and amazingly tightens the figure:

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Both in summer and autumn, voluminous women’s denim raincoats will be good. In summer, they will give the image the necessary lightness, and, if necessary, warm on a cool evening. In the fall, they will be allowed to wear one or two layers under them so as not to freeze. So at least one such raincoat in your wardrobe is simply necessary to purchase.

The style of a fashionable denim raincoat is practically no different from products made from other materials, the same rules apply here. If you really like leather raincoats, but you think it is not practical, then it is quite possible to buy a denim raincoat with leather inserts on the elbows and shoulders – the fastest wiped places, it is known that the fabric is most often erased there faster. It can also be a collar, pockets or belt.

Models with a contrasting delay will look amazing – by the way, such models are very popular among most designers this season. And if you are tired of the classic colors, but you don’t particularly want the material, we recommend turning to bright models of berry, saturated shades. You will feel comfortable and stylish in them, and they also go well with elegant and feminine items from your wardrobe.

The cloak can be with or without a belt. Each model has its own advantages: the belt perfectly emphasizes the waist, and in some cases even becomes a real work of art. The most relevant are small models that look very similar to a bow or ribbon. Without a belt, we recommend wearing loose, voluminous raincoats that do not need them by default. In addition, such a combination is very convenient – you can quickly take it off or put it on when you want, and there is no need to be distracted and bother with complex belts.

Another relevant model of this season is short sleeves. As you can see in the photo, she looks very feminine. Just be careful that the bottom layer does not stick out, as it does not look very nice.

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What to wear with a denim coat in 2019? Principles of image formation

It is impossible to answer unequivocally the question of what to wear with a denim raincoat in 2019 and where you can wear similar models so as not to look too rustic. On the one hand, this is a very simple and straightforward question. Such a thing definitely belongs to the everyday style, which means that the combination for it should be appropriate. But let’s remember our first words – the main thing is individuality. So, it’s time to connect your imagination and experiment a little. Moreover, there are basic principles for the formation of an image in various style solutions.

For example, it is worth replacing a classic black or blue jacket on a date with a denim raincoat. And under the bottom, be sure to put on a bright dress with a floral pattern – in such an outfit you will definitely not be equal. A gentle and romantic look is easy to emphasize with the help of ballet flats in a pastel shade, and a bag in color. A beautiful headband with a flower will perfectly complete the look.

In general, as you understand, denim can and should be combined with a floral print. This gives you the opportunity to take a fresh look at the usual bows, and add zest to your image.

Another print that denim looks great with is the intricate leopard pattern. Agree, not every lady is ready to combine two such materials, two similar textures in one image. But the result will not keep you waiting, you can see for yourself, take a look at the photo below. The image will turn out to be very balanced, harmonious and even charming.

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