Women’s fashion boots – autumn 2020

Be sure to take a closer look at fashionable boots for the fall of 2020 to always look brand new. And not to support the opinion of the majority that autumn is an exceptionally dull time. After all, the abundance of bright colors and decorative elements, a variety of models of autumn shoes gives an exceptionally good mood.


What materials are in fashion?

When choosing autumn closed shoes, first of all, bet on the material from which it will be made. In trend today are models from:

  • Natural matte leather. Look expensive and stylish. The skin is well taken care of. With regular polishing and moisturizing, such shoes last a long time.
  • Lacquer leather. Lacquered shoes always look elegant, expensive. Originally complement any image – from business or romantic to urban. Patent leather boots look good with dresses, trousers or just jeans. It all depends on the style in which the model is made.

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  • Suede. This is also a kind of leather shoes. Here we are only talking about its vychinka and eversion. Suede requires more careful care. But boots made from this material will always be one step ahead of models made from other types of leather. Suede ennobles, looks luxurious and harmoniously fits into almost any image. Even in sports shoes.
  • Nubuck. Nubuck boots for autumn are just right. The material easily resists water and temperature extremes. Easy care. Withstands scratches and mechanical stress. Therefore, nubuck shoes are especially suitable for those girls and women who have a peculiar gait. You can not be afraid to damage the nubuck, peel or scratch. At the same time, nubuck boots always look characteristic: bold and dynamic.
  • Quality leatherette. Models made of this material are always inferior in price to genuine leather. But they are worn no less for a long time with proper care.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the autumn shoes made of velor and velvet. These are slightly less practical models, but they are a special luxury item in your wardrobe. It is worth preparing a pair of shoes made of velor or velvet for a special occasion – for going to the theater or to a party in a restaurant.

What models are in trend?

Fashion trends for boots in the fall of 2020 are very different. But we have chosen the most attractive of the world’s catwalks.

Ankle boots with pointed toe and V-neck

Pay attention to such shoes if you prefer a stiletto heel. Ankle boots with a V-neck look particularly elegant on the leg. Visually lengthen its length upwards. But at the same time they add a few centimeters to the size of the foot. Therefore, with such a model, those women who have a size larger than 38 should be careful. V-neck ankle boots look great with skinny trousers, skirts of any length, dresses.

The platform is back in fashion

Be sure to pay attention to the models of shoes on the platform. At the same time, boots can have a solid sole, a tractor square heel or a column heel. It all depends on your taste, preferences and features of the gait. Platform shoes make the image more fragile due to the weighting of its lower part. Boots with such soles look beautiful with dresses and skirts, jeans, trench coats and coats.

Chunky heel and tractor outsole

When choosing autumn shoes, the tractor sole deserves special attention. Outwardly, she looks rough and brutal. But this is the most practical option for the fall. In these boots, you are not afraid of deep puddles, mud. But if you do not look at the shoes from the practical side, then such a model will be a real find for fashionistas. Boots look dynamic, make the image unusual. These shoes can be safely combined with knitted skirts and dresses, with jeans. Boots with tractor soles fit organically into the urban look.

Oxford boots

If you are for the classics, then turn your attention to demi-season oxford boots. This is a model with elegant lacing and a beautiful sole with a heel no more than one centimeter. Fashion couturiers also offered models with completely solid thick soles in the Oxford style. These shoes are organically combined with trousers in a classic style, with midi and maxi dresses. Oxfords can be made of patent or matte leather. Such options are most preferred for classic expensive shoes. Color does not matter.

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High-top boots

High boots are such a hybrid, made in the style of the 90s. Outwardly, they can look brutal or feminine, depending on the model. The sole can be either massive tractor or elegant, with a heel of any shape. The height of these boots often reaches the middle of the lower leg. A distinctive feature of the shoe is lacing. But often shoes can also have a zipper. Fur trim, massive metal fittings, large colored laces are often used here as decorative elements.

Sports boots

Sporty style is firmly rooted in the fashion of 2020. Sweatpants are combined with stiletto sandals. Massive boots and sneakers – with dresses and skirts in a classic style. Now, autumn sports-style boots are also in the first position. They, as well as sneakers, can be easily worn under any images, including business ones. Distinctive features of sports shoes for autumn are bright colors, contrasting shades, the presence of sports logos, the use of puffed materials. Often the fasteners of such shoes are as simple as possible. These are either locks or Velcro. And even the model is put on shoes like boots. The sole of such sports models performs its functions – depreciation and comfort for the foot.

Closed heel boots

And here we are talking about a square or rectangular heel-column. More often, the thickness of the sole of such models corresponds to the height of the heel itself. That is, if the heel reaches 7 cm, the thickness of the sole of the boot must be at least 2.5 cm. The higher the heel, the thicker the sole.

[tds_warning]Please note that today heels with irregular contours are especially popular – beveled, curved, with the so-called flared bottom. [/tds_warning]

Attention to the wedge

If the heel is not your option, but you still want to be a little higher, then buy yourself a model of wedge boots. It is a complete replacement for heels. Since the fashion of the 70s is confidently returning today, wedge shoes also boldly take a leading position. Moreover, such fashionable boots for the fall of 2020 can also be with laces.

Please note that the wedges can be high with concave sides, hidden and creating the illusion of a flat sole, as well as low, which gives a level difference at the heel and toe of about 4 cm.

Stylish shades of autumn shoes

Be sure to consider the trendy color scheme for the fall of 2020. Couturiers suggest wearing boots in these shades:

  • wine, scarlet and marsala. They are at the same time…

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