Women’s fashion trends for spring-summer 2023

The editors of Fashionable Lady have prepared a detailed guide to women’s fashion for the upcoming warm season. It will be useful to absolutely all girls and women who always strive to remain stylish and follow the changeability of fashion trends. So, what are the trends of spring-summer 2023. Let’s list the most important and interesting new items.

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TOP 9 trends for spring-summer 2023

The loudest fashion shows died down last fall. Now it’s time to remember them, because the season for which they were timed has already come. What can domestic fashionistas bring to their wardrobe, given that they have limited access to brands? We list the trends that will be available to everyone.

  • snake print. Animalism continues to be popular. But, if in past seasons the attention of fashionistas was focused on leopard spots and tiger stripes, today the snake color rules the ball – bold, provocative and eye-catching. You need to combine things from the “snake” wisely so as not to overload the image. Therefore, try to choose the simplest pair for them – laconic shirt-cut blouses, white or black tops without a print, beige trousers.

  • Dress hooded. A novelty worthy of the closest attention. We can hardly be mistaken if we note that there is an echo of oriental fashion in it, which is increasingly manifesting itself in the West. Long, tight-fitting outfits, complemented by a hood, appealed to both ordinary and world-famous fashionistas. Among them are Bella Hadid, Rita Ora, Katie Holmes, Margot Roby. Such unusual dresses could be seen in the collections of Alberta Ferretti, Saint Laurent, Versace.

  • Open shoulders. The women’s fashion trend of the spring-summer 2023 season, which will not surprise anyone. Dresses, tops, blouses and even off-the-shoulder jackets will once again take pride of place in our spring/summer wardrobes. Therefore, if you have left suitable things from last season, feel free to get them. Valentino, Burberry and other trendsetters will approve of this one. Outfits can be made of leather, chiffon, velvet, denim, linen, lace – there is a suitable option for any occasion.

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  • Sandals or sandals with lacing. Shoes for women for the summer of 2023 must have some kind of “zest”. At the same time, her task is to emphasize the taste and stateliness of the lady. Sandals will perfectly cope with this, complemented by long ties that can entangle the lady’s leg several times. The result is a non-trivial, original and seductive image. The weave can be limited to the ankle or reach the very knee.

  • Bright leather coat. Why not?! A great fashion trend for spring, which is highly likely to be relevant in the fall. Among the most win-win options for this outerwear are carmine red and shades close to it. In spring, a leather coat in mustard, turquoise, bright red will also look bright on city streets. Vinyl models are back in fashion, captivating with their glossy retro shine.

  • Midi shorts. No one argues that fashion 2023 tends to be provocative mini. But in the current hot season, many fashion brands have a noticeable reverence for women’s knee-length shorts. This model was included in their collections for spring-summer Givenchy, Gucci, JW Anderson, Chanel. Choose a semi-fitted cut, the style is concise. Feel free to complement these shorts with a thin long belt – this accessory is also considered a trend in the coming season.

  • Skirts with knot. And again, a fresh trend, which has yet to prove itself in the hot season. A neat knot on the skirt in front or on the side is a very original decorative element that draws attention to the whole image of the lady as a whole. However, it is best to balance such a model when creating an outfit with basic things from the wardrobe. Wear a novelty to a date or to the office – it will be appropriate everywhere. Do not be afraid to choose bright models of skirts with a knot.

  • Wrinkled things. Spring-summer 2023 trends bring unexpected surprises. And one of them is wrinkled women’s clothing. Who would have thought that deliberate untidiness would rule the roost this season. However, it really happened. Therefore, feel free to choose rumpled dresses and T-shirts, trousers and shirts, jeans and combinations for your looks. After all, no matter how strange it may sound, it is difficult to imagine something more fashionable. Even leather items and bags are subject to this fashion trend.

  • Asymmetrical earrings. If you are picking up a new piece of jewelry for the spring-summer season, then take a closer look at asymmetrical earrings, which have remained popular for the second year in a row. And here you should not be surprised, because this is a very stylish trend that fashionistas have fallen in love with, including for originality. Earrings can have different lengths, decorations and shapes, as long as they are made in the same style. Be sure to pay attention to this.

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This is how the trends of the spring-summer 2023 season look like. If at least some of them end up in your fashion collection, be sure that you are in style.

Author: Mizyukalina Olga

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