Women’s fashionable bows for autumn 2020

Fashionable bows on autumn 2020 year will please with its brightness and eccentricity. The time of faceless coats and boring raincoats has passed, now originality is in trend. We offer you to get acquainted with current trends and create stylish images that are suitable both for every day and for going to a festive event.


Fashion autumn trends: colors, textures and styles

In the fall of 2020, the trend will be a lot of interesting shades and textures. Fashionistas will be able to easily pick up clothes that will be not only relevant, but also comfortable and practical.


If it’s hard for you to say goodbye to summer, designers suggest including warm sunny shades in your autumn wardrobe. Among fashion trends there will be a color scheme of the desert:

  • orange red;
  • sand;
  • copper;
  • ocher.

This palette is ideal for outerwear. For example, fashionistas can look at a sand-colored coat. And so that the image is not too pale, in the new season you should complement it with bright and catchy accessories, for example, a red hat, a bright scarf or a handbag.

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Red is another undeniable trend autumn 2020. Total bows in this color scheme were present in almost every collection of famous designers. Therefore, for autumn, girls definitely need to get a red raincoat, midi dress and boots in the same palette.

Black and gray are the constant companions of fashionistas, especially when compiling images for the fall. These colors will also be in trend in the new season. And to look stylish and elegant, you need to give preference to textured fabrics and materials.

For special occasions, as well as in the preparation of elegant feminine bows, you can not do without burgundy, wine, dark blue and other deep shades.


A trendy look this fall cannot be obtained without the use of various textures. Designers have offered many stylish solutions, so fashionistas will have plenty to choose from. Among the favorites of 2020: velvet, leather, fur and tweed.

[tds_warning]Also in the new season, combinations of different textures are not excluded, so the bow will turn out to be more original and super fashionable, even if it is made in a monochrome palette. [/tds_warning]

For example, you can make an image of a black coat, glossy ankle boots, matte leather gloves, a textured bag and a fur scarf – you get a black total bow that a lot of women like so much.


In the new season, the military style will not lose its relevance. Khaki shades will be in fashion. Decorative elements in the form of shoulder straps, patch pockets, and a voluminous belt will help to adhere to the chosen style.

Safari-style clothing will also be fashionable. Safari trend as well as military is not the first season at the peak of popularity. The peculiarity of the style is dusty shades, feminine textures, natural fabrics, metallized fittings, leather inserts.

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You can also choose any animal print to create a safari-style bow. Shoes with rough soles and laces are suitable as shoes.


No one will argue that in order to create fashionable autumn bow for every day, woman you can not do without a raincoat, coat or fur coat, and 2020 year will be no exception.

Depending on the chosen style, outerwear is complemented with various accessories and shoes.

  • Extremely popular with fashionistas will be a medium-length light eco-fur coat, which is combined with boots and a medium-length skirt.
  • Wear a kimono coat with knee-high boots with low thick heels or textured leather ankle boots.
  • A cocoon coat can be combined with patent leather boots.

  • A biker jacket will look great in tandem with high-soled boots.
  • Classic boots and a medium-length dress with a wide skirt will help you look stylish in a short sheepskin coat.
  • Parkas, which are very popular with young people, look great with knitted dresses and low-cut boots.


Among the trendy autumn coats, special attention should be paid to:

  • dressing gown;
  • male cut models;
  • cape.

Combine them with well-fitting clothes, such as dark skinny jeans or knitted dresses, complementing the look with ankle boots or boots.

Fur coats

In autumn, beige fur coats will be in trend. They are worn with skinny jeans and boots with rough soles, as well as with elegant maxi dresses.

When choosing a fur coat or some fur accessory, pay attention to undyed fur, it will be in fashion in 2020 year. At the same time, the length of the pile is not important, both ultra-short velvet pile and long-haired texture are in fashion.

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[tds_note]A short fur coat with a very long pile is perfectly combined with trendy 2020 knee-length flared trousers and pointed-toe ankle boots. As a result, it turns out stylish look in the spirit of the eighties.[/tds_note]

Down jacket

To keep warm in late autumn, pick up a stylish, elegant quilted down jacket. Pair it with a dress, suit with dress pants and palazzo pieces. Such outerwear not only warms in cool weather, but also slimshiding figure flaws.


In autumn, suits with pants will be more popular than ever. There were many stylish and even intriguing costumes on the catwalks. If you carefully analyze what was presented by the designers, you can make a whole list of stylish suits and relevant images with them:

  • with culottes, which are complemented by bright tights and discreet ankle boots;
  • with classic straight trousers with arrows and an elongated jacket-vest;
  • with pipe pants and an oversized jacket;
  • an elongated jacket, gathered with a belt;
  • in sports and home style;
  • with a cropped military-style jacket.

In autumn, in such a suit, you can go both to work and to a solemn event. Most of the sets resemble images from the distant past.


Composing a wardrobe for autumn, pay special attention to knitted dresses. They will not only protect from cool weather, but also allow you to remain feminine and attractive in any situation. fashionable in 2020 sweater dresses allow you to create a stylish autumn bowwhich fits like for slender young ladies, and fat women, allowing you to hide the flaws of the figure.

Combine these outfits with any kind of shoes and various outerwear:

  • With opaque tights, rough boots and voluminous outerwear. Complete the look with a beanie hat.
  • With tight boots and an oversized top.
  • A medium length knit dress can be worn with heeled boots.
  • For long walks and shopping, feel free to wear a dress with sports shoes, complementing the look with a short jacket or sheepskin coat.


Skirts are a real must-have for autumn. Choosing a classic skirt in discreet shades of medium length, you can go to work and meet friends….

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