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We are sure that if you have looked at our website, then you are probably looking for a stylish and practical women’s haircut. We present you the American, which was presented to us by the continent of the same name. Versatility, conciseness and style are all about this hairstyle. Read the rest in this article!



  • Of course, the main advantage of this haircut lies in its versatility. This is a rare case when there are no restrictions in the form of age or face shape. A professional hairdresser will be able to choose the option that is perfect for you.

Elegant haircut

  • The secret of the popularity of the American woman also lies in the fact that no force majeure situations are terrible with her – she always maintains her ideal shape and lies as it was originally intended. Therefore, if you like to always look like a needle, this is definitely your option.
  • If you follow the fashion trends of the 2019 season, you probably already know that this time the leading position belongs to short hair.

  • This haircut is not at all capricious in care – it dries and fits in a matter of moments, always looks neat and well-groomed. However, the American woman requires a monthly visit to the hairdresser so that the occipital strands do not have time to become ugly heavier.
  • Looking at the photo of the American women’s haircut for short hair, you can be convinced of its rejuvenating and transforming miraculous properties. She favorably opens the face, emphasizes a beautiful neck, makes the eyes more expressive, and the image is more feminine.

  • This hair design looks equally harmonious on a daring fashionista in torn jeans and on a self-confident business woman.
  • A stepped haircut with a thinning bonus is a guarantee of additional volume. That is why so often the choice in favor of the American is made by the owners of fine hair.

What is the point

You will easily recognize the American by the noticeable volume in the crown area and shorter back and side strands. As a rule, such an elegant haircut implies the presence of bangs, but exceptions to this rule are possible. The overall silhouette of the American woman resembles the outlines of a droplet – it looks interesting and adds a unique zest to the image.

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Most likely, the hairdresser will offer to style this hairstyle in layers with thinning of individual strands. He will definitely ask you: do you like strict symmetry or mischievous asymmetry? The length and volume are also determined individually, because they directly depend on the appearance and tastes of the client.

The photo below shows that the American women’s haircut on medium hair implies a raised upper zone, which smoothly turns into elongated strands at the back of the head and on the sides. This design resembles the notorious cascade with its volume and individual steps of hair.

Short hair length also allows you to create volume in the upper part, while the side and back strands will be quite short. This haircut is amazingly combined with oblique or milled ragged bangs.

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Look at the front and back views to get a closer look at the features of this haircut.

Who suits

With an elegant and neat American, it is very easy to be a well-groomed lady. The choice in favor of this haircut can do:

  • everyone who wants to disguise a flat back of the head;

  • girls who want to add volume and dynamics to their hair;
  • or girls who want to streamline excessive hair density;

  • owners of protruding ears who want to hide this feature;
  • always in a hurry fashionistas who do not like to spend a lot of time on morning preparations;

  • fans of stepped or ragged haircuts;

  • connoisseurs of the classics.

Does the choice depend on the type of person

We have already said that for an American, the shape of the face is absolutely indifferent – it will be an adornment of any girl. But it is worth considering individual characteristics when choosing the type of haircut.

  • Any hairdresser will confirm that for girls with a round face, the ideal option is a haircut with a noticeable volume in the crown area – this trick visually lengthens the oval of the face. With the American it is very easy to achieve the desired effect – you just have to lengthen the occipital and side strands and comb them to the chin, thereby forming the volume in the upper part. It is better to prefer a haircut with oblique bangs or do without this detail at all.

  • For a full face, an elongated haircut variation is optimal. Stylists also recommend combing the side strands forward when styling to mask the cheeks and visually stretch the shape of the face.
  • An extraordinary and fashionable version of the American is obtained by cutting straight bangs with a level a centimeter above the eyebrows. This option is a real find for owners of a wide forehead.

  • To visually make a narrow face wider, you should comb the bangs on one side and at the same time make the side strands short.
  • The triangular shape of the face also calls for the formation of volume in the upper part and additional adjustment of the outlines of the face with long side strands.

  • If you have an elongated face type, ask the master to shorten the front strands and complement them with a mysterious straight bang. At the same time, some front curls should be longer and go beyond the chin.
  • Fashionistas with an oval face are incredibly lucky – any variation of this wonderful haircut will suit them.

Hair type matters

This is another important factor on the way to choosing the perfect haircut.

  • Thin hair is a common feature that needs proper styling at the suggestion of a hairdresser. The master relies on a chaotic change in the length of the lock, and at the same time performs the front part in steps and combs it slightly. This approach promises to create an attractive volume that thin strands need so much.

  • Charming curls or romantic waves on the hair are not at all a contraindication for such a haircut, but only an excuse to perform it in a stepped way. This will calm the naughty curls and will not allow them to stick out in different directions.

  • Thick hair also necessarily requires a special approach. This type of hair involves thinning the upper part of the hairstyle and stepwise lengthening of the side strands.


The American is considered one of the simplest classic haircuts, but interest in her does not fade from season to season because of the opportunity to experiment with styling.

Daily styling consists of several stages. The first step is to form the desired direction of the bangs. Then the curls are dried on the top of the head with lifting at the roots, and the lower strands, when dried, are pulled in the right direction with a comb and a hair dryer. To create an accent on individual strands or their tips, highlight them with gel.

Graceful negligence – this is the styling with which the American is combined perfectly. The effect of light ease is created by blow-drying and texturizing…

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