Women’s haircuts for long hair 2023

Any length of hair is attractive in its own way. Short is bold, stylish, bold. Medium – universal for all occasions and for all ages. But long curls have special luxury. Of course, they require careful care, but in return a woman gets much more. And first of all – the admiring glances of men. What fashionable haircuts for long hair can be done in 2023? Let’s name the most trendy options.


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Haircuts for long hair-2023: fashion trends

Haircuts for long curls are much more diverse than it might seem at first glance. In addition, there are plenty of opportunities for experimentation. Increasingly, stylists are fulfilling requests for creative layered shapes. But a modest straight cut is still relevant. The final option is chosen based on several factors: hair structure, thickness, individual characteristics of the lady’s appearance and her personal preferences.



What haircuts should you look at in 2023?

  • With a straight parting and a “chopped off” cut. A minimalistic version that could be seen on the big catwalks as well. The main feature of this haircut is absolute symmetry. These are: an even middle parting, strands on the sides of the head of the same length and an even cut that looks like the hair was chopped off with an ax. As a result, we get a very effective result.

  • Ladder. A long-standing trend that gained immense popularity after the release of the TV series “Friends”. Then the styling of the heroine Jennifer aniston sought to repeat millions of fashionistas. Oddly enough, the haircut is on the list of fashion trends to this day. “Steps” are formed only in front of the face, while the shortest curls can start immediately from the chin, thereby emphasizing beautiful cheekbones.


  • Fox’s tail. Fashionable women’s haircuts for long hair in 2023 can take very interesting forms. Among the favorites of the season is the “fox tail”. The main highlight of the haircut is a wedge-shaped cut that looks very beautiful and unusual, especially when the curls are loose and combed back. Add in an ombre color with an accent on the curly ends, and you will not take your eyes off your look.


  • Asymmetrical. Trendy haircuts must have some zest. This can be asymmetry. In what way does it manifest itself? For example, in a daring shaving of one temple. Or different lengths of curls on the sides of the head. Also include asymmetrical bangs, side parting, or single strands that stand out in length from the total mass. An imbalance in the image is very stylish, the main thing is to decide on it.

  • Curly curls. Curly hair is in fashion today. In almost all reviews for the 2023 season, they are listed as the main trend. Even if the strands are a little curly, this is already chic. But, the more textured the curls, the better. And they can be given any shape. With the right approach, such haircuts can do without serious styling. After all, their main concept is naturalness. Therefore, if you have long dreamed of walking with curly hair, it’s time to bring the idea to life.


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  • With straight bangs. Minimalism is welcome today. Therefore, we recommend turning to a haircut for long hair with straight bangs. In 2023, as well as in the previous season, she is at the peak of popularity. This type of bangs is considered the most acceptable for a round and oval face. It also suits those with a wide forehead. Straight bangs, despite some rusticity, add harmony to the image.

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  • Mallet. Beautiful retro haircuts are also increasingly appearing on the pages of glossy magazines. And it is not surprising, because everything new is a well-forgotten old. One of the main comebacks of the 2023 season was the mallet – a haircut that has a rather original shape. On top of the crown is a voluminous, slightly disheveled “hat”, and along the back is a long, not very thick strip of hair. In the modern version, the mallet is very original.


  • Shaggy. We continue to choose women’s fashionable haircuts for long hair for the 2023 season. Next in line is another trend that has returned from the 70s. – shaggy. Feminine, voluminous, emphasizing natural beauty due to numerous “torn” strands of styling. This is a suitable option for girls and women over 40. Shaggy is unthinkable without graduation, and it will also be successfully complemented by an elongated bang that can be laid obliquely.


  • Cascade. King of haircuts for medium and long hair. It is hard to imagine that this styling will ever go out of fashion. However, it can also be different. For example, for girls with wavy hair, it is better to choose a rounded cascade. For owners of thin hair – an option with light layering. And for ladies with thick straight hair – double. The classic cascading haircut is quite suitable for women over 50.


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Haircuts for long hair-2023 look equally attractive without bangs and with bangs. Choose your option based on the recommendations and photos from our selection.

Author: Mizyukalina Olga

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