Women’s handbag – a must-have accessory for a modern fashionista

Today, tomorrow and always, women’s handbags will be the final touch in the carefully thought-out image of any fashionista. It is for this reason that such an accessory adored by all girls occupies a leading position in the global fashion industry.

A simple desire to buy a bag from modern girls turns into a whole search adventure, because now there are so many options for models that your eyes run wide! Here are the most popular ones.


This is an obligatory attribute of a women’s evening dress, which contains only the most necessary things: a mobile phone, lipstick, powder. By tradition, all clutches are quite small in size, the largest models reach 25 cm in length. However, this is justified and in many cases very convenient. How else to explain why many ladies began to give preference to this type of handbags in everyday life?


Everyone knows this bag for everyday use with one handle. A very practical crescent-shaped model has long established its position in the fashion world and in the hearts of the fairer sex. Like it or not, it’s worth buying a branded hobo bag just because it is an indispensable accessory during the day on the streets of a big city.


Rectangular bags with two handles and an open top are made mainly of linen or cotton fabric, although leather models are also found. Most often, the tote is distinguished by catchy colors or a bright print.


This attractive model features a voluminous look, a straight hemline and short handles. Like the two previous options, this handbag is quite practical and is actively used by modern city dwellers in everyday life.

Sport bags

The name speaks for itself, these bags are a great option for going to the gym, pool or tennis court. This type is also chosen by supporters of sports style in clothes.


They are worn with pleasure by active and energetic girls. A backpack can perfectly complement a sporty look, it will come in handy on a trip or on a hike, it will help out when visiting stores, containing all the purchased products.

Beach bags

Where do without them on warm summer days? Such models are designed specifically for recreation. That is why they, as a rule, have a small weight, large capacity and bright colors.

A suitable handbag can be purchased both in a regular store and ordered via the Internet. In favor of the latter is the fact that online stores do not need to pay rent. Accordingly, the prices for the goods provided will be lower, and you do not risk overpaying too much.

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